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The Metis Shelving System is an evolution in shelving that combines the beauty of natural wood and the strength of steel making it a designer statement with functional attributes. Constructed by harmoniously combining wood and an extraordinary ellipse steel tube, the Metis Shelving System is offered with a single faced end and intermediate frame to accommodate perimeter walls. It can be converted to double face configuration simply by placing the frames back to back. The frames of the Metis System are, in essence, a four post system which transfers and distributes the weight evenly. Undoubtedly, this makes Metis one of the most flexible shelving systems available today.

The wood portion is available in three innovative silhouettes. The silhouettes include a straight edge, an hourglass edge and an eased edge. The details of the individual components have been developed to allow integration among all of BCI’s shelving systems.

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BCI metis shelving brochure  

BCI Eurobib library furniture is available through Longo Associates in NY, NJ, CT, MA, RI, VT, NH, ME, PA. Architects, interior designers,...

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