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Resilience: Bouncing Back From Adversity

be encouraged - April 2013 -

One could say that as soon as we get moving in a good and peaceful direction, adversity pops it’s head up and seems to set us back even further. The families in Boston certainly have our prayers. They experienced a real dose of adversity from a preying adversary that destroyed and have stolen a sense of secured they may never regain outside of God.

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While we may not be directly affected by a local tragedy, we experience daily adversity that we must overcome and bounce back from. This month’s publication discusses how to bounce back from adversity through resilience. Our feature guest is a dynamic mentor and founder of R.U.B.I.E.S., Inc. Chantell Garrett is a real voice for resilience as she engages and prepares first generation girls to enter college. Dealing with the a variety of obstacles in the lives of these young ladies requires not only a strategy for resilience but a can do attitude that is evident in Chantell’s personal and professional life. We pray that you will be encouraged as you gain insight on bouncing back from adversity! Be Encouraged!

Resilience: Bouncing Back From Adversity

RESILIENCE: bounce back from adversity By Kira McConico

Remember the old R&B hit “Rubberband Man” by The Spinners? Growing up, that song played in my house over and over. It later was the theme for the Office Max commercial with the crazy hair guy from “My Name is Earl” television show. The rubber band ball on the cover on this publication is similar to the one that sits on my desk. Elastic is even the friend of many women world wide, keeping us all from appearing wide! LOL! None the less, this ability to stretch and return to it’s original state is the essence of the definition of resilience. Our lives take big hits and stress us to the max.

When we are being pulled we often feel like we are going to break and snap into pieces. This stress seems worse when it is from an outside force that seeks only to tear us apart. This is what we know to be called: adversity - a state, condition, or instance of serious or continued difficulty or adverse fortune. (Merriam Webster-Online) The spirit behind such conditions comes from our adversary - one that contends with, opposes, or resists us. This spirit can operate in our closest friend and our furthest enemy. It is not these events that we should be concerned about in isolation.

be encouraged - April 2013 -

It is not these events that we should be concerned about in isolation. Our bigger concern is being able to move forward after we have experienced these times. The good news we are totally equipped to be able to recover or bounce back from adversity. There are few ways to approach bouncing back. Here is a short list of DON’TS:

Don’t ignore that the situation has happened. Part of bouncing back is acknowledging, assessing and processing what happened and why it happened.

Don’t ignore or reject wise counsel. When wisdom is speaking to you, recognize it and heed the advice. God speaks to us through many ways: His Word (The Bible), to us directly and through His people.

Don’t Rebound actually Bounce Back.

Getting into something else to distract or prove someone else wrong is asking for trouble.

Resilience is our ability or power to return to the original form,

bent, compressed, or stretched.

position after being

Resilience: Bouncing Back From Adversity

There was a time in my personal life that I was heavily engaged in a specific call of God on my life. When times and situations changed, I went through a deep time of adversity. People who were very close to me where no longer there, relationships suffered and my gifts and talents were paused just like a DVR’d program. A lot of hurt and misunderstanding was experienced. To be honest, I felt like God was done using me. I was on the verge of breaking into pieces. I couldn’t understand why God would bring me to certain place and then just stop it all. When I look back at that time in my life, it’s clear God was doing most of the work behind the scenes. He brought me to a secret place and hid me under His wings. What the devil meant for evil, God used it for my own good. This is what happens when adversity comes. God protects us from the full blow that the enemy wishes to put on us.

Bouncing back is not only a sign of God’s continued plan for our lives, but is also a test for ourselves to see what we are really made of. The Apostle Paul had gained leadership, acquired learning of the scripture and was born into a position of respect. However, he learned that none of those things matter. When he was faced with adversity, imprisonment and the like, Paul said, nevertheless,

“I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3:14)

be encouraged - April 2013 -

He understood that his adversity was only a springboard for his forward movement. We must look at resilience as the character trait that we possess that helps us know we are down but not out, bruised but not broken, bending but not breaking. YES! This is our resilience. Knowing that we are able to that which God has called us to do not because of adversity, but in spite of adversity. Here are some DO’s to bouncing back:

DO take a moment to know what time it is.

Our lives cycle through seasons of highs and lows. We should not be yoyoing though life, but we will experience good and bad. Know where you are.

DO look for ways to bounce back or overcome. When we are able to see our way out, it helps us to move closer to a better place.

DO believe in your own resilience. Remind yourself of all the other lows you climbed up from. Remember how bad it was? Look around you, you made it. You will make it again and God will help.


encouraged! You were made to overcome. You are resilient and this is

your best quality!

Resilience: Bouncing Back From Adversity

CHANTELL GARRETT, Founder and President

R.U.B.I.E.S., Inc. “Realizing yoUr Best In Every Situtation”

be encouraged - April 2013 -


Our mission is to educate, equip and empower underserved girls with the knowledge and skills to succeed in college, career, and community.


Our vision is to prepare underserved girls—especially those that aspire to be first generation college students—by educating them with knowledge, equipping them with essential life skills and empowering them to realize their best in every situation.


R.U.B.I.E.S., Inc. was founded in 2010 by Chantell Garrett in an effort to positively impact and encourage the lives of girls and young women to excel beyond their current circumstances. R.U.B.I.E.S., Inc. has impacted the lives of 150 girls through strong partnerships, garnered community support and distributed over $6,000 in scholarships.

Resilience: Bouncing Back From Adversity

B.E.: How did the idea of R.U.B.I.E.S., Inc. come about? The original idea of RUBIES was called Aja’s Center for Girls which was done as a senior project in college at Dillard University. I always knew I wanted to work with youth because I had some wonderful mentors in my life and knew it was the right thing to do, but I just didn’t know it was going to happen this soon in life. In 2009, I began playing around with the idea of starting the organization but had no real name for and didn’t want to use Aja. So in 2010 I was ending a toxic relationship and was reading Proverbs 31:10 and that is where the name came from. I turned into an acronym to reflect what all girls and women should do and that realize their best in every situation regardless of what the situation or circumstances look like.

How is R.U.B.I.E.S., Inc. different from other mentoring programs in the Kansas City Metro? RUBIES is different from other programs because we specifically focus on girls that are first generation college students in an effort to provide them with college access, college preparation and life skill development.

This organization is dedicated to exposing our participants to strong, positive women leaders and engaging is the success of the student throughout the program and beyond. We also offer scholarships to participants that successfully complete our Project 100 progam.

B.E.: What is the greatest need for R.U.B.I.E.S., inc and how can others donate specifically to the organization? The greatest need for RUBIES is everything (lol). From finances to human capital to inkind donations. We run off a volunteer staff of 3, so additional volunteers are always needed throughout the year to assist with office work, serve as mentors or volunteers at special events such as Unwrap A Gift or the Ruby Red Slippers Gala. Donations are accepted online at or can be sent to PO BOX 300764 KCMO 64130.

be encouraged - April 2013 -

B.E.: Being a non-profit has some challenges. Please share with our readers how your have been able to bounce back from adversity with your organization in terms of growth. Yes, I agree nonprofits face challenges that for profit business may not experiences. Having to start from scratch and position your passion in such a saturated market can be difficult and frustrating at times. I think I overcome the adversity and challenges I face is because I know and believe R.U.B.I.E.S., Inc. is destined for something greater than myself. It’s that still whisper I hear or phone call I get that gives me the push to keep going when things aren’t quite going as planned or where I feel the organization should be. R.U.B.I.E.S., Inc. has made greater strides in going on 3 years from awarded $6,000 to first generation college students, supporting the community through a annual holiday toy extravaganza, providing programs for over 150 youth and being awarded the Best Nonprofit in KC in 2012.

So we have been blessed, but the road to success is not easy and always fun but it is worth it. If I could give advice to anyone pursuing their dream, passion whatever is 1. that sticking with it will yield the greatest result 2. get people in your corner that help you move the vision forward 3. GOD will never give you something that HE wants to see done and not equip you for the job.

B.E.: What is the next for R.U.B.I.E.S., Inc. ? Whew, what’s next? Hopefully, the sky! My vision for RUBIES is big, but GOD’s plan is even bigger. Currently, we are planning our first Gala on October 25, 2013, relaunching our Project 100 program in a unique session format and planning for the 2014 No Boys Allowed Conference. Things are really heading in the right direction with the help of a great board, volunteers and a strong support system.

Resilience: Bouncing Back From Adversity

be encouraged - April 2013 -

Resilience: Bounce Back from Adversity  

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