Astate MulticulturalCenter

Astate MulticulturalCenter

Jonesboro, United States

The A-State Multicultural Center provides educational, cultural, and social programs and intiatives that support success for all students with specific concentration for minority and underrepresented student populations.

The Multicultural Center strives to sustain an inclusive campus environment that values and respects all memebers of the university community.

Services we provide:
- Comfortable (home-away from home), supportive, learning environment
- Resource Center: books, magazines, art, documentaries and more
- Meeting space for classes and student organizations
- Study lounge
- Student advocate

3rd floor Student Union, Suite 3003
We are open Monday to Friday 8AM - 9PM

We also support Non-Traditional students.
You are a Non-Traditional Student if you are….
A student 25 years or older,
Returning to school after 5 years,
A full-time working professional,
A married and/or students with a child/children,
A veteran.