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We all had a dream car when we were younger. During a road trip, my sisters and I might have played a game of “That’s my Car!” as we watched luxury cars pass us on the highway. We imagined ourselves sitting in the driver’s seat of a nice vehicle. These thoughts made us feel important and special. Today, we take our vehicles for granted until they stop running properly. We are then focused on repairs and upkeep. We quickly understand the importance of that vehicle as a major lifeline for our families and ourselves. Without proper transportation we are dependent on other’s generosity, constrained to their time frames and seldom dictate our own movements. Your vehicle transports you from one point to another. In today’s society of unemployment, recession, and poor housing market, a vocation is a treasured gift! These days and times call for us all to be grateful for our vocation whether we are entrepreneurs or employees. After all, “We are lucky to even have a job.” How many times have you heard that? I want to turn your attention to another perspective to view your vocation. Your present job may not be your universal assignment, but it is a change agent for you to get there. It is the vehicle that can transport you to your assignment. By strategizing a plan to further your current career, you can be on your way. For instance, if you see an opportunity for promotion within in your current vocation, work towards that to increase your revenue.

Once you are able to generate more revenue you can focus of your assignment. Don’t disregard the notion that may appear while you are still at your vocation. Your vocation may reveal for you another skill, talent or ability that has been buried within. Recognizing this is your vehicle. Take a moment to inspect your vehicle.

First, adjust your mental gears. Be sure that you are walking in an attitude of gratitude. Be grateful for your vocation. Show up to work on time, do your work with excellence, be a team player, pounce on promotion opportunities. When you are at work, be at work and stay focused on your task. Be encouraged! Promotion comes from God. Don’t worry about when, why or how just be ready. God sees everything concerning you and your job. He has a plan for you and your assignment.

Second, map your route. Program your vehicle to take you to your assignment. Write out the plan for your universal assignment. By starting to write out your ideas, you have a point of reference when you are ready to begin. If you don’t start somewhere, you will end up nowhere. Be encouraged! You do not walk alone. If you let Him, God will guide your every step. He is equipped to warn, guide and lead you along the way. His voice will reassure you that He is really in control.

Third, put the pedal to the metal. Work your assignment plan. Put into action the ideas and thoughts you written down. Take note of the opportunities within your vocation that can add to your personal growth. These opportunities may come in the form of training seminars, conferences, and leadership retreats. Utilize the resources that are being invested in you to further propel you towards your assignment. Be encouraged! God will bless the work of your hands. What you are doing now is not in vain and it will be used for your assignment. It is necessary for you to learn something where you are now to do what you need to do later.

Kira McConico’s universal assignment is to deliver encouragement to the hopeless through her Assigned To Encourage! ™ Words are powerful and can be spoken into dark times and bring light to life's situations. In addition, Kira is an inspirational speaker. Her target audience is young women ages 17-30. She frequently speaks at area schools, domestic violence shelters and other organizations to encourage young women to pursue their dreams no matter their past. While her target audience is young women, the message of encouragement is for everyone! For booking information visit:

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Your Vocation is your Vehicle to your Assignment  

Using your current job status to gain experience and insight into your next step -- YOUR ASSIGNMENT!