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Flower Guild Often as Easter approaches we are worrying whether the spring flowers and blossoms will be past their best and not available for us to use in church. This year is quite the reverse. In the hedgerows a few of the hazel catkins, have still not opened and the black thorn is showing no sign of life. Quite strangely it seems that the pussy willow is becoming impatient and can’t wait to come into bloom. If the same applies to our gardens we will have a very short spring with all the bulbs and blossoms flowering at once – what a picture they will be. The next Guild Meeting will be in the Cornerstone at 8pm on Tuesday April 13th. I hope those of you who cannot manage Wednesdays or Thursdays will take this opportunity to come along. We will be using tulips or cala lilies to make an arrangement where the flower stems will be manipulated and either held in place by twigs or their container. Tulips and to a certain extent calas all move as they absorb water, this type of arrangement should mean that the flowers will stay where you position them. If you choose tulips you should purchase them on the previous weekend so that the stems have time to lengthen. You may need to leave cala lilies out of water for a short while before the meeting to allow the stems to soften slightly. A round fish bowl style vase can be used if you would like to make your arrangement right inside a vase, otherwise bring bare branches and what ever style of container you like. The arrangement can be either vertical or horizontal – I will put pictures of example arrangements on the flower guild cupboard in the vestry. If in doubt about what to bring do please phone one of us. Pam Gilbey April 18th 25th

Flowers in church during April Mrs S Newman Mrs S James Mrs L Barrell Mrs T Freeston


For information contact: Pam Gilbey (978 5694) or Margaret Whitaker (978 2307)


ASPM April 2010  
ASPM April 2010  

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