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OCTOBER 2013 Dr. Felicia McGinty Hosts Open Office Hours Every Friday from 10am - 12pm Old Queens, Suite 101 All students are welcome!


October 8 RUPA Presents: Collge Humor Live Dear Students: October is the month that we are off and running, literally and figuratively. The Illuminate the Knight run is scheduled for Oct. 9, a RAH 5K Charity and 1-mile Fun Walk takes place Oct. 27th and of course the Bed Races are a key part of our Homecoming tradition! The hustle of a frenetic fall semester can sometimes be overwhelming; and I hope that you are settling into the groove of things. This month will be full of excitement and opportunities as Homecoming nears and Intercollegiate Athletics are off to a good beginning. In addition, midterm exams, assignments and papers are soon due. The combination of activities, excitement and tight deadlines can be stressful. As students you have many responsibilities, know that the key to mastering them successfully lies in prioritization and self care. I encourage you to make time to care for yourself physically, emotionally and even spiritually if that’s part of your identity. A host of resources to support you are available throughout the campus. For example, Recreation offers a variety of classes activities and equipment to engage in fitness and relaxation. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) offers a host of group and individual sessions to provide emotional support and Health Outreach Promotion and Education (HOPE) provides programs and services to promote wellness and manage stress. Also, our Religious Life Council offers spiritual support, a sense of community, and there are more than 40 student organizations dedicated to religious cultural interests. Finally, the Deans of Students are available to assist you should you encounter roadblocks or challenges. Support, guidance and help is available, just ask! Stay focused on your academic goals, but do have some fun in the process. This is a busy and exciting month. I hope you enjoy it and find success in all of your endeavors, both inside and outside the classroom. Happy Fall! Sincerly, Felicia McGinty Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

October 9 Illuminate the Knight (RU Electric Run) October 20 - 27 Homecoming Week Events October 25 Alumni Leaders Conference Rutgers Excellence in Alumni Leadership Awards Ghost Tour of College Ave October 27 Run for RAH 5K Charity Race November 1-3 Parent and Family Weekend November 1 Dancing with the Deans Ghost Tour November 2 Country Western Night Parent and Family Weekend Tailgate November 3 Pancake Breakfast to Support Dance Marathon

SACONNECTIONS IMMERSE YOURSELF IN HOMECOMING TRADITIONS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 Volunteer in Your Neighborhood Volunteers will be spending the day serving Elijah’s Promise Soup Kitchen, which provides over 10,000 meals a year to those in need in the New Brunswick Area. Pre-registration is required and can be found at MONDAY, OCTOBER 21 Kickoff Homecoming Week Bonfire and Pep Rally Enjoy music and a free BBQ for Rutgers students (while supplies last) and get fired up in support of our Rutgers Football Team with remarks by Coach Kyle Flood, performances by the Marching Band and Cheer and Dance Teams, and the official lighting of the bonfire. Rally starts at 8pm on Busch Campus Blue lot. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 Support Your Fellow Students at Rutgers on the Runway Tickets to the event are $5 and all proceeds benefit Dance Marathon. The runway goes live at 8pm on Tuesday, October 22 in Livingston Hall. Learn more at WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 Decorate for Bed Races Stop by the bed race tent on October 23 from 7pm - 11pm. Enjoy music and free hot cocoa on Morrell Street for a fun night of decorating by members and friends of the student organizations that will be competing in the Charity Bed Races on Thursday night. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 Come Out to College Ave for the Bed Races Don’t miss the 6th Annual Homecoming Bed Races at 9pm at the Rutgers Student Center when student organizations, sport clubs, athletic teams, Greek chapters, and residence halls teams race decorated beds down College Avenue to benefit New Jersey residents in need. Prizes are awarded for the fastest team, best decorated bed, best team costumes, and the team that contributes the most to charity.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 Stop By Homecoming Block R Party Stop by the Homecoming Block R Party before the Homecoming game on Saturday, October 26, located in Athlete’s Glen and along Scarlet Knight Way, where Rutgers fans of all ages party in celebration of Scarlet Knights football. Block party starts three and a half hours before the game. Show Your Scarlet Knight Spirit Join in with staff, students, and alumni in this Rutgers tradition at High Point Solutions Stadium. Get Your Saturday Night Laughs After the football game on Saturday, October 26, hop over to the College Ave Gym for RUPA Presents: Homecoming Comedy Show Featuring John Oliver & Wyatt Cenac at 9pm. Tickets are available at This event is sponsored by RUPA and funded in part by RUSA Allocations. Price for students is $15 Balcony/$20 Floor. Price for Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and Guests is $25 Balcony/$30 Floor. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27 Join In on Homecoming Brunch Sunday’s Homecoming brunch in the Dining Halls will give you the chance to eat well, laugh and reminisce. Menu items to include Scarlet Bean soup, Disco Fries, Calzone and Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri (non-alcoholic, of course).


Residential students, or Resident Knights, are showing their Rutgers pride with the annual Homecoming window painting contest during the week of October 14. Students can pick up paint, brushes and drop cloths beginning on Sunday, October 13, from their campus’ Residence Life office. They have one week to paint their lounge windows. If there is not sufficient lounge window space, they can create a community banner. All banners will be displayed in the respective campus student centers during the week of Homecoming. Banners must be completed by October 17; windows must be completed by October 20. Paintings must include the name of the community and “Homecoming 2013”. Resident Knights will show their support for the football team, as well as show their pride for Rutgers. Judging is based on Rutgers school spirit, originality and creativity of the design, building/ hall pride, and overall appearance. Winning communities are announced in the Targum and will be treated to a community celebration. Come out and see the Resident Knights’ pride during Homecoming week or visit for photos.


Founded in 2008 by the Rutgers University Programming Association and Rutgers Student Life, the Homecoming Charity Bed Races began with just 19 teams on a cold October morning and has grown into a sold-out event that takes over College Avenue at 9pm the Thursday of Homecoming week with 58 teams and close to 2,000 screaming supporters. Over the past five years, participants have donated 1,676 books, 4,897 sets of hats and gloves, and 1,989 umbrellas to the children in New Brunswick Public Schools and neighboring communities. Student teams are judged for costume design, bed design/décor, speed, and total number of items donated. The charity this year is Cuddle Me Diaper Bank out of Cherry Hill and RUPA’s goal is to donate at least 15,000 diapers to benefit New Jersey families in need. Visit and don’t miss the event on Thursday, October 24 at 9pm at the Rutgers Student Center! For more Scarlet Knight history and traditions, join student Zack Morrison for Scarlet Lore. Episodes updated every other Friday.


Learning Centers The Rutgers Learning Centers, located on the Busch, Cook/Douglass, College Avenue, and Livingston campuses, help students develop the necessary skills to become successful learners. Services include: academic coaching, study groups, writing support, and peer tutoring. Writing Centers The Writing Centers provide tutoring for students enrolled in Writing Program classes. Students are tutored in the full range of expository writing, from basic composition to advanced research, business, and scientific writing courses. Tutors help students strengthen their reading and writing skills by asking them to practice under the supervision of a more experienced writer, who acts as a coach rather than an editor. Libraries The Rutgers University Libraries rank among the nation’s top research libraries with over three million volumes available in twenty-six physical and virtual libraries, collections, and reading rooms across the Rutgers’ campuses. Librarians, with a wide range and diversity of expertise across subject areas, are available in-person and via telephone, email and instant messaging to assist students in finding and using resources for research projects. Students also have access to individual and group study spaces, computer labs, wireless Internet access, and quiet study areas within the libraries. Counseling, ADAP, & Psychiatric Services CAPS provides comprehensive mental health services that are designed to help students reach and maintain a positive, productive university experience. A full range of services include counseling, educational and preventive initiatives, training programs, outreach and consultation activities. CAPS specialist help graduate and undergraduate students to address their concerns and strives to ensure that students get their needs met through a CAPS group, individual counseling, or referral to another community resource. Deans of Students Deans of Students assist students having difficulties due to reasons beyond her or his control; whether due to medical, emotional, psychological, familial or financial reasons. Deans of Students can connect to various networks of support to aid students in their pursuit of a successful academic career.

CAMPUS DE-STRESS THE SPA AT LIVINGSTON The spa services can help you relax tense muscles, reduce anxiety and tension headaches, and restore a feeling of well being. The spa is located at the Livingston Recreation Center. Click here for more spa offerings. STRESSBUSTERS Stressbusters are a team of students who have been trained by professionals to provide backrubs at Rutgers events. They help students reduce stress and take a little break especially at exam time. Training to become a Stressbusters happens every semester. Click here to become a Stressbuster or click here for the form to reserve Stressbusters for one of your events. YOGA AND MEDITATION A large section of the recreation class program is devoted to yoga and meditation. These classes can aid you in reducing stress . Click here for more recreation classes.

SACONNECTIONS Featured Student

Pavel Sokolov Here’s a name you should know: Pavel Sokolov. Here’s why you should know it: he’s the current Rutgers University Student Assembly President. Though modest in demeanour, Sokolov has quite a few accomplishments to boast from his time at Rutgers. A finance major, he served as a University Senator for two years, representing the Rutgers Business School. Sokolov wasted no time putting his business experience to work; he chaired the Student Fee Advisory Committee and wrote the official student fee report to the University Board of Governors. Additionally, Sokolov created the Student Affairs committee within RUSA: a committee specifically charged with engaging the student community and gathering student feedback. Sokolov also helped to secure Rutgers-Camden as a permanent part of the Rutgers family. As RUSA President, Sokolov is looking to help students understand that there are a wealth of resources at their disposal to help them get the most out of their Rutgers experience. “Rutgers is a campus that rewards initiative,” he said, “There is very little hand holding; it is a University that offers students an almost limitless amount of opportunities to get involved. It’s up to the student to raise their hand and say that they want to get involved.” Sokolov will be graduating in May 2014 and hopes to work as a management consultant, advising companies in matters dealing with personnel and building a cohesive team unit. Pursuing an MBA and a C.P.A. certification are also on his radar. So, where can we find him ten years after graduation? “I see myself opening my own consulting firm, and working as my own boss.” If anyone has the ambition and drive to get there, it’s certainly Pavel Sokolov.

SACONNECTIONS BALANCING ACT: LIFE AND WELLNESS Every semester has challenges – making it through Chemistry or Expos, working while going to school, clubs, homework, finding time for exercise, and maybe social time with friends too. Oh, and you are feeling sniffly and yucky and totally stressed out. You go to a party and have a few more drinks than usual to relax. Maybe you meet someone and before you know it, sex has entered the picture and you are in a Facebook-official relationship. But now you have even less time to study, you are eating to stay awake, have forgotten about the gym, and do you even want to think about that pregnancy scare and that weird rash? When does it get better? What actually gets better is your ability to cope and make healthy choices. Rutgers Health Services (RHS) offers students services to address the issues that are creating stress, assisting students in making different choices for healthier outcomes. It’s tough when you are feeling sick, worrying about unintentional pregnancy or an STI. Want to prevent the flu? Get the flu vaccine! RHS offers flu vaccine clinics throughout the fall semester or you can make an appointment at any one of three student health centers. Need over-the-counter medication to help with that cold? A foam roller to work on those achy muscles? Condoms? Fill a prescription? Check out the Rutgers Health Services Pharmacy at the Hurtado Health Center and its satellite locations at the Busch-Livingston Health Center and Willets Health Center or go to RHS also offers STI testing and contraceptive counseling. Knowing your options in preventing an unintentional pregnancy can go a long way to easing worry. RHS even makes it super easy to make an appointment, regardless of the issue, either online or call 848-932-7402. Still looking for ways to make healthy choices for a healthier you? Take a rapid-result HIV test at RHS-Health Outreach, Promotion and Education (H.O.P.E.). One finger prick + 15 minutes = results. Need information on eating healthy, alcohol and other drugs, STIs, stress, contraception, and more? Do you want to become a peer educator? Then H.O.P.E. is your one-stop-shopping place! H.O.P.E. Peer Educators offer workshops in residence halls, Greek-letter organizations, classrooms and the larger community. Looking for something fun to do on a Thursday night? Drop by Freaky Firsts at the Rutgers Zone the 1st Thursday of every month this fall from 10:00 p.m. – 1:30 a.m. Go to to get all the details. As for stress and coping skills, RHS-Counseling, Alcohol & Other Drug Assistance Program & Psychiatric Services (CAPS) offers students free weekly Mindfulness Meditation courses, group therapy on everything from managing anxiety and interpersonal skills to being more compassionate with yourself, and online self-help resources. Go to for more information. It’s all about balance and making the healthiest choices for you! Just know that Rutgers Health Services is here to care for the whole student body, mind and spirit!

Just in Case

Introducing the Rutgers Just In Case App. With the touch of a button on your smart phone or tablet, you can link to all the available mental health resources on campus - RHSCAPS, RUPD, and more - as well as hotlines. Scan the code and you are ready to assist a fellow student - just in case.

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