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Be Encouraged!

MARCH 2013

“Know Thine Enemy: Understanding Opposition”

Resurrection Sunday is Sunday, March 31, 2013. While there is great debate about the hiding and hunting of the Easter Egg, it is the single most important event that believers should acknowledge and celebrate. The death, burial and resurrection of our living GOD is worth shouting about! He’s Alive! In this month’s publication we look at the opposition that Christ endured as an example of knowledge for us in this present day. We identified (3) three areas of opposition and give some insight on how and through whom these areas present themselves in our lives. Kira McConico is the publisher of “Be Encouraged” Comments, suggestions and letters can be sent to

During the Resurrection Holiday, rejoice in our victory through Christ, but seek God’s face to understand the opposition. It is important to remember the struggles we have overcome. This foundation makes us stronger and wiser, if we allow. Be Encouraged and know thine enemy, even if it’s YOU!

The devil made me do it. Well, maybe and maybe not. We can be praying the devil away, all the while, it’s us. We can be our own worst enemy.

There are three primary influences in our lives that affect our everyday walk. Just as these influences can be positive, they can also be our greatest enemies.

When God created us, He created us in HIS image. We are likened to HIS abilities and therefore have access to HIS power. This power lives in every one of us.

Opposition Within: this is a 1. situation that you create and are the guilty party. We can oppose ourselves by neglecting to do what we know we should do. This can be something as small as poor food choices if you are claiming to shed a few pounds, or not seeking outside support if you are struggling with addictions. You are opposing your self, fighting within. We can talk ourselves into and out of a lot of things. Our minds are very powerful weapons.

Opposition comes in the form of a battle, whether health, finances, relationships whatever, it is a war close to home with a familiar enemy. To fight and be an effective fighter, it must be close to home. Opposition’s greatest weapon is something or someone we hold close to our hearts that comes against us. Remember everything that opposes you is not the devil.

Be Encouraged!

MARCH 2013

2. Opposition Around: Opposition coming from an inside source is someone close enough to you to have inside information about you. They may use those things against you in an argument or to defame your character. This kind of opposition can be the hardest to endure because there was obviously some level of trust. Those relationships are often hard to mend because forgiveness is required on your end. 3. Opposition Throughout: The enemy is deceitful and conniving. The Bible clearly accurately details the enemy’s tactics and devices. His main purpose is to accuse the brethren. The devil strategizes ways to oppose God’s children each and every day. He is relentless to oppose us, to attempt to stop us and defeat us. This opposition is the simplest form to combat, but can also be the most difficult to identify.

There is no growth with out struggle. When the enemy sets out to oppose us, we may not be able to distinguish between opposition from within, around or throughout. We are challenged sometimes in pointing our finger in the right direction. This is why it is important to understand opposition. Opposition is hurtful and creates barriers but no matter the source of our opposition, it is only here to make us better. It is not intended to defeat us. We must understand the role of opposition in our lives. If we only face good times and have loyal times, we don’t grow. There is no growth with out struggle. We are commissioned to understand the suffering that Christ endures. Our opposition is likened to Christ’s journey.

JESUS was opposed within: He questioned His Father, apart of Himself, in the garden. He

asked if he can be released, is there another way. Isaiah 53 tells of the way God allowed Christ to be opposed for our sakes … NEVERTHELESS Jesus understood that the Father required a sacrifice for our sins so He was able to remember the mercy and love of God for us all.

“Know Thine Enemy: Understanding Opposition”

JESUS was opposed around: Judas kissed

His face and stabbed him in the back, telling the priests of Jesus whereabouts. Judas had insider knowledge of Christs’ plans. NEVERTHELESS… Jesus understood that betrayal was necessary to prove that He was really the Messiah. He understood that anything that is to be great in the name of God will be talked about.

JESUS was opposed throughout: His entire

ministry, the enemy sent doubters, naysayers and even himself attempted to defeat Christ during the 40days and 40 nights fasting and praying. He thought he would destroy God’s seed with opposition... NEVERTHELESS. Jesus understood that the plan of the devil was to defeat Him as the second Adam. He understood that whatever the devil opposed him with, The Word of God was greater than it all. This is our own victory that Christ fore bore. He set the example of understanding opposition. Jesus knew His enemy and He understood opposition. So the question is posed to you. Do you understand your opposition? Do you know who is opposing and WHY? When we are able to identify the source and the cause, we are able to go on through the opposition and stand even in the mist of the mess.

Be Encouraged!

MARCH 2013

When we are facing an attack we should remember a few things. 1. God is there for us. He promises in His Word that He will not leave us or forsake, He will be with us even till the end of the earth. He promises us over and over again in scripture that if we will put our trust in Him, he will not let the enemy triumph over us. He is faithful to His Word. He is dedicated to your life and the success of it. Be assured that you are not alone. Just call out His name and He will answer you. He will save you from destruction and waste. HALLELJUAH!

2. What should I be learning from this situation? Every situation should be a learning experience for you,

or you will repeat it. You will repeat it until you learn it. James tells us to be excited, counting it all joy when we face various trials and temptations. And if we need wisdom on how to handle anything, God gives it to us freely!

3. This should bring you closer to God. Everything that we go through God allowed it. Everything that we

face has already received His stamp of approval. He is knows that when we are in trouble, He can show Himself a mighty Father to us and this will bring us closer to Him. He is the Lover of our Souls. And like someone who is truly in love, He wants to be close to His Beloved.

Thank you God for opposition. Be Encouraged and Know Thine Enemy even if it’s YOU!

Know Thine Enemy  

Enjoy this publication as you understand opposition and it's sources. Encouraged to know thine enemy even if it's you!

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