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Confronting Inequality: Celebrating Diversity


• Context • Drivers to produce sustainable buildings • Assessment Tools are they important? • Three case studies

We Are Where We Are

The Estate

• Size :124,600m2 Gross Internal Area • GIA ratio: 9.5m2/student and staff FTE • Covers: 36.7 hectares over 4 sites • 12,000 Students 2,500 staff • Emit 11,000 tonnes Co2 - 33% reduction • 72,000M3 of water used - 33% reduction • 460 Tonnes of waste produce - 86% recycled

Why Bother? Climate change? Leaving something for our children? Government/HEFCE targets? Good sound financial reasons Business continuity E&F contribution to Corporate Plan and social responsibilities We believe we need to DRIVE change

Ecoversity Vision healthy environment  Low carbon  Better buildings  Water saving

social wellbeing  Public spaces (piazzas, pedestrianisation)  Services (health care, nursery, shops)  Activities (sports, peace garden)

 Reclaimed materials  Recycling  Sustainable travel  biodiversity enhancement


thriving economy  Locally sourced materials and energy  Regeneration  Whole-life costing  Incubator and business development suites

 Students Union

education for sustainable development  ESD in formal Curriculum  Informal Curriculum  Demonstrate technologies  Visitor Resource Centre

 Sustainability research

•Ecoversity: Our programme of embedding SD across everything that we do •created change across the whole University. •Including how we built and operated the estate Confronting Inequality: Celebrating Diversity

Sustainability and Energy Business continuity • We are already noticing “Brown Outs” • The Government have predicted power cuts in the coming years • We need energy efficient buildings and plant to reduce our carbon energy load • Deliver buildings which are not reliant on the grid to ensure business as usual • Create buildings which adapt to climate change

Sustainability and Energy


Does anybody remember 1973?

Confronting Inequality: Celebrating Diversity

Confronting Inequality: Celebrating Diversity

Confronting Inequality: Celebrating Diversity

Confronting Inequality: Celebrating Diversity

We are past peak oil/gas production

Confronting Inequality: Celebrating Diversity



Russland 2.000 km

Niederlande 1.000 km Deutschland Ukraine

3.000 km

Kasac hstan

Sources of Natural Gas in 1999


Frankreich Rumänien

Aserbaidschan Turkmenistan




Sources of natural Gas in 2025: – political issues ?

Confronting Inequality: Celebrating Diversity


95.05% The Green - (£33m student 1000 bed accommodation) Outstanding 94.95% (interim) SEC – exemplar building to showcase sustainable building techniques to users. Outstanding 87.18% STEM Building: £3.5m new build teaching space – also Passivhause Outstanding (on site) 70.49% Emm Lane School of Management £12m extension and refurbishment MBA teaching accommodation and library. Excellent 54.95% Student Central 17,000m2 £5.5M refurbishment of 70s Student 61.74% V. Good School of Health Studies (4000m2) £9m part new build part refurbishment teaching

Confronting Inequality: Celebrating Diversity


Confronting Inequality: Celebrating Diversity

Our Philosophy We have recognised the building is not just about aesthetics, space and use of low/zero carbon technologies – it’s about people and how they use the building to maximise the performance and improve the built environment. We plan a pre move engagement programme for staff and students. This prepares them for the new building.

We believe we need to change • • • • • •

Concentrate on the building physics Sustainable refurbishments Low energy off grid new builds Exploiting new technologies Engaging staff Behavioural change – • Student green ambassadors • Staff green impact teams • Educate staff before moving into new buildings

Building Principles •Building physics/engineering led •Renewables only used if they could make a meaningful contribution •No eco-bling •Technologies and building features to be visible •Create a focal point on City Campus

Off Grid Buildings

Sustainability and Enterprise Centre on the Ashfield car park

BREEAM Outstanding with around 95% rating

Main Features • Sun Space • Office accommodation with Juliette balconies that open into the sunspace • Roof garden • Internal green wall, roof gardens and biodiversity garden • Very low levels of heating required • Extensively metered • Solar shading and PV’s

Building Targets

• CO2 Target: 5 kgCO2/m3/yr. • Overall all average U Value :0.13W/m²/ºC • Air permeability to be below 1.5 m³/hr/m² • Design stage EPC: A rated (8) • 18 Skips • Daylight factors of 5% are to be achieved as set out in BRE Good Practice guide 245. • Life cycle costed to BSRIA LCC

Conceptual Environmental Strategy

South Elevation

South Perspective

North Perspective

North Elevation

South Perspective

North Perspective

Biodiversity and Sun Space Internal Perspective - The Sunspace

Construction Fundamentals • Engineered timber Frame • Monolthic Hemcrete • Lytag recycled aggregate • Triple glazed windows (manual and automatic control) • Naturally ventilated • High thermal mass

Wall Principles

Versalam Studs

Insitu Lytag Precast Biscuit


South Elevation Awaiting Sun Space

Sun Space Arrives

Timber frame & Lytag

Hemcrete walls

Hemcrete Walls

SEC: April 2013

SEC: April 2013

SEC: April 2013

The Green The most sustainable student accommodation in the world with a BREEAM rating of 95.05%

The University have successfully managed and undertook the FM in 2011/12

Typical Town House

Rainwater Harvesting

Visible Meters for Competitions

Biodiversity and recycling

Gardens for townhouses

Social Areas for Community Engagement

Feature SUDS pond


New STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) BREEAM outstanding Passivhaus and AECB acreditation


BREEAM outstanding Passivhaus and AECB accredited



In Summary • Get the building physics right and the rest will follow • Needs/makes a close team • Encourages environmental design - sustainable, low energy and less grid reliant • It is cost effective • Building users need educating • BREEAM is a good environmental assessment tool – adds competition?

School of Management Library and MBA Suite

Conversion of a 19th Century College Building

School of Management Library and MBA Suite

Our experience What we learnt from the Emm Lane Project •Team involvement from the start •The building does not always perform as designed •BREEAM has holes that need to be plugged •The process can be arduous and unwieldy at time •Needs dogged determination at times •Don’t leave it to the consultants, to take a lead

Bradford presented to EAUC