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Company Profile

We are the Strategic Asset Removal and Asset Recovery Specialists

High Performance

Asset Impact monetizes assets through:

Asset Recovery...

• Negotiated on-site selling • Laser targeted sales private campaigns • Public sales and marketing efforts • International marketing

Asset Impact is a nationally recognized leader for asset liquidation services

• Internet listings and sales

and asset recovery for regional, national and multinational commercial and

• Public or invitation only auctions

industrial organizations. Simply put, we often purchase ‘everything’ outright. We dispose and recover maximum value on remaining inventory, FF&E

and on any existing residual assets including real estate for manufacturers,

Asset Impact provides a range of applicable services for:

wholesalers, distributors and retailers. Major plant and facility shutdowns and decommissioning are our speciality while our asset relocation services are also widely desired for many projects.

• Plant Liquidation, Facilities Liquidation, Power Plant Shutdowns • Demolition Projects: Industrial and Selective

Asset Impact is committed to providing peace-of-mind to distressed or

• Remodeling and Closing of Warehouses

divesting operators through high yielding strategic asset recovery systems

• Corporate Office Relocations (Home or Satellites)

while often utilizing our demolition, removal and property remediation

• Remodeling, Relocation or Closing of Retail operations


• Remodeling and Closing of Distribution Centers


What Makes Us Different?

Critical Market Analyses

• Intensity – Our ‘speed of action’ is the result of implementing experienced strategic planning, high levels of organizational processes and exceptional levels of discipline to ensure a timely, professional delivery.

Plant Decommissioning’s: Creating Order from Chaos

• Range of Services – Incomplete means inefficient and inadequate. We seek to maximize your value with the implementation of seasoned planning, demolition, operations, finance, sales and marketing, legal, marketing, web and public relations elements. This means you’ll receive maximum value on all your assets.

‘Asset Recovery’ is a buzzword increasingly associated with plant shutdowns. With every job facing more than a dozen recovery elements often with agendas pitted directly against each other and very often not in the optimal, best interest of the client. These opposing agendas include: electrical vs. plumbing vs. equipment purchasers vs. property remediation vs. internal relocations vs. demolition vs. scrap removal vs. secondary market buyers vs. staging crews vs. earthworks vs. auctioneers vs. real estate brokers/leasing agents, etc., etc. A state-of-the-art asset recovery project ‘cannot’ succeed without significant planning using an integrated approach that prioritizes the long-term recovery.

• Customer Service – Providing you optimal yields on schedule is the best customer service we can give. We’ll be sure to keep you completely abreast of our progress throughout the mission. We work with the optimal combination of local operators and national experts to get the job done on time, every time. • Flexibility – No recovery program is exactly the same. Almost every situation we encounter requires some degree of creativity to put together financing terms that will ensure all parties are satisfied in obvious cash-flow sensitive projects. We can provide guaranteed rates, cost sharing programs, fee-based arrangements or recovery percentage solutions. Whatever it takes, we’ll find a way to get your optimal cash return in the shortest possible time frame. • Pricing – Our proprietary cost recovery programs, our ability to quickly go local or go international and our nationwide networks help us to earn higher yields… we reflect our higher expected returns back to you. • Experience – We are one of the leaders in our field. With years of actual project implementation and success for our clients we can deliver the same results to you. Our portfolio consists of projects ranging from major retails and distribution centers to small warehouses and factories. We’ve seen it all and we’ll get you through it.

This level of advanced planning solutions can only be created from a company possessing elite expertise in all the relevant facets and that has also nurtured great depth in its industry networks/contacts. Avoid limited, single operators as your initial point of contact... Who you call first will absolutely determine the ultimate success or failure of your project.

Industrial Vacant’s: Cash Out or Carry? There is a massive glut of vacated, old and energy inefficient buildings which major national and international firms have been carrying on their books for years. Property taxes, security costs, building maintenance costs, insurance and other holdings costs along with inherent ownership risks are creating financial black holes and liability exposures. These properties have very little chance of being re-engaged or redeveloped in their current state. Yet they persist... they drain. There is no panacea, there is only Asset Impact.


What We Do

What You Receive

1. We Acquire - Your Facility, Assets, Property and/or Inventory... Outright Purchase or Shared Profit Negotiations.

1. Relief - You have passed on this critical responsibility to a team that

2. We Takeaway - Everything that you want removed. We relocate assets that you want to salvage and recommission. We immediately begin to process your assets through our uniquely intensified cost recovery system.

2. Residual Value - If there is value remaining in your assets, we’ll imple-

• • • •

ment the proper strategies to maximize your yield.

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Inventory Trash, Deb tal/Recycling Relocation Services

3. We Put Back -Everything you will need for the satisfaction of any tenancy agreements, resale or property reuse scenarios . • • • •

knows how to do the job, do it fast and do it well.

Demolition Contractor, Demolition Services Property Remediation for Environmental Considerations Reclamation Reinstallation

4. We Get Back - Everything possible in terms of remaining value of your assets.

3. Relinquishment - feel relaxed knowing that you will competently satisfy your tenant, lessee exit position in a timely and cost efficient manner. 4. Restoration - The property and/or facility will be restored to a level that

Sometimes you don’t

optimizes for your ultimate priority whether that be for reuse or resale.

know what you’ve got Asset Impact will meet all your needs for fixed asset liquidation and fixed

‘till it’s GONE!

asset recovery. If your situation requires demolition services, facility liquidation support or specialized asset recovery on ff&e, Asset Impact is experienced, efficient, effective and essential to optimize your recovery position.

• Local, National & International Markets • Better Networks • More Experience


Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Provide a statement about the core competency of your company? Answer: ASSET IMPACT: is a competitive response to critical shortcomings and untapped opportunities prevalent within both the asset recovery and demolition industries. We are a nationally recognized leader for asset liquidation and recovery services for regional, national and multinational commercial and industrial organizations. Our premier demolition services provide for both largescale and selective demolition include commercial and industrial wrecking and dismantling, with particular attention to major industrial facilities. Asset Impact is committed to providing peace-of-mind to distressed or divesting operators through high yielding strategic asset recovery systems while often utilizing our demolition, removal and property remediation services at exceptional value, in part due to our same, proprietary cost recovery methods. We provide results... on time - every time. The Company website is


- What type of asset disposition programs are in place at your company (IE. outright purchase, auction, guaranteed return, etc.)? Answer: We are highly flexible in this respect. After direct consultation with the client we will work out a disposition program that will assimilate with the amount of risk

Why use brute force when strategic planning hits the spot?

(and possible reward) that a client wants to assume (i.e. no risk -> outright purchase, low risk -> minimum payout with a shared percentage, higher risk> shared percentage). There are numerous other factors at play including the age and potential value of assets, locations, relocation considerations and many, many others. In the end, every job is unique and we are prepared to reflect this in the ultimate disposition arrangement for each location.


- Do you perform collection of equipment inventory listing? If so, what is your process to do the task? Answer: Yes, we do. We address this from a perspective that we feel is most beneficial to the long term results... namely, we provide detailing, graphic design, cataloguing, photography & video (when appropriate) along with advanced ‘e’ and ‘web’-based display tactics to reflect how equipment dealers would want to access and assess this information whether for their own purchasing purposes or to help them resell these items in a secondary market.

These catalogs are extremely valuable and often first used by the client to determine whether to sell, destroy or transfer assets to another facility. This is far from a simple ledger sheet. Our catalogues often provide multiple pictures, serial numbers, wear and tear assessments, estimated secondary market values and much more. For a secondary market buyer to purchase an item often ‘sight unseen’, they need to have a visceral feel of the item with professionally provided detailing of relevant information. The catalogues are then disseminated and/or promoted in local, national and international arenas throughout the various secondary recovery markets.

Level 1 is Direct Network and Industry Players and Buyers – This is from people approached through our own network of known buyers, particularly those in the power industry or highly complementary industries. Our cost factors are primarily administrative and marketing based and the yields are generally the greatest. Level 2 is Secondary Market Resellers who will seek their own profit margin and therefore offer good value because a market does exist but not as high as a direct sale to an end user. Our cost factors to consider are primarily administrative and marketing based.

Q - What would be your preferred way to sell our assets? Some plants will have very little, some will have much more.

Would you suggest to move anything left in one building to another location for sale or to sell as a bundle? Who would be responsible to remove and ship?

Level 3 is Local Area – Alternative Use Buyers. These buyers are often for mid and lower price items and that are easily transferable. If a detailed job of dismantling is performed, there is often a great deal of items that can be found to provide value with proper sales efforts. Our cost factors that we assume are primarily administrative and marketing based coupled with local advertisements and guerilla marketing tactics.


Level 4 is an Auction where generally the yields have been flat for a couple of years due to weak economics, higher levels of supply and fractured interest. Our cost factor will primarily revolve around a 5% administrative fee plus an industry standard auctioneer’s percentage.

The value structures for recovery are dynamic with respects to many variables; one critical one being how much effort is required for applying each level of tactical recovery promotion as listed in the pyramid below. There are also costs associated with derigging and assumed handling charges whether for sale, scrap or waste. Additionally, many times items must be broken down and handled with care to ensure that many other items in its near vicinity maintain their value, thereby adding more cost than what might otherwise be appropriate for its expected value. In the end, the costs (and ensuing value) can be broken down into those associated with the dismantling and derigging and those with the selling, which will include handling, transportation and storage.

Asset Impact’s Asset Recovery Pyramid The adjacent illustration represents the expecting value received via the various methods of recovery that will be applied. The timing (first) and highest yields are seen in the base level. Efforts for the subsequent levels are generally activated when the level beneath it is exhausted.

Level 5 is Scrap Recovery that also has logistics and handling costs associated with it that net against the final yield. Since the Asset Recovery is not for the buildings themselves but only the items inside and out. Deep and aggressive sifting and sorting will not be an associated cost. Asset Impact prefers not to move and relocate any equipment from its original location for resale unless there’s a highly pressing and paramount need for its removal (i.e. the lease is up, extenuating safety concerns, etc). This is for a very simple reason; it costs a great deal to move and re-store items. It is difficult to move them twice and to recover a reasonable profit margin. Relocation and storage costs along with burgeoning logistic concerns associated with a multi-facility ‘bundle’ generally will not produce favorable results. That being said, depending upon how quickly we could create catalogues for every one of the facilities, there may be some packages we could offer to trusted buyers who are willing to wait for availability but who would want to lock in their commitment and pricing asap. Generally, buyers will be made responsible for the removal and shipment. Asset Impact does help its clients if they especially ask for removal and shipment, but the client will incur the costs.

Q - Do you have multiple crews at your disposal? Will you subcontract to other providers and if so, is this due to location or job timing?

resins is a regular part of the job. Asbestos is something else we are adept at handling. From a safety and hazardous material containment and handling perspective, there’s nothing were likely to see that we have not seen countless times before.


From a sales and marketing perspective as they relate to asset recovery, there is an overlap on a great deal of industrial equipment (generators, motors, etc) that transcend the particular product(s) being manufactured and they can be cross sold to numerous other industrial manufacturers.

Asset Impact has multiple crews located on the East Coast and and a team in Las Vegas, with all crews ready for mobilization at short notice. We do sub-contract, but generally only when placed under serious time constraints by client or for the less refined work. With years of experience, we have built up have a vast network of employable assets and human resources that look forward to our projects and generally make themselves readily available. We have yet to have a problem outfitting exception crews for our jobs even when they are run concurrent or are closely timed.

Q - Would you be able to advise us on what should stay with the real estate (IE. compressors, cooling towers, etc.)? Answer: There are so many contradictory forces at play on every job. Everyone wants to remove their items with the least amount of damage... that includes; electrical, plumbing, demolition, cleaning, FFE, etc, etc... and they will ALL destroy every other element without conscience in an attempt to save money on their personal removal, rigging and derigging, and logistical efforts. This must all be cohesively and diligently managed with long term recovery yields weighed alongside the short-term project timing/delivery considerations as the main objective. Real Estate property sales are obviously a huge concern and ‘must’ be held as one of the most critical components calculated into the eventually realized yield. Asset Impact knows exactly what to leave in the building and in what condition it must be kept.

Q - Please discuss your exposure to our specific type of business as well as the type of equipment used in our business?

Answer: We have not directly worked with every type of manufacturer in every industry, but we have handled the decommissioning, disposition and recovery efforts for many manufacturing facilities where they used similar materials in their manufacturing process. Dealing with solvents and

Also, it is important to note that most manufacturing facilities are unique in some way and produce different products and generally few second hand options will exist for a full facility purchase, especially in the USA where standards are generally kept state-of-the-art. Those types of opportunities, if available, are very often sourced overseas where we are extremely strong with our international network. That leaves either replacement or spare parts options or crossover applications within other industrial processes as the primary buying source for most of the specialized manufacturing equipment. The fixtures and furniture portions of FF&E generally transcend a single industry for resale considerations. In conclusion, we have handled disposition for manufacturing facilities in print, rubber, paint, power and many, many others... at the end of the day, your plant is more the same than different. It comes down to value received, deadlines met, safety standards kept and performance delivered; and with respects to those considerations, we’ll hold up our results against any other service provider.

Q - Do you provide the full decommissioning process for industrial manufacturing plants? Answer: Yes we provide full decommissioning services. Our team will provide turnkey solutions. We provide • Consulting and Cataloguing Services for internal equipment retention decisions • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (Removal and Recovery) • Inventory Disposition / Recovery • Trash, Disposal/Recycling • Relocation Services (Rigging, Derigging, Logistics, Consulting)

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Maintenance Demolition Contractor, Demolition Services (Interior, Selective, Complete) Decontamination Asbestos Removal Property Remediation for Environmental Considerations Reclamation Reinstallation Property Consulting Support Support Services Waste Management General and Specialized Asset Recovery Services Including Auctions and Liquidations Direct purchase of any/all asset listed above

Q - What is your primary channel for advertising the equipment that will be put up for sale? Answer: We generally engage tactics based upon our ‘Recovery Pyramid’ as described in ‘Question 4’. It is important to add that we sell items internationally in China, Indonesia, Israel, Dubai, Mexico, Pakistan and many other countries. We have a unique partnership with an advanced IT and online PR team that constantly applies innovative and state-of-the-art E-based tactics (databases, E-newsletters and E-announcements, websites and online showrooms, forums, etc, etc...) to minimize traditional media outlays in our recovery tactics.

Q - Does

your process include the ability to market equipment internally within our company prior to going to market externally? Please explain.

Answer: As described in Question 3 above our advanced cataloguing often first proves invaluable to companies who wish to evaluate, assess and make decisions on possible relocation considerations. We will also provide in-depth consulting services on relocation, de-rigging and rigging costs. After those decisions are made internally, then we publish the catalogue through our preferred network channels.

Q - Provide your compensation model for each different program type your company performs? Answer: First of all, let us say that there is no standard compensation model that we work with. The only place where universal industry standards and pricing generally exist are with auctions. The charges on auctions are close to the same anywhere in the industry. A great deal rest of the recovery efforts are more art than science unless a decision is made early on to predominantly perform scrap recovery. The standard protocol for Asset Impact is to make estimates that are based on following our Asset Recovery Pyramid. We then quote a project accordingly. We can be compensated in almost endless ways from this point. We can outright purchase any/all of the assets including the real estate in certain circumstances. We can streamline recovery costs by offering paid consulting services upfront that will often create massive savings for the client because they engage in strategic behaviours that assist with planning, relocations, resource deployments, timing concerns and much, much more. We can share in revenues generated with all sorts of baselines established for either party. There is no right or wrong way of structuring a recovery effort as long as both parties are offering full disclosure and are satisfactorily sharing commensurate levels of risk and reward. At the end of the day, we generally offer multiple options and work forward from there to reach an accord that is acceptable to both parties.

Q - Does your company have global capability? Please outline regions of the world that you have capability. Answer: We have people on the ground in Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, China, Pakistan, Dubai and Israel. We have company representatives who live and reside in each of these countries. Our ‘cultural and language friendly’ support options are targeted towards countries and international regions that regularly look to acquire pre-owned industrial assets on a wide scale basis. We have also established a powerful and innovative alliance with a major international PR and Web firm that offers advanced communication, design and E-based promotional support. Because of this, we develop state-of-the-art presentation materials, catalogues and collateral that are customized and correspond to each and every asset recovery project we undertake. The world is becoming smaller and smaller when sourcing potential end users for pre-owned industrial equipment sales. We have seen this trend developing for a long time and we have work extremely hard to innovatively expand the breadth and scope of our online tactical sales and marketing. This comes through the immediate creation of top-of-the-line multimedia presentation materials to display newly available assets, a rapid deployment of internal resources to source and reach any relevant buyer (no matter where they are in the world) and a tenacious commitment to ever expand our reseller base. These competitive advantages coupled with a live person in or near that country who will surefootedly represent our portfolio, consistently delivers impactful results for our clients.

Contact: Asset Impact: 3651 Lindell Rd, Las Vegas, NV89103. • T: 702 - 551 8952 • E: • W:

Recent Projects: Benjamin Moore: A Berkshire Hathaway company, this 260,000 sf paint manufacturing facility was completely decommissioned with full demolition, remediation and asset recovery services applied. The property was prepped for resale. Quad Graphics: The 2nd largest print company in the world. Responsible for three (3) print manufacturing facilities totalling over 1,000,000 sf that initially engaged our cataloguing for internal equipment decisions. We then handled selective demolition and significant asset recovery efforts along with minor remediation requirements and waste removal services. The properties were all prepped for resale. Oasis Casino: A Mesquite Gaming LLC property. This 600 room hotel and casino facility was designated for total demolition, removal and disposal of all structure within the building footprints. Project required significant asset recovery efforts. The property was prepped for resale. Kellwood Distribution Center: Removal and disposal of the apparel distribution systems in 3 buildings Utilized precise demolition efforts to ensure no damage to the building and related systems. The property was prepped for resale. Carlisle Tire and Wheel: A selective demolition and decommissioning of the iconic 350,000sf facility comprised of multiple structures spread over 12 acres. Property remediation and waste disposal efforts were critical to the project’s success. Project included significant asset recovery. The property was prepped for resale.

What we leave behind... Clean and Green!

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