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KEY: Estates and Operations Leadership and Governance Learning, Teaching and Research Partnerships and Engagement

Wednesday 7th May

Day One

Conference sessions at a glance

Staff and student training: finding the How you can measure and improve ‘Tips and Tools for Creating a Better right fit Future’ – a warts and all analysis of the Looking at how to develop a training package to your own sustainability journey help deliver your sustainability goals. 3 process of change This session will provide you with the knowledge The session focuses on the systemic approach to How do limbo dancing, landlords and and tools to really make an impact at your embedding sustainability taken by the University student energy habits link?

Travel themed session Title and content to be confirmed

institution regardless of where you are starting

of Wales Trinity Saint David.

your sustainability journey from.

Thursday 8th May Thursday 8th May

Day Two

Day Two

1, 2, 3

This session uses a case study in Worcester where a partnership approach is finding solutions 1, 2 , 3 to promote behaviour change as a core tactic to impact on energy consumption amongst students. 3

Engaging the University of Leeds with an From Manatees to Smileys – How energy integrated Sustainability Strategy Making the links: Bringing Collaborations in socially responsible This session will share the University of Leeds’ together Enterprise and Sustainability procurement visualisation can work for you The session will explain how the Greenview and journey through the strategy development process of its sustainability strategy. 2 Education Smartspaces were developed and the lessons This session explores what happened when learnt, as well as information on the Student Embedding sustainability in small people involved in sustainability or enterprise at and specialist institutions Switch Off campaign and future plans to An exploration of the unique challenges faced by over 20 Universities shut themselves away incorporate real-time energy visualisation. small and specialist institutions in developing together for a day. 1, 2 3 their approach to sustainability. 2, 3

Friday 9th May

The session focuses on how best to use HE and FE collaboration to achieve results, student/staff engagement, pooling resources and information sharing, and will also introduce new tools for the sector. 3

Ethical Investment and the carbon bubble Sustainable university retrofits: This panel will bring together perspectives from Inside out and upside down Engaging students through Student challenges, opportunities, user the finance and tertiary education sector to This session will creatively explore ways of Wisdom Councils debate the role of our institutions’ investments in engagement and lessons learnt engaging staff and students with sustainability Come and experience an innovative process of The session will give an overview of different

creating a safe, clean energy future.

1, 2

using examples from Canterbury Christ Church engaging students in collaborative creativity to approaches to retrofitting buildings, specifically We’re on our way – Scottish institutions University’s Futures Initiative and its Bioversity solve collective problems. the University of Cambridge and University delivering the UCCCfS 1, 2, 3 project The session looks at initiatives to help focus your College London, and their key findings. 2, 3 sustainability and environmental improvement 2, 3 work at your institution. 1, 2, 3

Future proofing student outcomes

Day Three

Competency levels: 1 – “starting out” – new to the topic, basic level of knowledge 2 – “on the road” – some experience of the area and looking to advance 3 – “more advanced” – competent but looking for new approaches Indicates Green Gown Awards entry

How to avoid a riot while embedding HEFCE’s Sustainable Development highly segregated waste collections Framework

How can we future proof student outcomes

This session aims to offer delegates a “strategic The session will give an overview of a new template” for delivering a successful pervasive framework for sustainable development and

complex, interconnected and dynamic world

source segregated waster collection system.

gather views on where priorities should lie and 3 how actions should be delivered.

considering that they will inhabit an increasingly

which will require them to deal with the big issues we are facing as a global society? A research

1, 2, 3 repor tis discussed alongside a presentation

Transformation through partnership: the Students’ Green Fund This session will give an insight into how students and staff have worked together on funded sustainability projects. 1

Student-led initiatives on ESD and Coops from Universities of Bristol and Edinburgh

Friday 9th May

Day Three

Join this workshop to hear about successful practice from Blackpool and The Fylde College student-led collaborative ideas spanning learning, teaching and extra-curricular activities. 2, 3 2

Exchange sessions Wednesday 7th May, afternoon You Can’t See It? Now You Can! Ann-Marie Cornall, Sales Consultant, Assurance, Lucideon (formerly CICS) BREEAM New Construction 2014 Sarah McCarrick, BREEAM Senior Consultant, BRE Global Exchange Area Sponsor: SITA UK – title and content to be confirmed Title and content to be confirmed Thursday 8th May, morning Dare to Dream Kirsti Norris, Sustainability trainer, facilitator and consultant, Action for Sustainability Ltd The top 5 tools for boosting your recycling rates and cutting waste contract costs. HINT: I used them successfully and didn’t have to spend any money Daniel O'Connor, WARPit Storytelling and active listening as tools of empathy Malcolm Green and Anthony Nanson Thursday 8th May, afternoon Managing waste wisely – a guide to joint procurement for waste management Rebecca Bennett, Environment and Sustainability Officer, University of Salford and Alexander Clark, Sustainability Officer, University of Manchester The Elephant in the Room? Steve Marsden, Sustainability Officer, University Campus Suffolk

Shaping Futures - the role of senior Our hearts were in our mouths ...and strategic leadership Research into action: creating a Living Herding Cats – learn how you can do it other good food stories This session will explore and discuss the Lab too… This session will discuss what opportunities the conundrum of how to move sustainability to the “good food” agenda brings to FHE communities.

This session, which will use the University of The session will help you to develop inspiring centre-ground of leadership, the arguments to Cambridge’s Living Lab as a case study, will implementation plans to help deliver your 3 make, the rhetoric to use, and the strategic levers provide guidance and best practice on how to set organisation’s environmental goals. to exploit. 2, 3 2, 3 up and implement a Living Lab. 3 Business cases for sustainability

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