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BIR Series Masters in Radiology: Lung Cancer and smoking related diseases: A tribute to Prof Theresa McLoud 11 to 13 July 2013 Roy Castle Building 200, London Road, L3 9TA, Liverpool, (UK) Registrations on line www.BIR.ORG.UK

Thursday, 11 July 2013 08:00 Registration

Session 2: Prof R Rami-Porta, Moderator

Session 4: Prof C Araújo Neto, Moderator

10:40 Incidental pulmonary nodules Dr M Ledson 10:55 Open Panel Discussion: Multiple lung nodules: dismiss, synchronous, T3, T4 or M1a? Mr T Murphy, Dr J Holemans, Mr J AsanteSiaw, Dr M Walshaw, Dr J Maguire, Prof J Gosney 11:30 Open Panel Discussion: Critical points defining the T Mr T Murphy, Dr SM Greaves, Mr N Mediratta, Dr C Smyth, Dr C V Eswar, Prof J Gosney 12:05 Management of small pulmonary nodules: what makes sense Prof T McLoud 12:30 Moderator’s views Prof R Rami-Porta 12:40 Lunch

16:05 Imaging Quiz Prof A S Souza Jr & Dr L Souza 16:25 Lung cancer MDT radiologist: PET CT Dr C McCann 16:45 MRI in lung cancer Prof B Hochhegger 17:05 Imaging of Tumoral Angiogenesis Prof M Rémy-Jardin 17:30 Radiology Beyond Anatomy Prof A Dixon 17:55 Moderator’s views Prof C Araújo Neto

Session 1: Dr M Walshaw, Moderator

Session 3: Dr R Rami-Porta, Moderator

08:30 Opening speeches Dr K Irion, Prof J Field and Dr E Whitby 08:40 UKLS: rationale and lessons learnt Prof J Field 09:00 Radiologists’ views on Lung Cancer Screening Dr J Holemans & Dr N Screaton 09:20 CAD systems and pulmonary nodules Dr M Roddie 09:40 SPN: MRI detection & characterization Prof B Hochhegger 10:00 "Diffuse Lung Diseases in the Oncologic Patient" Prof T Franquet 10:20 Moderator’s views Dr M Walshaw 10:25 Coffee Break

13:25 Open Panel Discussion: The nodal map in detail Mr T Murphy, Dr J Howells, R Rami-Porta, Dr K Mohan, Dr J Maguire, Prof J Gosney 14:00 CT Biopsy and EBUS Dr S Binukrishnan 14:20 Operability of N1 or N2 lung cancer Prof R Rami-Porta 14:40 Operability of T4 or M1a lung cancer Mr R Page 15:00 Surgical results in lung cancer Mr M Poulis 15.20 Diagnosis and staging of mesothelioma Mr D Waller 15:40 Moderator’s views Prof R Rami-Porta 15:50 Coffee break

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18:00 Close

20:00 Gala Dinner Please call soon to guarantee your tickets, as places are limited. Partners are welcomed.

Friday, 12 July 2013 Session 5: Dr S Worthy, Moderator 08:30 Reticular abnormalities in chronic interstitial lung diseases Prof T McLoud 08:50 Imaging of the large airways Prof A S Souza Jr 09:10 Infectious diseases in COPD. Prof T Franquet 09:30 Chest X-rays self-referral Dr M Darby 09:50 CT and X-rays in COPD Dr J Curtis 10:10 Smoking related Lung diseases Dr N Screaton 10:30 Moderator’s views Dr S Worthy 10:35 Coffee break

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Friday, 12 July 2013, continuation

Session 8: Dr G Meirelles, Moderator

Session 6: Dr S Kearney, Moderator

16:00 Treatment options for lung cancer Dr J Maguire 16:20 Monitoring response in Lung Cancer Prof T McLoud 16:40 The TNM staging: importance of radiological input Prof Ramon Rami-Porta 17:00 Quiz: Acinus, lobule and emphysema Dr K Irion, Liverpool, UK 17:20 A Tribute to Prof T McLoud Prof A Dixon 17:40 Prize Series Masters to Dr H Fewins Dr J Curtis & Dr K Irion 17:50 Moderator’s view Dr G Meirelles 18:00 Closing

10:50 PFTs in asthma, emphysema, bronchiolitis and in cystic lung diseases Dr P Deegan, Dr J Hadcroft & Dr J Greenwood 11:10 COPD: dissociation anatomy & function TBC Prof P Calverley 11:30 Quantitative CT in COPD Prof B Hochhegger 11:50 MRI in the assessment of COPD Prof J Wild 12:10 Invasive treatment in COPD Dr K Mohan & Dr M Shackloth 12:30 CT of pulmonary vascular diseases Prof M Rémy-Jardin 12:50 MRI in pulmonary hypertension Dr A Swift 13:10 Moderator’s Views Dr S Kearney 13:15 Lunch Session 7: Dr S M Greaves, Moderator 14:00 SPN differential diagnosis Dr G Meirelles 14:20 Radiology of lungs after major fire Prof S Baldisserotto 14:40 Imaging of the Small Airways Prof T McLoud 15:00 Histology of smoking related diseases Prof J Gosney 15:20 Lymphoproliferative lung diseases Prof D Escuissato 15:40 Moderator’s Views Dr M Greaves 15:45 Coffee break

Supporting Institutions British Institute of Radiology British Society of Thoracic Imaging European Society of Thoracic Imaging Brazilian Society of Thoracic Radiology Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital

Saturday, 13 July 2013 08.00 Registration 08:30 Dual Energy CT: physics and protocols 08:50 Clinical applications of Dual Energy CT Prof M Remy-Jardin 09:15 HRCT resolution and interpretation Prof C Araujo Neto 09.35 Contrast medium: what is new? 09:55 Ultrafast CT scanning 10:15 Coffee Break 10:30 MRI protocols in thoracic diseases Rgf K Murphy 10:50 Molecular imaging and lung cancer 11:10 Clinical use of thoracic MRI 11:30 Ultrasound in thoracic oncology Prof A N Khan 11:50 MRI and the lung cancer metastases Prof C Garvey 12:10 Digital chest radiography 12:30 Professionalism in imaging acquisition

12:50 Understanding the complexity of imaging studies Prof A Dixon 13.15 Closing

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