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1. Induct Online Our web based induction system and solution for Venues, Major Events & Festivals The instruction and training required to ensure people can work safely at any workplace is a critical component of any safety plan, particularly for major events and venues. As a venue manager or event producer you must ensure that information, training and instruction provided to workers is suitable and adequate having regard to: (a) the nature of the work carried out by the worker (b) the nature of the risks associated with the work at the time the information, training or instruction is provided (c) the control measures implemented. Avert & Assure have created a unique fully hosted, web based induction platform - Induct Online which can be easily modified for events, venues or employers of any size. Induct Online has been designed to streamline the induction process and it provides a

simple, user friendly, professional answer to your induction needs. Traditional face to face inductions are often rushed on major events and difficult during event days at major sporting stadiums. Often they fail to provide meaningful information to workers in relation to work, health and safety exposing you and the workers to significant risks. With Induct Online we can customize the inductions for any employer including images, audio and video clips designed to provide safety instruction that can be understood. Induct Online has been developed by our experienced and qualified risk and safety consultants who have a wealth of practical experience on major events and in contemporary venue management. The induction is designed to work on all styles of events including - music festivals, concerts, tours, community events, sporting events and special events.

Induct Online also includes a sophisticated web based contractor registration portal that allows all of your contractors to register and upload the required risk and safety documents. For major venues and events this feature enables you to get on with business while the data collection process is being managed for you.

Induct Online Features • Fully customisable • Unlimited inductees • Safety Inductions, General employee inductions • Facility or site specific

Our risk and safety experts work with you to ensure that the induction/s and contractor registration platform are integrated with your risk and safety management plans by providing ongoing support and advice. Our induction system is 100% compatible with tablets such as I-Pad, giving your workers and team a new dimension to work with either in the office or in the field.

inductions • Contractor Registration • Food/Stall Holder Registration • Volunteer Registration • All data managed externally • Audio and Video included • Simple to use and operate

2. Safety Management Systems Design and implementation we provide written plans and solutions that can be understood by everyone and its backed up by our ongoing support, advice and training packages. The Assure & Avert team utilize their ongoing experience in the Entertainment Industry to provide contemporary safety advice and solutions that work and those that have been tested on live events and at major sporting stadiums.

Safety Management System - Key Services • Work, Health and Safety Plans • Safety Handbooks and Manuals • Induction Systems Contractor Compliance Systems • Risk Management Plan & Safe Work Methods

Having a safety management system for your business (that works) is not just a legal requirement, its important for the health and safety of all of your employees, workers and visitors. Assure & Avert have extensive experience in the auditing, review, design and implementation of safety management systems for varying sizes of operations and styles of business. We can cater to the requirements of a sole trader or we

can develop more complex systems that would allow you to manage the work, health and safety for a major sporting stadium, entertainment precinct, theatre or arena. Our expert risk and safety team have qualifications in Quality Management, Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety, Event and Venue Management and also in OH&S auditing. Designing a safety management system needn’t be complicated. When we work with our clients

Our business takes safety and compliance seriously and we are fully certified by SAI Global against the Australian Standards shown in Fig1. All of our safety management systems are written to align with relevant safety legislation, codes of practice and the applicable Australian Standards. A safety management system from Assure & Avert will ensure you are operating safely and when its integrated with Induct Online it will be simpler, smarter and more sustainable.

• Policies and Procedures • Training & Workshops • Auditing and review

Fig1. SAI Global Certifications

3. Risk Management Entertainment Industry organisations and venues are exposed to risk in all of their everyday business activities with actual event operations presenting significant risks particularly relevant to OHS and public safety. The WHS Act and Regulation 2011 require persons who have a duty to ensure work, health and safety risks are eliminated or minimised so far as is reasonably practicable. Effective risk management starts with a commitment to health and safety from those who operate and manage the business or undertaking.

Risk Management Key Services • Enterprise Wide Risk Management Plans • Risk Assessments Event Risk Assessments & Plans • Targeted Risk Assessments (TRA) Implementing a risk management framework for your organization, venue or event often requires a cultural change, training and guidance.

You also need the involvement and cooperation of your workers, and if you show your workers that you are serious about health and safety they are more likely to follow your lead.

At the very least a risk management plan can aid in future management planning, reduce losses, reduce the exposure to the public and reduce insurance premiums.

Assure & Avert are uniquely placed to provide contemporary risk management advice and risk assessments tailored to businesses involved in the provision of services to the general public.

Avert Risk specializes in the application of risk management strategies for Public Safety and Occupational Health and Safety, for organisations involved in major event and venue operations.

With over twenty years experience in ‘operational’ analysis, policy development and risk treatment strategies, we can ensure our clients are in line with relevant legislation and that they have a framework that would allow a safe delivery of their event or venue. Avert Risk Management services can assist clients at all stages of the Risk Management process in accordance with the process defined within the International Standard AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 - Risk Management.

• Risk Management Training & Workshops • Risk Managers (major events) • Change management

4. Emergency Management

All employers have a duty to prepare, maintain and implement an emergency plan that provides for the following: •

• • •

emergency procedures, including: an effective response to an emergency evacuation procedures notifying emergency services medical treatment and assistance effective communication on the plans with all workers at the workplace testing of the emergency procedures information, training and instruction to relevant workers in relation to implementing the emergency procedures.

The types of emergencies to plan for may include fire, explosion, medical emergency, rescues, incidents with hazardous chemicals, bomb threats, armed confrontations and natural disasters.

The emergency plan should be based on a practical assessment of hazards associated with the event or workplace, and the possible consequences of an emergency occurring as a result of those hazards. External hazards should also be considered in preparing an emergency plan, for example a chemical storage facility across the road. In developing the plan, consideration should be given to the application of all relevant laws, including public health laws (for example, workplaces that are also public places) and state or territory disaster plans. Emergency plans do not necessarily have to be lengthy or complex. They should be easy to understand and tailored to the specific workplace where they apply. In preparing an emergency plan, all relevant matters need to be considered including:

the nature of the work being carried out at the workplace or the scale of the event the nature of the hazards at the workplace or event the size and location of the workplace, for example, remoteness, proximity to health services, and the number and composition of the workers, for example, employees, contractors, and other persons at the workplace such as visitors and patrons.

Emergency Management • Emergency Management

Avert Risk Management services can assist clients at all stages of the Emergency Management process in accordance with the WHS Act & Regulation 2011 and the process defined within the Australian Standard AS/ NZS 3745:2010 - Planning for emergencies in facilities.

Plans (EMP) • Emergency Control & Command advice • Emergency Management Training & Workshops • Emergency desk top scenarios • Security/Threat Analysis • Security & Crowd Management Plans (CMP) • Stakeholder Liaison

5. Transport & Traffic Management All employers have a duty to prepare, maintain and implement a traffic management plan (TMP) should workers or patrons at an event, or workplace be exposed to the road network or traffic. For major events road closures and detours are often required to facilitate mass patron ingress/egress or to provide public transport corridors for buses. The types of events that may require written transport and traffic management plans may include special events - music festivals, outdoor concerts and events such as New Years Eve or Australia Day. The transport and traffic management plan (TMP) should be based on a practical assessment of the risks associated with the work activity, workplace or event and propose options for transport of patrons and advertising. TMPs also cater for contingency options given the high variables associated with special event traffic and transport management.

In developing the TMP consideration shall be given to the application of Council, Police and RMS requirements particularly noting the RMS TCAWS manual which determines the various traffic control plans, designs and mandatory signage and devices requirements. Writing a transport and traffic management plan can only be done by an RMS certified traffic consultant or holder of an RMS Orange Card level with adequate experience in the field. Assure have the experience and qualified staff to liaise with the relevant event stakeholders and agencies to ensure that

your transport and traffic management plan is practical, professional and above all - safe.

Traffic Management • Traffic Management Plans

It should be integrated with your event risk management framework and include suitable provisions for crowd management, security, police, and emergency vehicle access points.

(TMP) • Traffic Control Plans (TCP) • DA Planning & Submission • Traffic Controllers • Traffic Management Equipment

Assure has the practical experience to prepare, draw and implement TMP’s of all sizes for complex major events, venues, precincts, Councils or for small contractors who have specific work activities such as tree removal.

• Stakeholder Liaison • Transport presentations

6. Field Safety Officers (FSO) Assure can provide your venue, event or workplace with experienced and qualified risk and safety field officers or safety managers. Our lead staff have over thirty years practical experience gained from direct hands on roles in concerts and concert touring, film and television productions, theatrical touring (both domestically and internationally), dance productions, special events, music festivals and sporting events. Combine this live experience with qualifications in event and venue management, occupational health and safety, risk management, training and assessment, and OHS auditing and you have a powerful ally to work with you on the provision of a safe work place. An Assure FSO can assist all venues and event organizers meet their due diligence obligations and provide you with an onsite risk and safety manager that is there to protect your interests and the health and safety of your workers.

All of the Assure FSO have qualifications and experience in the delivery of workplace training (particularly OH&S) and they are armed with the latest information on legislation including Australian Standards, Codes of Practice and legislation including the WHS Act & Regulation 2011.

An Assure FSO can provide:

Onsite event safety inductions and briefings Toolbox consultation and workgroup discussions Monitor work practices and check compliance with written safe work procedures

Complete hazard/risk identification forms (RIF) and advise the event manager Conduct targeted risk assessments (TRA) for identified live risks and advise event manager Intervene where works deviate from safe work procedures, codes of practice or industry best practice Advise high risk workers on the safe operation of plant, check licenses and document Complete written reports on safety compliance Provide first aid support

Safety Officers • Special events • Theatre Shows • Sporting Events • Concerts & Concert Tours • Music Festivals • Film and Television • Venue Representation • Fire Panel Attendants

7. Risk & Safety Training and safety awareness and implementing cultural change. In addition to formalized courses and qualifications our experienced trainers can design workplace training for your business around units of competencies from over 50 courses we have on scope.

Training • Nationally recognized qualifications • Workshops • Management Training • Induction Training • Safety Training

One of the most effective tools for improving your safety performance or safety management system, is through the education of staff. Assure & Avert is proudly supported and backed by our own registered training organization (RTO) which can design and deliver nationally recognized training courses including; •

• •

Health and Safety Representatives (HSR) Cert I to Diploma in OH&S Cert IV to Diploma in Security Risk Management OH&S & Risk Management

• •

• • • •

for Supervisors and managers Construction Industry White Card Diploma in Events Cert I to Diploma in Events and Venues RTA Approved Traffic Controller courses (Blue, Yellow and Red) Apply First Aid Automatic Defibrillation First Attack Firefighting Warden Training

Our qualified and experienced trainers can tailor workplace training programs for your business and we have experience working with senior management teams on risk

Our experienced trainers incorporate relevant experiences, images, video and incident information from a wide variety of events into the training so training is applicable, relevant and meaningful. A training solution for your business is an important step in the improvement of safety in your workplace.

• High Risk work training

8. Recent Projects The Star (Re-opening) DHL Rugby World Cup Live Site Kids Crazy Island Tea Party Good Vibrations Festival Defqon1 Festival NRL Grand Final FOO Fighters SFS Eminem SFS Redbull X-Fighters Harvest Festival Laneway Festival K-POP Music Festival New Years Eve 2011 - Sydney Opera House New Years Eve 2011 - Darling Harbour and Rocks New Years Eve 2011 - Parramatta City Council Australia Day 2012 - Parramatta City Council Australia Day 2012 - Penrith City Council Soundwave Festival 2011, 2012 Young Talent Time 2012 NRL Season Launch 2012 Skilled Park NRL Season 2012 Skilled Park NRL Season (Titans) Skilled Park A-League 2012 HSBC Rugby Sevens Series 2010, 2011 Vivid Lights On 2012 Capitol Theatre Sydney Lyric Sleeman Sports Centre Stadiums Queensland Aroma Festival Winterfest Olympic Welcome Home Ceremony World Fire Fighter Games

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