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Annual Report Associated Students 2010-2011 San Diego State University Associated Students (A.S.) is a student-directed, non-profit corporation and CSU auxiliary organization in good standing. The programs, services and facilities managed by the A.S. are enjoyed by SDSU students, faculty, staff and members of the community in furtherance of the mission of San Diego State University.

Linking Life and Learning

Linking Life and Learning Associated Students San Diego State University Who We Are: Mission, Vision, Values . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Welcome . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 2011-12 Executive Officers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 2011-12 A.S. Council I Board of Directors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Our Organization . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 2010-11 Major Accomplishments. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 The New Aztec Student Union . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Financials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Contact Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

Who We Are : Our Mission, Vision, Values

The Associated Students of San Diego State University was established on March 7, 1932 for the purpose of: • Providing representative student government, • Promoting student intellectual, cultural, physical and social welfare, • Maintaining consistent and constructive procedures in all matters relating to student involvement, • Providing an avenue for assisting students to achieve fuller participation in the life of the university community, and • Extending the influence and good name of our University everywhere.

MISSION To support the mission of San Diego State University, we the Associated Students, create, promote and fund social, recreational, cultural, and educational programs and facilities both on campus and in the community, advocate for student interests, provide leadership opportunities and participate in shared governance.

VISION A.S. SDSU is a unifying and empowering student-directed organization dedicated to serving and involving students at SDSU be enhancing the college experience that leads to a higher quality of life now and in the future.

VALUES A.S. SDSU values efforts by and on behalf of students that promote the following ideals: • Professional Development • Campus Community • Communication • Advocacy • Shared Governance • Service • Diversity • Sustainability


Message from the President Greetings! I am Cody Barbo and I am proud to be the 2011-2012 Associated Students President. It is a great honor to share with you the 2010-2011 A.S. Annual Report. Associated Students is a place where students leaders get to implement their ideas and set a foundation, and with each generation of leaders, we are able to build higher and higher. I am excited to share with you all that the A.S. student leaders accomplished last year and how they reinforced the foundation for us this year. Associated Students at San Diego State University continues to be a strong contributor to the overall SDSU student experience. With over ninety full-time staff members and 1,100 part-time student employees, A.S. continues to work hard to provide world-class services and programs to and for SDSU students, faculty, staff and the SDSU community. I hope that by reviewing this annual report, you learn more about who A.S. is, where it has been and where it is going. It is an honor to be a part of this student-directed corporation and a pleasure to serve with such a distinguished group of individuals in pursuit of continually improving life for the entire campus community. I am confident that this year, despite some of its challenges, will be another special and successful year!

Cody Barbo A.S. President


Message from the Executive Director Dear Friends,

This past academic year marked our 79th year since our incorporation in March 1932, and perhaps one of the most significant in terms of important milestones. June 1, 2011 marked the end of an era with the closing of Aztec Center, the first permanent student union in the California State University, which first opened its doors in 1968. The closing signaled the start of construction and demolition of Aztec Center as part of an ambitious $104 million project to replace the original structure with the new 205,582 sq. ft. Aztec Student Union, which is scheduled for completion in late summer 2013. The new facility will more than double in size the original Aztec Center, and position the Aztec Student Union to better serve the needs of San Diego State’s aspirations to become a more residential campus with an even more rich quality of campus life than we currently have at present. We have made extraordinary efforts to preserve elements of the rich history of Aztec Center in the following ways: • The Courtyard Sycamore tree has been harvested and will be made into usable decorative planks that will form the base for a carved etching of the original tree, and proudly displayed in the new Council Chambers electronic board room. • An image of the canopy of the original Sycamore tree will be permanently etched into the deck of the new Central Courtyard planned for the new facility. • The murals that once adorned Aztec Center have been digitally preserved with new creative images of the original murals planned for display in the second floor mezzanine, adjacent to the new Student Life/Student Organization Center. • The third floor lounge will bear the name of Harvey J. Goodfriend, as a tribute to Harvey’s vision and leadership that were essential factors in the original construction of Aztec Center. • The names years served of all Associated Students Presidents dating back to 1932, along with portraits of SDSU’s eight presidents will be displayed in the third floor Presidential Suite. A new era of leadership has dawned at SDSU with the arrival of Dr. Elliot Hirshman as the eighth president of San Diego State University. We at Associated Students are proud to do our part to further contribute to the quality and prominence of San Diego State University as a leading academic institution, proud of its heritage and well-positioned to build upon it. Go Aztecs!

Dan R. Cornthwaite A.S. Executive Director


2011-12 Executive Officers Cody Barbo, President Cody is a Communication major and Business Management minor. He is a fifth-year senior and will graduate in spring 2012. He is a member and former President of Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity. As A.S. President, Cody envisions a campus connected by communication. With the launch of AztecTV, a new student television network, he hopes to engage students on all levels of University activity. Cody also wishes to continue the sustainable effort of A.S. and its affiliates. Cody’s hometown is in Huntington Beach, California, and in his free time he enjoys the southern California lifestyle of doing something fun in the sun.

Darin Ruiz, Executive Vice President Darin is a Finance major, also pursing a minor in Political Science. He is a proud member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity and was the Presient during the 2008-2009 school year. Darin enjoys snowboarding, traveling, and challenging himself with new adventures in life. This year, Darin is determined to continue pusing for new and inovative sustainability initiatives, develop SDSU’s young leaders for the future, and to create a closer relationship between Associated Students and the student body. Darin was born and raised in Lake Forest, California. Krista Parker, Vice President of External Affairs Krista is pursing a degree in Political Sciene with a minor in Leadership Development. She has been an active memberof Associated Students for over two years, participating as a member of a variety of boards and committees. She enjoys being an Aztec, traveling and watching a good movie. As Vice President of External Affairs, Krista plans to write a bill with the A.S. Lobby Corps. to increase funding for higher education; develop relations with local, state and federal legislators; increase communication across campus to have a more informed student body about budget cuts and tuition hikes; and form strong relationships with the local community and alumni. Finally, she strives to develop better relations with the California State Student Association to collaborate on issues, have more powerful rallies, stronger lobbying visits, and increase voter turnouts. Krista is from Temecula, California.


Rob O’Keefe, Vice President of Finance Rob is in his fourth year at SDSU majoring in Political Science with a minor in Business Marketing. He enjoys sailing boats, reading novels, and traveling to new places. During this time at SDSU, Rob has involved himself in several on-campus organizations most notably, his fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsion. This year, Rob is working with student organizations to better educate them on A.S. financial policies. His main focus will be outreaching to his peers and advocating active student involvement. As a part of A.S., he hopes to decrease the impacts of the budget crisis to ensure its sustained success. Rob’s family resides in Lafayette, California.

Mina Azim, Vice President of University Affairs Mina is a Business Management major pursing a minor in Leadership Development. Starting her freshman year on campus, Mina has been actively involved in Associated Students and has served as the A.S. Events Commissioner for the past two years. She is also a proud member of Rotaract of SDSU and Aztec P.R.I.D.E. She enjoys traveling, spending time with her friends, family and dog, being a humanitarian and living life to the fullest. She plans to obtain a Master’s and pursue a career within student affairs, social justice, and/or environmental advocacy. As the Vice President for Student Affairs, Mina is strengthening the college experience at SDSU by empowering the student voice to the University Administration and on the University Senate, enhancing sustainability projects and programs, encouraging more students to get involved on campus, and executing an event more amazing GreenFest 2012! Mina Azim’s family hails from Los Angeles, California.


A.S. Council 2011-12 President


Cody Barbo

Alana R. Brooks Paulina King Alex Arena

Executive Vice President

Darin Ruiz

Residence Hall Association Graduate Student Association

United Sorority & Fraternity Council Afrikan Student Union

Channelle McNutt Tom Rivera Elizabeth MacKinnon

Marilyn Martinez

Brandon Williams

Mina Azim Arts & Letters

Jasmine Henderson

John McMillan

Robert O’Keefe Vice President of University Affairs

Kelsey Brungard

Jessika Seekatz

Krista Parker Vice President of Finance

Jacqueline Fuentes Panhellenic Association

Unclassified Studies Vice President of External Affairs

Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano/a De Aztlán

University President’s Designee Andrea O’Donnell Women’s Outreach Association

Dr. Timothy Quinnan Dr. James Kitchen

Helena McAllister University Senate Designee Andres Bonifacio Samahan

Dr. Cathie Atkins

Ronald “Ron” Halili Business Administration

Mitchell Blevins Eric Anderberg Cord Claffey

Asian Pacific Student Alliance

A.S. President's Cabinet

Abraham Pineda

Morgan Chan Jasmin Jakobsen Nicole Ganz Channelle McNutt Peter Humphrey Natalie Peltier Steven Borrelli Kevin Hancock

Health & Human Services

International Student Association

Chief of Staff

Paul Contreras

Ashley Pakozdi

Daniel Brown

Professional Studies & Fine Arts

Jewish Student Union

Council Secretary

Nick Warner Amber Neukum Kristin Mikie Sword Bethany Scribner

Jonathan Davidi

Leslie Paciski

Association of Chicana Activists Education

Wendy Herrera

Kaley Kent Jackie Felix

Honors Council

Candace Hill Engineering

Joshua Bielik Racha Lwali

Inter-Fraternity Council

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Student Union

Michael Manacop


Non-voting Members:

Michelle Ong

A.S. Council | Board of Directors | Executive Officers

Our Organization SDSU Student Body

Cody Barbo

Darin Ruiz

Krista Parker

Rob O’Keefe

Mina Azim


Executive Vice President

Vice President of External Affairs

Vice President of Finance

Vice President of University Affairs

Executive Director Government Affairs

Business and Financial Services

Aztec Recreation

Aztec Student Union

Business and IT Services

Aztec Recreation Center

Meeting Services

Financial Services

Aztec Adventures

Cultural Arts & Special Events

Graphic Services

Mission Bay Aquatic Center

Building Services

SDSU Children’s Center

Viejas Arena Open Air Theatre

Aztec Aquaplex


2010-11 Accomplishments Aztec Center Student Union

Lynn Cacha, Director – 9 Years Service In May 2011, Aztec Center closed its doors to make way for construction of the new Aztec Student Union, anticipated to open in late summer 2013. Aztec Student Union’s staff has been temporarily relocated to the modular buildings known as “Aztec Mesa,” located just west of the Music Building. — Aztec Center Closure and Aztec Student Union Groundbreaking The closure of the Aztec Center was successfully facilitated to prepare for the demolition and construction of the new Aztec Student Union while simultaneously full building operations were continued closure on May 22nd. Closure involved relocation coordination with numerous A.S. offices and building occupants including recycling and re-purposing of furniture and equipment. The Aztec Student Union groundbreaking took place on June 1st where the new union’s logo was also unveiled. A public relations firm was hired to assist in keeping the students and campus community informed of the daily construction progress through face-to-face communications and various forms of social networking. — CASE Program Funding CASE successfully facilitated the approval and allocation of funds to 30 Student Organizations for a total of 38 programs and events. Funding totaled $99,200 and was depleted by late February attributing the increased awareness of the CASE Program Funding (CPF) program and a more streamlined funding process. — GreenFest The third annual GreenFest proved to be the best yet. In partnership with the A.S. Green Love Board and the Enviro-Business Society, the week incorporated a variety of new events such as the ‘Sustainable Music Video Competition,’ the ‘Amazing Race: Green Addition’ and the ‘In Conversation Keynote Address.’ The week culminated in the largest student attended event to date with over 8,000 students at the Friday night Festival and Concert. Tickets to the concert sold out in a record 5 DAYS.

Business & Financial Services Christina Brown, Associate Executive Director – 3 Years Service Along with the Aztec Student Union staff, the Business & Financial Service units of Accounting, Payroll, Human Resources, Graphics and Information Technology have also been relocated to the Aztec Mesa modular buildings during the two year closure period. — Budget Oversight/Cost Reductions In light of extensive student enrollment declines and the resulting decreases to A.S. revenues, the A.S. 10/11 budget was approached in a strategic manner in order to cut over $800,000 in expenses without sacrificing quality or quantity of services to students and the University. Due to constant oversight and pursuing opportunities to further increase revenues and/or decrease costs, the budget targets were largely achieved. — Re-launched A.S. Website Home Page With creative solutions to ensure that ATI (accessible regulations) are met while still


delivering a modern website desired by students, A.S. Graphic’s staff created, designed and launched the new A.S. Homepage which will lead to more student engagement and increased communications with all students. — Improved Organization-wide Risk Management Processes Due to the strong collaboration between the business office and the Directors of each division, event and business contracts and processes were strengthened and HR collaborated to ensure safety programs were increased to prevent accidents of employees, students and guests. The overall result is a continued proactive approach to minimizing injuries, incidents and the related costs. — Renewed Emphasis on Diversity Staff collaborated with student leaders to publish the first A.S. Diversity report and are currently working with students to increase and strengthen goals focused on diversity within A.S. and collaborations with other University Departments. — KCR Added as an A.S. Program A.S. worked with KCR’s students and advisors to successfully establish structure, technical and financial advice and standardized policies and procedures for KCR which will allow KCR to grow as a student group. — Financial Support for Aztec Student Union and Sustainable Project Financing Successfully collaborated with Business and Financial Affairs (BFA) and the Chancellor’s Office staff to create financial pro formas and detailed analyses needed to seek the approval of bond financing for the new Aztec Student Union as well as financing of A.S. sustainable initiatives.

Aztec Recreation Eric Huth, Director – 28 Years Service Aztec Recreation is unequalled in the depth and breadth of its program offerings to SDSU students, faculty, staff and guests. A full complement of recreational and academic program offerings is available at the Aztec Recreation Center, the Aztec Aquaplex, and the Mission Bay Aquatic Center. While the new Aztec Student Union is under construction, bowling recreation and academic course offerings have been arranged for at the Kearny Mesa Bowl. — Recreational Facilities Planning for New Aztec Student Union Aztec Recreation continued to work with the planning team on the recreational spaces in the new student union to ensure they meet the needs of future Aztecs. These activity areas will be created to “exceed the expectations” of students and will include a satellite fitness center (ARC Express) with 40+ cardio machines (treadmills, elliptical machines, steppers, stationary bikes, rowers), circuit training and 35+ free weight machines. On the design side, staff continued to work with experts to develop a business pro-forma, floor plan and a preliminary budget for the ARC Express that includes projected operational costs. In addition, the planning of the new bowling center (Aztec Lanes) continued this year to ensure this space will be an exciting bowling and entertainment center that features an interactive-modern experience for students with state-of-the-art automatic scoring, projection televisions, pool tables, sports memorabilia and video games.


2010-11 Accomplishments — New Shake Smart Collaboration This year, the Aztec Recreation embarked on a new agreement with Aztec Shops to operate a Shake Smart smoothie cart adjacent to the Aztec Rec Center and Arena Meeting Center (AMC). The Shake Smart cart replaces the ARC Peabody’s Café that moved across the street. This new endeavor, owned and operated by two recent SDSU grads/entrepreneurs, has proved successful while providing ARC members and passer-buyers with Protein Shakes, Fruit Blends and nutritional bars and the opportunity for cross-collaborations. — New Faculty-Staff Membership Development Program To encourage greater participation from SDSU’s faculty and staff, Aztec Recreation hosted monthly complimentary “SDSU Faculty-Staff Appreciation Day” activities on the 3rd Thursday of every month that included free bowling, free entrance in the Aztec Aquaplex, free admittance to the Aztec Rec Center, free access into Peterson Gym’s wallyball/racquetball courts and free MBAC (kayak rental) activities.

Mission Bay Aquatic Center Glen Brandenburg, Director – 38 Years Service Mission Bay Aquatic Center is located just 8 miles from the SDSU campus and is situated in the heart of San Diego’s Mission Bay Park – one of the finest aquatic recreational parks in America. MBAC is jointly operated in collaboration with the Campus Recreation Department of the University of California, San Diego with a full array of academic and recreational opportunities in wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, kayaking, Olympic rowing, sailing and water-skiing. — Improved Conditions Contribute to New Revenues With the benefits of the new lease with the City of San Diego, the online registration system for camp and the addition of the new sport of stand-up paddling, user revenue was increased over previous years. — New Efficiencies in Maintenance of Boating Equipment Efficiencies in major boating program equipment maintenance were achieved by a program of major rebuilding of the boating program equipment. — Progress in Development of Online Registration Capability Will be poised to start and implement a new MBAC online registration system in late fall 2011.

A.S. Government Affairs/Executive Director’s Office Dan Cornthwaite, Executive Director – 29 Years Service The AS Government Affairs Office/Executive Director’s Office has been relocated to the Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center for the two-year closure during construction of the Aztec Student Union. The close proximity to Athletics, the Alumni Association and our own programs on the west side of campus has provided a unique opportunity to strengthen relationships with those areas. The occasion of needing temporary space provided a serendipitous opportunity to invest what otherwise would have been two years of rental fees, into a mutually beneficial opportunity


for the Alumni Association and the A.S. to build out approximately 2,400 sq. ft. of unfinished space in the new Alumni Center for our temporary offices. The Alumni Center also provides a beautiful and highly functional location for weekly A.S. Council and Executive Committee meetings. — Sustainability Strategic Plan Adopted by A.S. Council In April 2011, the A.S. Council approved a series of long range goals that form the basis of a Sustainability Strategic Plan for the facilities operated by the Associated Students. The plan establishes a goal that all A.S.-operated facilities become LEED Existing Building – Operations & Maintenance (EB O&M) certified by the year 2020, with the additional goal that these buildings also be energy net zero by the same year. — Government Restructuring Approved In Concept In April 2011, A.S. Council approved in-concept, the outline of a new structure for the A.S. Government that increases the number of opportunities for student participation while de-centralizing the role of the board of directors. — Permanent Bike Lanes Installed A.S. working in collaboration with the Senate Environment & Safety Committee, the Office of Facilities Planning, Design & Construction and the SDSU Physical Plant, initiated the installation of permanent bike lanes on campus.

SDSU Children’s Center Robin Judd, Director – 24 Years Service The SDSU Children’s Center features relaxed and loving atmospheres in which children are free to explore, learn, and create through play. All families are welcome, especially for the families of faculty, staff and students. The SDSU Children’s Center provides year round care for infants, toddlers, and pre-school aged children during the school and work week. — Improved Success with Fundraiser Events Several small fundraising events and a very successful “A is for Art” Gala, which alone generated over $10,000 in donations, provided funding for several “Nature in Our Back Yard” Phase 2 projects. These projects were included in the Children’s Center’s master plan to renovate the play yards. — Expanded Collaboration with SDSU Child and Family Development Department SDSU Children’s Center continued collaboration with the SDSU Child and Family Development Department, College of Education, in the on-going Continuity of Care Research Project. This five year research project began two years ago in conjunction with three other campus programs in San Diego County. This year another class of infants was added to the two classes already participating in the study. In addition, the decision was made to have teachers follow their children all the way through the five cottages. This will allow children, families and staff to remain as one community of learners for the full five years a child can be enrolled in the Center. — Progress Made in Plans to Seek National Accreditation The Center initiated a self-study as part of the process to meet standards for accreditation


2010-11 Accomplishments

through the National Association for the Education of Young Children. This accredited status will assist the program in securing funding from grantors as well as support the continued collaboration as the primary placement site for practicum students from the SDSU Child and Family Development Department. — Photo Voltaic Panel Car Shade Structure Installed With financing from the A.S. Green Love Board the Center installed a solar PV array that has saved the Center more than $6,000 in utility costs this year.

Viejas Arena and Open Air Theatre John Kolek, Director – 22 Years Service The Viejas Arena is a highly successful venue that with the success of the 2010-11 Aztecs Men’s Basketball Team (34-3; first ever appearance in the NCAA ‘Sweet 16’) saw five consecutive sellouts, with 12,414 exuberant Aztec fans per game. The facility is also the home for Aztec Women’s Basketball and the venue of choice for concerts, special events and other campus and community events. The Open Air Theatre is scheduled for some refurbishment in the coming year and is still one of San Diego’s premier outdoor concert venues. — Transitioned to Single Viejas Arena Box Office Operation and Construction of New OAT Box Office The move to centralize all box office services under one roof at the Viejas Arena was completed without any disruption of service and a minor adjustment period for customers. The move allowed expansion of hours of operation making it more convenient for customers to utilize services. The new facility at the Open Air Theatre provides a more user friendly location for night of show sales for OAT events and offers a location to distribute/sell tickets to the campus. The new box office also serves the needs of the campus as the temporary home for the Campus Information Center during the construction of the Aztec Student Union. — Facilitated Ticket Sales and Student Ticket Distribution for Record Basketball Season Staff managed overflow student line-ups for the sold-out Aztecs men’s basketball games professionally and efficiently while at the same time overcoming obstacles that had never been encountered before. The 13 sold-out games represented the first time that Viejas Arena had more than 2 sold-out games in a single season and included a national television broadcast of the game against BYU. These games were managed in a manner that ensured successful outcomes and gained recognition for the University, the venue and the students as one of the best home court atmospheres in all of college basketball. — Received a “Facility of Merit” Designation by Pollstar Magazine for 11th Time This award is one that is voted on by members of the concert touring industry and is awarded to the venues that are recognized as the top providers of service to the industry. By receiving this award Viejas Arena has once again proven that it is a major player in the concert industry. The expertise and commitment of the staff allows Viejas Arena to successfully host major shows like Lady Gaga (27 trucks and 14 busses) and meet all of the tour’s needs. A.S. is very proud of this recognition and considers it a major accomplishment.


The New Aztec Student Union LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Platinum-certified building in the entire CSU, and perhaps the first LEED-Platinum student union in America.





The New Aztec Student Union THIRD FLOOR



RAMP 000R1



40% ENERGY REDUCTION Reduces environmental and economic impacts associated with energy use

NATURAL DAYLIGHTING Reduces dependence on artificial lighting

SOLAR PANELS On-site renewable energy to reduce carbon consumption

PERVIOUS PAVING Reduces water run-off and pollutants

UNDERGROUND STORAGE TANK Collects rainwater eliminating discharge into storm sewer system

The grand opening of the new facility is anticipated for Fall 2013. For more information, visit our web site at

OPERABLE WINDOWS Increases ventilation effectiveness and control

GREEN ROOF Reduces heat island effect while promoting natural habitat

RADIANT FLOOR SYSTEM Concrete structural slab provides heating and cooling mass


Financials REVENUES: Total $20,873,225 10%




33.8% - $7,058,135


23.1% - $4,822,599

Mandatory Fees

22.9% - $4,782,847

SDSU Children’s Center


10.5% - $2,192,206

Student Media

2.7% - $571,154


2.1% - $433,409

Sustainability Upgrades

1.7% - $352,571

Cultural Arts & Special Events

1.4% - $293,214

Student Government & Student Organizations

1.2% - $251,793

Interest Income

0.6% - $114,897

EXPENDITURES: Total $20,765,351 10%


27.4% - $5,695,676


10.8% - $2,243,989

SDSU Children’s Center

10.8% - $2,236,947

Cultural Arts & Special Events


35.5% - $7,374,460


Student Government & Student Organizations


5.3% - $1,106,437

4.5% - $934,117

Sustainability Upgrades

2.9% - $602,571

Student Media

2.8% - $571,154


Contact A.S. A.S. Business Office I 619.594.6487

A.S. Government Affairs I 619.594.6555

Aztec Student Union I 619.594.5278

Aztec Recreation I 619.594.PLAY (7529)

Cultural Arts & Special Events I 619.594.6487

Mission Bay Aquatic Center I 858.488.1000

SDSU Children’s Center I 619.594.7941

Viejas Arena & Open Air Theatre I 619.594.0234

Annual Report 2010-2011  

Associated Students of SDSU Annual Report 2010-2011

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