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Solar Mobile Phone Charger - Charge Your Phone Anywhere - Solar Mobile Phone Charger _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Jeremy Jack - In this day and age more and more of us are dependent on our mobile phones, not only for pleasure but for business use so when it comes to travelling or being based where it is very difficult to have access to mains electricity a solar mobile phone charger could be the answer to enabling you to keep you phone charged wherever you are. Click Here

So what actually is a solar charger? A solar charger is a small devise that has built in solar panels by placing this in the sun you will be able to generate and store electricity ready for when your phone needs charging. Initially you will need to leave it in the sun for approx 7 hours, after this you will be able to top up as required. How long will the charge last?

The length of time you will be able to charge you phone will depend on the type of charger you decide to buy. Generally speaking with technology improving all the time it is possible to buy a charger for under $40.00 that could keep you phone charged for up to 60 hours.

Where will the charger work? The charger will work anywhere in the world where you have access to sunshine in fact some will now even work in cloud! If you are unable to access much sunlight it is also possible in some cases to charge the battery from a USB connection to you computer. As the electricity can be stored for up to 4 months this could be the ideal answer for your travels to those 'dark' places. So as you can see from the above not being able to charge our phones should become a thing of the past and by using the power of the sun we will be able to charge our phones wherever we wish without the worry of finding a mains electricity supply.

So‌ What’s Next ? To learn more about Solar Mobile Phone Charger, Click Here:

Solar mobile phone charger  

Solar cell phone chargers use solar panels to charge cell phone batteries. They are an alternative to conventional electrical cell phone cha...

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