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The guitar is a popular instrument in the United States and is played with fingers or a pick. There are many types of guitars: acoustic and classical guitars are some of them. Traditionally guitars are constructed out of wood. But modern types of guitars are also constructed from polycarbonate material. The history of guitars can be traced back over 4000 years. The current types of guitars are identified to have evolved from ancient instruments. There are many techniques of playing the guitar. Blues playing is one such technique. Blues playing is a technique used to compliment the singing of blues music. Blues guitar lessons are offered in various forms if one wishes to learn this technique. One such form is DVD's which offer blues guitar instructions. Most of these DVD's are offered by individuals who are popular and have mastered the technique of blues guitar. If an individual does not have access to such DVD's, blues guitar techniques can be self learned. In such situations it is advised to start off from a series of simple and easy songs. However it is important to remember that having a basic knowledge on how to play a guitar is vital before undergoing such specific bluesy guitar instructions. The sound of blues music takes many forms. In order to add an authentic blues sound to music, an understanding of how the blues sound is created while learning its techniques plays an important role. It is also known that learning to obtain a blues sound is an evolving process. Within this learning process of blues guitar lessons, focus will be paid on aspects such as tuning, picking styles, using slides, chord progressions, blue notes etc. Even though many blues lessons are offered online some individuals prefer obtaining bluesy guitar lessons from a personal tutor. Despite the fact that a personal tutor is a costly option, it will ensure that the guitarist obtains the correct knowledge and will learn the authentic techniques of blues guitars. Many websites offer blues lessons for free. But if one wishes to spend on blues guitar lessons, the average cost will range from $30-$50 per session. Generally a session is identified to be 45 minutes of learning under a private guitar tutor. Another alternative for a personal guitar tutor is to sign up on a websites which offer guitar lessons. Paid websites generally offer a particular number of free lessons before having to pay for the service. During this free trial period the student can decide if he/she wants to continue with the

selected website or switch to another option. Learning blues guitar is not an easy task. Therefore if one wishes to undergo guitar lessons it is highly recommended to ensure that the person has a passion and commitment towards learning the technique which in turn will save both time and money.

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