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Made in AAMERICA Established: 1990


New Mexico


1990 was an historic year for the USA. The Dow Jones closed above 2,000 for the first time. The first McDonald’s was opened in Russia. The Hubble Telescope was successfully launched aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery. And in the thriving desert of Phoenix, Arizona, a new HOA management company was born—Associated Asset Management (AAM). OK, so perhaps the latter didn’t make the national headlines, however, the HOA industry would never be the same. When Laura Ziff founded AAM in 1990, she had been searching for a reliable, competent HOA management company. None were to be found. Her goal to this day is to raise the bar with exceptional customer service offered at a fair market value. Today, AAM has eight regional offices in three states and serves nearly 400 homeowner associations. AAM still treats each association with the same respect and attention to detail as the very first. Our highly trained and accredited managers are able to act as stewards for the boards they serve and assure that each community runs smoothly.


We are proud to say that we still serve our very first client. And 75% of the communities we serve have been with us for more than 3 years.

At AAM we also understand that we have a responsibility to our employees and the larger communities in which we live. For six straight years, we have been voted “Best Place to Work” by our four hundred plus employees. As a company, we generously give back to our communities. Our employees regularly log thousands of volunteer hours and AAM has donated close to $200,000 to local charities thoughout the years. We believe that together we can Create a Better America, One Neighborhood at a Time.™ We would love to show you how and to partner with you on that journey.


We Love Technology Quality



High Tech


In this “Information Age” technology drives the world— improving communication, shortening process times, and shredding bureaucracy in the name of efficiency. Technology is indispensable to any business because it saves time, improves quality of service, provides transparency, and minimizes waste. At AAM we believe that HOA management cannot afford to be left behind, which is why we place cutting edge technology at the fingertips of our community managers, boards, and homeowners.

High Touch & High Tech

AAM believes that having a friendly person available to take your call is never going to be replaced by technology. AAM also believes we need to equip the person answering that phone with the best technology available to empower them to be as effective as possible. The investments AAM has made in our reporting, customer care knowledge base, accounting system, and mobile tools separate us from the rest of the industry. This investment has paid dividends for our homeowners and boards because the person they are speaking with on the phone has all the information they need at their fingertips to answer any question.

Data Security

HOAs and their community management company are responsible for securely maintaining a lot of sensitive information. This is information that is very attractive to hackers as well as identity thieves and represents a significant liability to both the community and the management company. AAM takes our responsibility as a custodian of our community’s data very seriously. We leverage well regarded third parties to audit our security and attempt intrusion tests to ensure your community’s information is secure and protected.

We Love Technology [p1]



We Love Technology [p2]

Lawsuit Mitigation (eDiscovery)

Being an ethical and well-run HOA doesn’t mean that the community is immune to frivolous lawsuits. When these lawsuits do arise, AAM has a robust document management and eDiscovery process in place that can help you win these cases and save many legal fees. Not to mention the time it will save you by managing all of your community’s electronic files and correspondence. This can be the difference between finding that email or document that clearly shows the lawsuit is frivolous and having lawyers debate it at length in a court of law.


All of our community managers at AAM are equipped with iPads running custom applications that have replaced paper-based processes still used by other management companies. Community visits are conducted with a real-time VioManager application—comparing issues online with our database at the office. This ensures the correct action is generated with a supporting photo which is accessible online by the homeowner within 24 hours. Because visits are supported by photo evidence, we eliminate over 80% of disputes, improving compliance and collections while saving time and paper.

Communication & Transparency

At AAM we strive to unite communities and give HOA boards the tools necessary to stay in touch with homeowners. We do this by developing customized websites for our clients. Besides offering an attractive “face” to home buyers online, it provides a place to communicate news, run an events calendar, allow homeowners to view their real-time account history, pay online, and submit requests to the manager or the board. We also provide private tools for boards to communicate to the community via email, text, and voice blasts—and to have private discussion boards to discuss architectural requests or other issues.

Value Added Services Our IT team is a Microsoft Partner and is readily available to provide custom managed and professional services to any community with deeper technology needs. We are able to support many technology services – from providing group pricing on office software not available to the general public to setting up and fully managing computer labs, internet security devices and applications, and wireless networks.


Finance & Accounting Invoicing



Tax Returns




If finances and accounting drive you M + A = D, then you need to call A + A = M. Here's an introduction to the many financial services AAM can offer your community today! Assessment Invoicing or Coupon Books Homeowner invoicing according to your billing requirements.

In addition:

Vendor Invoice Payments Weekly Processing – Every invoice is

• All accountants have degrees and are overseen by a CPA

reviewed and approved by the Community Manager.

Financial Statements Accrual or Cash basis accounting. Financial statements provided to the Board in electronic or hard copy format.

Coordinate Reserve Studies (Cost of reserve study charged by 3rd party reserve study company.) As directed by the Board.

Coordinate Tax Returns, Corporation Commission Filings and Audits (Cost of Audit & Tax Preparations by 3rd party independent accounting firm.) Coordination by AAM—provides a list of outside 3rd party accounting firms to select from. Board makes final selection.

Manage Collection Process of Delinquent Owner Accounts Late notice, re-billing, demand statements, notice of liens, in addition to coordinating with attorneys for advanced collections.*

Establish & Maintain Bank Accounts (Including Reserve Accounts) Includes monthly bank reconciliations, posting of interest payments, management of investment accounts, as directed by the Board.

Assess Fines and Late Charges Per the Community’s Fine and Collection Policies Revenue is retained by the Association.* Litigation/Attorney/Collection Interface and Coordination AAM does not provide legal advice. As required and directed by the Board, AAM will interface and coordinate meetings between counsel and the Board. In certain situations, a fee may need to be negotiated with the Board.

• Same staff accountant prepares your financials each month and is reviewed by the community manager to include a variance report before being sent to the Treasurer • Financials are sent as monthly bookmarked and searchable pdf • Separate AP/AR departments • Homeowners can set up monthly recurring through SurePay or make one time payments online • AAM will coordinate free bank accounts and a website to our clients through Mutual of Omaha or US Bank

*Postage, envelopes and copy charges may apply


Taking Care of Business At AAM we put the emphasis on Care. Our Customer Care Department is staffed with highly-trained team members that are available to answer just about any question a homeowner may have when calling in. AAM realizes the importance of every homeowner’s time and we do our absolute best to greet the homeowner quickly. We have equipped our team with the tools necessary to handle each situation from billing questions all the way to maintenance concerns in the communities we manage. We believe in the importance of a “one stop shop.” ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????

AAM Community Managers

AAM has an exceptional tool to assist in handling homeowner questions. 196 of the most commonly asked questions are identified by our community managers who, in turn, answer those questions for each of our communities. That information is loaded into a custom database that is constantly updated. This provides quick reference to the many topics that homeowners inquire about while also allowing the Customer Care Center team to take ownership of the call.

At AAM, we take our customer service very seriously. Team members follow up within two business days. AAM believes in ownership of any issues. The Customer Care team has immediate access to all homeowner information simply by searching the homeowner’s account number or property address. Information is verified and any missing information is captured during the first few minutes of the call. Work orders can be generated and dispatched for a maintenance issue. Assessment accounts can be discussed and delinquent homeowners can enter into a payment plan agreement as long as AAM has been authorized to do so. The team member will then monitor the payment plan to ensure the terms are met each month. This simple process can save our associations thousands of dollars in collection fees.


The Best of Both Worlds Support of a large company. Attention of a small business.

Ever think, “That company is too BIG and won’t care about me or my business.” Or worse, “That company is too SMALL and doesn’t have the resources to get the job done!” At AAM, we’ve found the perfect combination—a big company with regional offices that provide that personal touch!

Executive Team





Accounts Payable & Receivable CHANDLER - SURPRISE

Human Resources


Admin Support

CLDP Community Service Specialists

How do we do it, you ask? Years of experience and building the right structure:

Disclosure Department


Staff Accountant

Billing Department

Customer Care Center

Records Mail Center

IT Development & Support

Transfers Department

1 Tempe, AZ is where the majority of AAM operations and support takes place. It’s extremely efficient and cost effective for the communities we serve.

Regional Offices are where our Area Vice Presidents and community managers hang their hats (and their iPads) so they are always just a stone’s throw from the communities we love and manage. 2

Communities get the attention they need for happy homeowners! 3


Strength in Numbers Stability





With four CPAs, including Kevin DeBolske, AAM CFO, rest assured that numbers and accuracy are a top priority at AAM. When it comes to the financial accountancy that we provide for our valued clients, accurate and easy-to-understand financials are simply a given. We also monitor and measure the people side of our business, check out these stats:




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of our managers have

of our staff accountants

we serve have been with

completed specialized

hold college degrees

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