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Sun Memory connection As we were fulfilling a order for some Sun Blade servers (T6320/40) and gathering the memory boards for installation……it got us to thinking about how many memory boards we have installed into Sun servers and desktops over the last 20 years. Going back to Sun Sparc 5’s and then working our way up the order to the current Exadata cloud Sun/Oracle servers, speaks to a vast amount of Sun memory experience that Asset Conversion Services (ACS)has gained over the years. Unlike most of the other Sun resellers, ACSunderstanding of Sun Memory encompassesmanufacturing of Sun memory modules in the 80’s. This experience helped to give us a deeper understanding to the Sun bus architecture and how all the integrated parts work together as a whole. Last week we were at the Sun/Oracle presentation on Cloud computing and their hardware/software based solutions were identified and presented by key members of the team. The first three presenters were given by longtime Sun executives who had been there for over twenty years and had overseen the development of Java and now were embracing Sun/Oracle new Cloud orientated hardware and software. The final presentation was given by an Oracle spokesperson who spoke to the whole “Oracle Public Cloud” program. This public cloud program is a broad set of best-in-class integrated services that provide customers with subscription-based, self-service access to Oracle products in a public cloud environment. What struck me is that Sun really is a key piece the ‘New Cloud’ for Oracle. Yes, Oracle software is the integrated glue attached to the Sun hardware, but make no mistake, Sun hardware make the whole public cloud very competitive in the expanding Cloud computing environment. When you break it down to the component level, Sun Memory comes back to play and what is nice about the Sun/Oracle version of the public cloud is that it allows for legacy hardware and software to be fully supported without major upgrades. So when we get an order for V490/890/E2900/E6900/E15K/E25K Memory or M3000/M4000/M5000 Memory we will not have to worry that it will be incompatible in the ‘Sun Oracle Public Cloud’.

Speaking of Sun memory……at the last Oracle show it was announced that Oracle/Sun had created “Exalytics in-memory machine”. Oracle Exalytics is built on a Sun Fire server4 with Intel Xenon E74800-series processors totaling 40 cores, coupled with a full terabyte of Sun RAM. This machine is so fast that it processesat the speed of thought. Oracle Exalytics uses adaptive in-memory technology to ensure that the most important data sets are always in memory and automatically tunes cashed data by constantly monitoring user queries and moving most-used data from storage into memory. Sun memory today is still a key as important today as it was 25 years ago. Sun Memory plays an important role in the new public Cloud paradigm allowing data processing to flow faster than ever before in its history. Asset Conversion Services will continue to keep Sun memory in all its entirety instock and ready to power the next generation of Sun/Oracle servers. This month Asset Conversion Service (ACS) is proud to offer M4000 and M5000 64GBmemory upgrades (SELX2D1P). Take advantage of this memory offer that is no longer being manufactured and call Asset Conversion Service at 408-288-7300 for a quote on Sun Memory or Sun Microsystems Servers.

Sun Memory connection  

Sun memory today is still a key as important today as it was 25 years ago. Sun Memory plays an important role in the new public Cloud parad...

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