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Prices shown are in HUF, and VAT included. Anticipating the need for a VAT invoice, afterwards, we can not issue an invoice.

Operator: Assam Kulináris Ltd. 1051 Budapest Hercegprímás u. 2. III. Category Sales Manager: Andrea Borók

Assam Kulináris


Cakes Apple lining cherry lining Coconut cube Linzer rings

380 Ft/pc 420 Ft/pc 420 Ft/pc 380 Ft/pc


270 Ft


270 Ft

„Kuli” plate (prawn on stick, dim sum, gyoza, salad, french fries)

970 Ft

Cheese cake Tea biscuit


0,2 l


0,5 l

Coce Coce light Fanta orange Fanta lemon Kinley ginger Kinley tonic Sprite

220 Ft 220 Ft 220 Ft 220 Ft 220 Ft 220 Ft 220 Ft

Coce Fanta orange

320 Ft 320 Ft

Naturaqua soda Naturaqua water

230 Ft 230 Ft

Naturaqua soda Naturaqua water

170 Ft 170 Ft


0,2 l

270 Ft 270 Ft 270 Ft 270 Ft 270 Ft 270 Ft 270 Ft 270 Ft

2200 Ft/kg 2500 Ft/kg


- pineapple - strawberry - apricot - orange - peach - apple - tomato - pear

Naturaqua emotion pear-lemongrass 290 Ft Naturaqua emotion blackberry-lime 290 Ft Monster energy drink (0,25 l) 390 Ft

Assam Kulináris

Coffee page Ristretto - short coffee Espresso Espresso con Latte - coffee with milk Espresso con Panna - coffee with whipped cream Lungo - long coffee Lungo con Latte - long coffee with milk Lungo con Panna - long coffee with whipped cream Americano - coffee with hot watter Doppio - double espresso Macchiato - ristretto with mousse Cafe Latte - white coffee Cafe Latte con Panna - white coffee with whipped cream Melange - espresso, milk, honey, whipped cream

190 Ft 190 Ft 230 Ft 240 Ft 190 Ft 230 Ft 240 Ft 190 Ft 380 Ft 210 Ft 270 Ft 320 Ft 360 Ft

Cappuccino - ristretto, milk, mousse Cappuccino con Panna - cappuccino with whipped cream Flavoured Cappuccino - ristretto, milk, mousse, syrup Flavoured Cappuccino con Panna - cappuccino with whipped cream Flavoured Coffee - lungo, milk, whipped cream, syrup Coffee flavours: chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, hazelnut, almond, Irish cream, rum, coconut, banana, orange, eggnog

270 Ft 320 Ft 310 Ft 360 Ft 420 Ft

Ice coffee - 2 scoop of chocolate or vanilla ice-cream, cold coffee, whipped cream Ice coffee with milk - 2 scoop of chocolate or vanilla ice-cream, cold coffee, whipped cream, milk

540 Ft 580 Ft

Turkich coffee - traditionally made

320 Ft

Hot chocolate – normal, white Flavoured hot chocolate Hot chocolate with whipped cream Flavoured hot chocolate with whipped cream Flavours: white-hazelnut, extra dark, rum, banana, coconut, sour cherry, cinnamon, strawberry, eggnog, chili, orange

420 Ft 480 Ft 470 Ft 530 Ft

Whipped cream, 1 portion Milk, 1 dl

Assam KulinĂĄris

50 Ft 40 Ft

Spicey coffee

Spicy - americano, cinnamon, nutmeg, cream

420 Ft

Bounty - americano, coconut and chocolate syrup, cream

420 Ft

Irish - americano, Irish cream syrup, cream

420 Ft

Mexicana - americano, kahlua syrup, cream

420 Ft

Brulot - americano, orange, vanilla, cinnamon syrup, cream

460 Ft

After Eight - americano, mint syrup, cream

420 Ft

Caribien - americano, rum syrup, cream

420 Ft

Egg nog - americano, eggnog, cream

420 Ft

Coffee with alcohol (2 cl alcohol, long coffee, cream) Irish coffee - Tullamore Dew

650 Ft

Bailey’s coffee - Bailey’s

650 Ft

Coffee Cuba - Black Bacardi

650 Ft

Coffee Mexico - Jose Cuervo Tequila

610 Ft

Coffee French - 501 Oro

650 Ft

Coffee Caribbean - Malibu

610 Ft

Coffee Italian - Sambuca

610 Ft

Coffee Russian - Smirnoff

610 Ft

Assam Kulináris

Non-Alcoholic hot drink list

India Rising – black tea, clove, vanilla, lime juice, sugar, orange juice, cinnamon

480 Ft

Grandma’s apple cinnamon – apple cinnamon tea, apple syrup, lime juice, clove, cinnamon, apple chips, cinnamon syrup

480 Ft

Grandpa’s magic potions – hibiscus tea, sugar, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, cherry, orange

480 Ft

Pirates treasure – cocoa bean tea, sugar, raisins, vanilla, dates, rum, syrup

480 Ft

Spicy Sangria – sangria olle tea, sugar, lime juice, apple, dried pineapple, cinnamon, clove, raisins, orange

480 Ft

Winter manna – plum cinnamon tea, sugar, cinnamon, dried plum, apple, lime juice

480 Ft

Fairy tale dream – magic spices tea, sugar, lemon, clove, cinnamon, vanilla

480 Ft

Mint – after eight tea, mint and orange and chocolate syrup, lemon, cream

480 Ft

Hot anise – hurricane tea, anise, orange, lemon, apple, mint and sugar syrup

480 Ft

Hot drinks are made from tea leaves, You have to wait for them 20 minutes.

Assam Kulináris

Alcoholic hot drink list Mulled wine – Chardonnay, spices

(2 dl) 180 Ft (3 dl) 270 Ft

Mulled wine with plum

(2 dl) 220 Ft (3 dl) 330 Ft

Glögg - 1 dl Kékfrankos (red wine), brown sugar, cinnamon, clove, ginger, raisins, almond

(1 dl) 240 Ft

Tea with wine - black tea, Chardonnay, sugar

(3 dl) 420 Ft

Tea with rum - black tea, Spitz rum, sugar

(3 dl) 680 Ft

Grog - black tea, 2 cl Bacardi Black, sugar, cinnamon, clove, lemon

580 Ft

Vanilla grog - black tea, 2 cl Bacardi Black, cinnamon, vanilla syrup, clove

580 Ft

Russian grog - black tea, 2 cl Smirnoff, anise, lemon, orange, sugar

580 Ft

French grog - black tea, 2 cl 501 ORO, sugar, cinnamon, clove, cream

640 Ft

Turkish grog - Turkish apple tea, 2 cl Calvados, sugar, lime juice, almond, apple chips

680 Ft

Hedonia - Yogi tea, red wine cinnamon, raisins, clove, orange peel

480 Ft

Strawberry intoxication - strawberry tea, 2 cl Malibu, fried pineapple, coconut syrup, cream

520 Ft

Smokey and Bandit - Smokey tea, 2 cl Tullamore Dew, clove, brown sugar, dates, lemon

640 Ft

Djin - hurricane tea, 2 cl Bombay Sapphire, anise, orange, lemon, apple, mint and sugar syrup

580 Ft

Assam Kulináris

Drink list

Beer Draft beer: Soproni - 3 dl - 5 dl

240 Ft 400 Ft

Bottled beer: Gösser (0,5 l) Gösser lemon (0,5 l) Soproni dark (0,5 l) Edelweiss - wheat (0,5 l) Gösser - non-alcoholic (0,33 l) Gösser - non-alcoholic with lemon (0,33 l)

480 Ft 480 Ft 520 Ft 540 Ft 340 Ft 340 Ft

“Fröccsök” White wine (Chardonnay) Bárdos & Son (Mátra) “Kisfröccs” (1 dl wine, 1 dl soda) “Nagyfröccs” (2 dl wine, 1 dl soda) “Hosszúlépés” (1 dl wine, 2 dl soda) “Házmester” (3 dl wine, 2 dl soda) “Viceházmester” (2 dl wine, 3 dl soda) “Alpolgármester” (4 dl wine, 6 dl soda) “Polgármester” (6 dl wine, 4 dl soda) “Maflás” (5 dl wine, 5 dl soda)

180 Ft 340 Ft 200 Ft 500 Ft 380 Ft 760 Ft 1040 Ft 900 Ft

Icce (1 l wine)

1600 Ft

Assam Kulináris

Drink list Martini Bianco (1 dl) Martini Extra dry (1 dl)

600 Ft 600 Ft

Campari (8 cl)

1090 Ft

Short drink: Malibu Sambuca Bailey’s Bacardi Superior Bacardi Black J.C. Tequila Silver J.C. Tequila Reposado Smirnoff Bombay Sapphire Jagermaister Unicum Unicum Next Tullamore Dew Jim Beam Johnnie Walker Jack Daniel’s 501 Oro

2 cl 260 Ft 380 Ft 350 Ft 260 Ft 280 Ft 280 Ft 300 Ft 260 Ft 280 Ft 270 Ft 270 Ft 270 Ft 270 Ft 280 Ft 280 Ft 390 Ft 320 Ft

4 cl 520 Ft 760 Ft 700 Ft 520 Ft 560 Ft 560 Ft 600 Ft 520 Ft 560 Ft 540 Ft 540 Ft 540 Ft 540 Ft 560 Ft 560 Ft 780 Ft 640 Ft

Firewater: „Ezüsti” Apricot “Besztercei” Plum “Újfehértói” Cherry “Ágyas” Apricot

2 cl 300 Ft 300 Ft 300 Ft 410 Ft

4 cl 600 Ft 600 Ft 600 Ft 820 Ft

Assam Kulináris

tea list

IndiaN teA Darjeeling: according to tea drinkers, tea produced on the world’s most beautiful place, the Himalaya are the best. From April to October the tea is harvested, and during the harvest, the color of the very typical, smelly and tasty tea turns darker and darker, the tasty is craggier. Black tea Wake up – D.Haumsmischung – from the first harvest D.Himalaya Blend – from the first harvest Five o’clock – English sense of taste, rich in tastin, sweet tea Nilgiri Thiashola – best quality, soft and enjoyable aroma

650 Ft 590 Ft 610 Ft 710 Ft

Green tea Baldahin – D.Risheehat- smoothly soft, enjoyable aroma tea

650 Ft

Assam: In North India, at the banks of River Brahmaputra produced the savoury, strong, stiff tea, the Assam tea. The color of the tea changes between gold-brown and copper. Black tea Assam Toonbarie – from the first harvest Assam Harmutty – from the second harvest

710 Ft 650 Ft

Green tea Sweet sunset – Fantastic lovely taste, light tea

710 Ft

Ceylon: The traditionally famous teas in Srí-Lanka are Dimbula, UVA and the Nuwara-Eliya. The floral Dimbula is produced in the high mountains and harvested from January till March. The UVA is also cropped on high mountains, strong and fat taste – harvested from July till September. Nuwara Eliya is situated between the two famous bearing surface and home of excellent tea. The harvest is during all year continuously. Black tea Ceylon Nuwara Eliya – gentle, spicy, a bit caramelly and very popular tea 650 Ft Prime Strength – English Breakfast – fat, strong stimulating teamix 590 Ft

Assam Kulináris

Russian tea Samovar – made by russian recipe, soft, smoky tasty black tea

710 Ft

Red tea Puerh natural – specially fermented red tea

710 Ft

Japanese tea Only green tea is made in Japan, near Mountain Fuji. The most famous tea is Sencha, Bancha, Genmaicha and Kokeicha. A large amount of professional literature explain the healthy effect of their tea. Geisha – Japanese Bancha – the everyday japanese tea which is harvested late summer. Typical big leaf tea, deliciously typical tasty tea. 710 Ft Chinese tea There are lots of traditional and specially made tea in China then the well known basic tea with special taste and in not regular shape. The tea is light, sweet, aromatic, strong and usually smoky smell drink depending on which part of China it is made in, and where it is prepared. Black tea: Keemun Congou – one of the most popular tea, because the taste is smoothly tender.

650 Ft

Green tea: Nearly seventy-five percent of the world’s green tea is from China. In the contrary to black tea the green is not fermented. The color of the tea-leaf changes form light green to silver to dark green. The tea is shiny and the taste can be different because of producing method from soft fruit taste to smoky. Can be decantated more times with low 65 to 75 Celsius degrees water and the taste can be enjoyed, a well aromatic drink. Green pearl – China Gunpowder – maybe the most popular chinese tea. Light tea with soft, a bit bitter taste. 590 Ft Pearl of China – Chinese Sencha – big leaf green tea – it is a light tea, a bit sharp taste 650 Ft Li-Zi-Xiang – wavy, fluffy, blue-green leaves and many leaf-buds. Soft, fruit sweet taste 990 Ft

Assam Kulináris

White tea Pai Mu Tan – the best known white tea with opened, big leaves, soft characteristic taste 1160 Ft First Love – flavoured white tea, jasmin, rose-leaves and aroma. 1020 Ft Oolong tea: The meaning of Oolong is „black dragon”. These tea is half way fermented, mainly from South-East China and Taiwan., sweet aroma tea. The best quality tea have floral taste and fine smell, sometimes they are similar to peach. Just as green tea, they can be decantated more times with 65 to 75 Celsius degrees recooled water. Black Dragon – Formoosa Oolong Finest – half fermented best quality tea with floral taste, sometimes similar to peach, one of the tastiest tea in the world. 710 Ft Ti Kuan Yin – soft taste, very popular because of its fat dissolvent effect 710 Ft Milky Oolong – characteristic Oolong tea with specific tatsy, soft milky taste and smell, which can be drunk from morning till night warm and cold. 710 Ft Special tea: There are a lot of traditional and sepical tea in China except of the basic tea with strange taste and usually with an unfamiliar form. Chinese rose – fine black tea with rose-leaf 590 Ft Chinese jasmine tea – The fresh tea-leaves are fermented with fresh jasmine-flower so the tea will have jasmine taste. Then they make them dry in order to keep the tea’s unique taste for long time. 650 Ft Smokey – Chinese Lapsang Souchong – have to taste this tea once because it has so typical smoky taste that you’ll never forget. Big leaf black tea which is fermented on fire from rosin-full wood this is how it gets its intensive smoky taste. 650 Ft Wonderball – It embodies the wish for good health and success. This tea is from North-China. Balls are made from the freshly harvested leaf-bud. If we water it with half litre, before boiling now 75 to 80 degrees water, the ball will unfold and becomes a beautiful rose. 990 Ft

Assam Kulináris

Javanese tea Javanese tea – It is from Java island, aromatic sweet tea with low tannin content. Because of its blood-pressure reducing and kidney clearing effect it is very popular.. 710 Ft

Nepalese tea Sakhira SFTGFOP Autumn Flush – black tea Ilam Cardamon – black tea with cardamom Ilam Green – green tea Nepalese Yogi – black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, ginger, coriander, black pepper, fennel, anise

770 Ft 770 Ft 770 Ft 770 Ft

Turkish tea Sultan – ceylon black tea, making and serving is according to traditional turkish recipie.

770 Ft

Moroccan tea Marrakesh – mint leaves with gunpowder Moroccan mint – mint leaves

710 Ft 710 Ft

Lapacho Originates from South America, made from the bark of the tree, grey outside and rusty red inside. The inca tribe gives very important health care effect to it since centuries, recommended to every illness. Lapacho – Needs special making, has complex effect on health, doesn’t have caffeine in it.

1020 Ft

Wellness tea Prickly pear – sandal, sencha, aloe vera, prickly pears, kombucha, orange, blossom, cactus flower Forever youth – green tea, rose, lichi, gingko, pear, sea weed, beetroot

Assam Kulináris

770 Ft 770 Ft

Tea from cocoa bean Gold of Omlec – cocoa bean, coconut peel, raisins, vanilla, honeybush

930 Ft

Mate It’s dry leaves croped on bush, naturalized in South-America, which were used by native american saman. Green Mate – has depressant and appetite reducing effect. Honey Mate – Mate tea with honey

650 Ft 650 Ft

Flavoured tea The flavour of the tea can be from different kinds of dried fruit, flowers and natural aroma. Black tea basic flavoured tea: Wheat field – Earl Grey Tea – blue wheat flower and aroma Drake fly - Earl Grey Special Flowers Ginger – tea with ginger pieces and aroma Caramel – tea with caramel pieces and aroma Blood-orange – tea, saffron-leaf and aroma Extasy – the touch of the dawn, orange peel, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla pieces and aroma 1001 nights – the air of the East, black tea, orange peel, rose, ginger, mallow, sunflower with fantastic aroma Cinnamon with almond – black tea with cinnamon and almond Green chinese sencha flavoured tea: Vanilla – green tea, vanilla pieces and aroma Lemon – green tea, balm and lemon-leaf pieces Strawberry cream – green tea, strawberry pieces and aroma Maharani – green tea, black tea, papaya pieces, saffron and aroma Blue sky – green tea, rose-leaves, mallow and soft aroma Gingko – green tea, paraguya tea, orange, lemon aroma – popular because of its memory improver effect Japanese cherry – sencha tea, blackkurrant, cherry

Assam Kulináris

610 Ft 610 Ft 610 Ft 590 Ft 610 Ft 710 Ft 610 Ft 610 Ft

610 Ft 610 Ft 610 Ft 650 Ft 650 Ft 710 Ft 650 Ft

Fruit tea From the most different – frozen drying products – flowers leaves and fruit mixed tea which are flavoured with natural or similar to natural aroma. Wild cherry – hibiscus, apple, lemon, cherry, corn-flower, lace seed Strawberry magic – apple pieces, hibiscus, lace meat, elder-berry, pineapple, strawberry pieces and aroma Fruits of Florida – hibiscus, apple, lace meat, papaya, lace seed, orange peel, pineapple, corn-flower, rose, sunflower and aroma Dream fruit – apple pieces, hibiscus flower, lace meat, elder-berry, strawberry pieces, maracuja, kiwi, raspberry, sunflower, lace peel, black-currant and aroma Kir.Royal – hibiscus, papaya, khorinus, blue-berry, red-currant, blackcurrant, elder-berry, rose, raspberry, strawberry and aroma. Peach – apple, hibiscus, peach, mango, elder-berry, sunflower and aroma Coala – apple, hibiscus, lace meat, pineapple, coco filing and aroma Gummy bear – hibiscus, apple, lace meat, elder-berry, huckleberry, raspberry, black-currant, strawberry pieces and aroma Little Red Riding Hood – hibiscus, lace meat, apple, orange peel, sour cherry and aroma Sleeping Beauty – red currant, hibiscus, lace seed, elder-berry, blackberry, raspberry, blue wheat flower Barbados – apple, papaya, raspberry, strawberry, elder-berry, hibiscus, black-currant, chorintus, corn-flower and aroma Kimba – hibiscus, pineapple, red-currant, banana, sour cherry and aroma Limonello – compressed apple, balm(lemon), lemon peel, apple pieces, black-currant leaf and aroma Turkish apple tea – apple pieces, apple rape, black-currant leaf and aroma Plum cinnamon – hibiscus, apple, coconut, cinnamon, plum Sangria Ollé – hibiscus, lace seed, apple, orange, papaya, raspberry, lemon peel, lemongrass, pineapple Apple cinnamon – hibiscus, lace seed, apple, orange peel, cinnamon, almond

Assam Kulináris

650 Ft 650 Ft 590 Ft 650 Ft 650 Ft 590 Ft 590 Ft 590 Ft 590 Ft 590 Ft 590 Ft 590 Ft 590 Ft 650 Ft 650 Ft 650 Ft 650 Ft

Herb Tea Sunset – black-currant leaf, lemon balsam, peppermint, camomile, lemon, orange-flower, rose-leaf, lavender-flower, Erica flower petal 590 Ft Hurricane – black-currant leaf, anise seed, apple pieces, huckleberry, carawayseed, lace-meat, hibiscus, sunflower, velvet flower and aroma 610 Ft Balance tea – caraway-seed, anise seed, lemon, hibiscus, rosemary, balm and lavender 590 Ft Ginger with lemon – mint, ginger, lemon, lemon peel and sweet root 610 Ft Peppermint – cut leaves 610 Ft Lime-tree tea – lime-tree flower and cut leaves 590 Ft Hibiscus – hibiscus flower and cut leaves 590 Ft

Rooibos Decaffeinated tea from South-Africa, very pleasant, sweet taste, nice red colored tea. Advised to every child under seven. Original Rooibos – rooibos original Bourbon vanilla – rooibos tea and aroma Caramel cream – rooibos tea, caramelcream pieces and and aroma Sour cherry cream – rooibos tea, sour cherry pieces and aroma After eight – rooibos tea, cacao bean and aroma Spice magic – rooibos tea with cinnamon pieces, cardamon seed, clove, sunflower, vanilla and aroma Dance of Flowers – Rooibos tea, sunflower, corn-flower, rose-flower and aroma Blueberry–muffin – Rooibos tea, elder-berry, lace-peel, huckleberry, rose-flower and aroma Exotic – Rooibos tea, coco, orange peel, maracuja pieces, blackberry leaves, corn-flower and aroma Preparing time of the tea: - Black, green, white and flavoured: 3 to 5 minutes - Oolong: 1 to 2 minutes - Fruit: 10 to 12 minutes - Mate: 5 to 10 minutes - Rooibos and herb tea: 8 to 10 minutes - Lapacho: 25 minutes The amount of the tea is 4dl/portion, maximum 2 cups.

Assam Kulináris

650 Ft 650 Ft 650 Ft 650 Ft 650 Ft 710 Ft 650 Ft 650 Ft 650 Ft

Assam Kulinรกris

Assam Kulináris - Itallap angol  

Assam Kulináris - Itallap angol

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