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Carpe Diem was written, edited and designed by the Aspire Magazine Club: Eleni Hadjiyiakoumi Joseph Hadjiyiakoumi Sarah Koring Michael Charalambous Daria Novikova Pavel Vykhristyjk

4&5 | meet the new staff 6&7 | london calling Sarah Koring meets some of our new staff members

Charlotte O'Neill Jack Pennington Theo Sweet

Michael Charalambous’ guide to London - the destination of our school residential tri p in November 2013

8 | camping in Polis

Campfires, torchlight walks, beach rounders and, of course, torrential rain

9 | pilgrim bandits visit After a successful visit last year, the British-based charity returned to ASPIRE last month for two unique projects

10&11 | we’re moving! New premises await us ... Eleni Hadjiyiakoumi speaks to the Princi pal about the exciting times ahead

12 | Primary football Our young ones did us proud in the football tournament in Limassol this autumn

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Carpe diem are the words that begin the last line of a Latin poem by Quintus Horatius Flaccus (65 BC 8 BC), more widely known as Horace. The phrase is popularly translated as "seize the day" and has become an aphorism. Carpe literally means "I pick, cull, crop, gather, eat food, serve, want", but Ovid used the word in the sense of, "enjoy, seize, use, make use of". It is related to the Greek verb (carpoomae) καρπόομαι, (I grab the fruit, profits, opportunity), (carpos) καρπός=fruit of tree, of effort, etc. Diem refers to "day".


our magazine en and arpe Diem magazine was writt ol Magazine produced by the Aspire Scho day during the Club, which met every Thurs autumn term. l Charalambous, Articles were written by Michae iyiakoumi. Design and Sarah Koring and Eleni Hadj layout by Jack Pennington. out by Sarah Koring Staff inter views were carried photos were taken by and Eleni Hadjiyiakoumi and all the magazine staff. enthusiasm has The students’ hard work and publication which provided us with a great little th the additional will be repeated next term wi Theo. help of Charlotte, Pavel and of the teaching rs e b Many thanks to all mem aires, posing for staff for answering questionn out in any way. photos and generally helping Happy reading!


If you eat a polar bear liver, you will die...

The national anthem of Greece has 158 verses.

... from acute hypervitaminosis A, a condition resulting from the overconsumption of vitamin A during a short period of time.

The Hymn to Freedom is a poem written by Dionýsios Solomós in 1823. This officially makes it the longest national anthem.


meet the new teachers T some of

Dr. Aspasia Stephanou (Yellow House)

Dr. Stephanou was born in Cyprus but lived in Athens for a few years. Also, she lived in Edinburgh and Stirling, Scotland. She returned back home a few months ago. She came to Aspire because the school gave her the opportunity to teach one of her favourite subjects: Greek Language. She always loved cats but she didn't know how loving and caring dogs were until she met their pet Sophie, a clever, little Jack Russell terrier. She teaches Greek because she enjoys the roots of words and their history, what they tell us about people who use them, their culture, thoughts and world. She said: ‘The study of Greek language unravels a history of rich and significant philosophical and literary thought and is a microcosm of Greece's philological tradition’. P J Harvey If she could invite a famous person for dinner she would invite Archbishop Makarios, because he was a unique person that played a fundamental role in the history of Cyprus and its establishment as an independent country. Her favourite bands are Makar ios Sisters of Mercy and P.J. Harvey, amongst many others. She was always obedient as a young student, however in kindergarten she remembers repeating a bad word she heard from a friend and got herself in trouble. The worst trouble she got into was accidently spilling her drink in her classroom as a young student. (A great source of embarrassment for her).

by Sarah Koring

r saw his Septembe e new fiv the ar rival of spire to teachers at A year. l o o h c s w e n star t the r.

(Greek), D Dr. Stephanou ), Mr Dickie lish Sneddon (Eng rs Maria M ), y r o t is H d (Geography an Mrs Soti (Primary nd Mita (Greek) a 3&4). he teachers t o t e k o p s g n Sarah Kori about them. it b e tl t li a t u o to find embers of m w e n e v fi e Three of th ionnaire t s e u q s ’ h ra a S staff answered remaining two . e h T . e u s is is h for t ur next edition o in d e h s li b u will be p

‘The study of the Greek language unravels a history of rich and significant philosophical and literary thought’

The brain named itself.

A duck has 3 eyelids! Ducks have one eyelid for blinking, and another set used only in sleep. The blinking eyelid moves very rapidly, sweeping fluid.

Well, do you have to think about it?


Dr. Andrew John Sneddon (Blue house)

How long have you lived in Cyprus? I moved to Cyprus in May 2013 but have visited many times before.

Why Aspire? I came here because I heard a lot about the school and thought it would be a new challenge (and it was a new challenge).

Mr. George Dickie

Favourite animal?

(Yellow house)

My Jack Russell terrier, Sophie

How long have you lived in Cyprus?

Favourite band?

Came to Cyprus 132 years ago

I like “lots of noisy guitar music”

Why Aspire? Because it's a good school with a lot of friendly people. And free coffee.

Why teach English? Because I enjoy the language and books can be elegant, funny, annoying, complicated and simple all at once.

Favourite animal? The mongoose. Obviously.

Which celebrity would you invite to dinner?

Favourite band? The Clash.

I wouldn't mind meeting a person from ancient Greece or ancient Rome and seeing what they have in common.

Why teach Geography and History? Love both subjects and you can make it up as you go along.

Most embarrassing moment? I always seems to trip in the Greek room!

Which celebrity would you invite to dinner? Gordon Ramsay or Nigella Lawson. They could do the cooking. If there was anyone famous for washing up, I’d invite that person too.

Worst or most embarrassing thing you did at school as a student?

Most embarrassing moment? Every new birthday is embarrassing.

Worst or most embarrassing thing you did at school as a student?

I was often in trouble for being cheeky and lazy! I admit I wasn't a very good student!

I was a model student. I never misbehaved and never put a foot wrong. Apart from my pathological lying.

School locked down by woman who needed the toilet Police in a Massachusetts town say an elementary school was briefly locked down when a woman who really needed to use the bathroom tried to get in. When school staff called police after she tried opening several doors, the woman said she just had to use the bathroom.



ONDON is one of the world's most famous cities. It is large, colourful, diverse and filled with amazing sights, which millions of people flock from around the world to see! Our secondary students are lucky enough to be going to London for a few days in November and December on a residential trip. This is a guide to the city and its many attractions. The Tower of London and Tower Bridge The Tower is a cultural British landmark. It has been in London for hundreds of years and is one of the oldest buildings in the city. Originally a place of gruesome death and torture in the time of the Tudors and Victorians, the Tower is now an interesting museum, which tourists from all around the world flock to see. It is situated on the north bank of the River Thames and has become a touristic icon for the city. The Natural History Museum The Natural History Museum in London is amongst the most famous places to visit in the world. Millions of tourists from around the world come here annually as it offers hundreds of exciting, fascinating, interactive exhibitions inside one of London's most beautiful landmark buildings, in the city centre. You can marvel at the popular dinosaur gallery, the jawdropping ancient mammals, the unforgettable model blue whale and the spectacular entrance hall!

The Lon do This mass n Eye iv south ban e Ferris wheel, loc ated besid k of the R e iv enthrallin g experien er Thames is a m the agical ce and a w British ca pit ay of the 32 al as never seen be to see the capsules o fore. Each n this 135 str ucture off -metre hig one h London a ers lush views of m ttr Palace, St actions such as Bu emorable P ck Parliamen aul's Cathedral and ingham t. the Hous es of

The Science Museum This mesmerising place, is today one of London's most visited attractions, and Europe's most visited science and technology museum, pulling in under 3 million tourists annually. Founded in 1847, the museum, which is located in central London, has over 15,000 objects on display. There are countless interactive galleries and exhibitions, which bring contemporary science to life. You could marvel at world famous objects like the Apollo 10 command capsule, experience what it's like to fly with the Red Arrows, blast off into space on a mission on amazing 4D simulators, or watch a film on a screen taller than 4 doubledecker buses on visually stunning IMAX 3D screens.

The Natural History Mu


Crystal skull at the Briti sh Museum


useum The Science M

ondon The Tower of L

Westminster Abbey is located in the area of Westminster and is the burial home of countless famous British Royals, like Queen Elizabeth I. It has seen everything from kings, queens, soldiers, priests, heroes and villains! Annually it pulls in about one million tourists from around the world which flock to see the cathedral in all its glory. It is notorious for the staging of the Royal Coronations and most recently for the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Buckingham Palace Perhaps the most iconic royal building in the United Kingdom, it is the official London residency of the British Monarchy, home to the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and countless other royals throughout the years. The palace is located in the heart of London, in the city of Westminster. It has been a focus for the people of Britain, at times of national celebration and crisis. It is one of the very few working palaces in the world.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre This is an accurate reconstruction of the original Globe Theatre, which playwright William Shakespeare used in the 16th and 17th Centuries for performances. The original burned down in 1613, but this new reconstruction, built in 1997, is an exact replica. It is located on the south bank of the Thames and performs William Shakespeare's most renowned plays just as it did hundreds of years ago.

The West End Famous for its attractive range of theatres, tourist attractions, hotels and shopping, it is made up of many quaint, unique, little, streets and squares. Trafalgar Square frequently hosts outdoor events, whilst the bustling Covent Garden has its array of shops, crowds and street performers. Shopping is particularly good on Oxford Street, Regent Street and Bond Street. As London's main theatrical district, millions from around the world visit to watch the amazing stage productions. We will be lucky enough to experience one ourselves on our visit!

The Houses of Parliament Situated beside the River Thames, the Houses of Parliament is where all of the UK's political action takes place. It is open to both tourists and locals, for tours around the chambers. Notable attractions include the House of Commons, where visitors are allowed to watch debates, the House of Lords with its attractive interior design and the famous Big Ben clock tower, whose bells ring every hour across the city of London.


The Globe Thea

Westminster A bb



Poliscamp Aspire and Silverline braved the wet outdoors in October


hough our camp turned damp in Polis on the 17th October when the heavens opened up to the first of the autumn rain, spirits were high and it was great fun for all - from those in Primary who were experiencing the joys of outdoor living for the first time, to the battle-hardened Duke Of Edinburgh Secondary students. Even the teachers seemed relaxed as they chatted around the bonfire as students roasted marshmallows,

Beach relaxation time

collected wood or even had late night feasts in their tents. Before the deluge, students managed to set up camp, get a quick autumn swim in the warm sea, play rounders and even squeeze in a coastal evening walk to Latchi by torchlight. Aspire were joined by Silverline school from Limassol on the camp. Both sets of students (and staff) agreed it was a great experience and were looking forward to the next one. Rounders on the beach

Waiting for dinner around the campfire

It was warmer than it looks!

Man sky dives on his 100th birthday! A Southern California man who said he always wanted to skydive finally did it on this 100th birthday. Mr Maynard obtained a doctor's note before making the jump, after his friends made arrangements for him to skydive when he said he always wanted to try it.


heroes’welcome Pilgrim Bandits pay us a (re)visit


fter a successful visit in October 2012, Britishbased charity the Pilgrim Bandits returned to ASPIRE last month for two unique projects on Wednesday 10th October. Our Primary students had the great opportunity to meet up with Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson MBE, 28, to design and create their own mini parachutes. The Secondary students were also able to show off their plans for the new school, where emphasis was on wheelchair and disabled access. Ben lost both his legs, was left brain damaged and broke his back, hips and ribs when an anti-tank mine exploded in 2006. The paratrooper, from Doncaster, England, was flown home to die but exceeded doctors' expectations and survived. Ben, dubbed the most severely injured serviceman ever to survive Afghanistan, made the visit along with other members of the Pilgrim Bandits.

“It was certainly a warm welcome at ASPIRE, and the visit was well-loved by everyone. They love the children and were talking about them all day.� Yola Craig, Cyprus representative for the Pilgrim Bandits

The British-based charity was set up by a small group of Special Forces veterans in 2007 to help and inspire wounded soldiers to live life to the full.

The egg test The Primary students' parachute creations were put to the test by being released from a height with an egg attached to them. Two out of four proved to be egg-cellent and survived the flight. The Pilgrim Bandits will be recruiting


for charity parachute jumps, which will take place monthly during next year's jump season. We wonder if our Primary designers will be called in to produce the parachutes? The guests were on hand to answer any questions, offer advice, and share their experiences of how things can be designed to fit everyone's needs. Amongst the speakers was former Royal Marine Steve Thomas, 41. Steve was on the brink of death when he was found with head injuries in the middle of a road in Thailand in 2011. Doctors warned his family that if he ever recovered he would never walk or talk again. But, like Ben, Steve made a remarkable recovery. He cannot remember anything about his accident, but is able to talk and walk with the aid of a stick. The Pilgrim Bandits will be returning to the island next year. It's in early planning stages at the moment, but by all accounts they have something big planned!

Aspire is ... By Eleni Hadjiyiakoumi


s you all know, we are moving to a NEW school! We can't wait to move into somewhere where we have more room to run around in and have fun. The school will be located on the Tombs Of The Kings road opposite the current Lidl store. On the ground, the school is a spacy 9000 square metres, on 3 levels. The lower level will be used for primary students and the ground floor level will be used for secondary. There will be a big area for a football pitch (about double the size of the one we already have) and, of course, we will have a wonderful view of the sea. Apart from being conveniently closer to town there is also a bus stop right outside the front of the school as well as a cycle lane. There will be lots of changes. At the moment Mrs H is in the planning stages and still has to

check everything over a couple more times, but she has decided to make lots of amendments: There will be two larger science labs. There will also be more subject options not just for GCSE students, but for all of secondary. There will be a dance studio that will also be used as a hall and an art and D&T Studio. The ICT suite will be much bigger than the current one and there is a possibility that we could have a food technology lab to be used for cookery for secondary students. Primary will be given the option of this as a club. A recreational semi-shaded area will be created which will be open all the time. In this area there will be facilities such as table tennis, giant chess (as well as normal chess boards), possibly table football, as well as Connect Four and picnic benches for our breaks. A kindergarten will be added to the premises too and changing rooms for PE, which will enjoy a lot more sport facilities.

There will be two larger science labs, more subject options, a dance studio that will also be used as a hall and an art and D&T Studio. The ICT suite will be much bigger and there is a possibility that we could have a food technology lab

Between a rock and a hard place Our new school will have beautiful views of the Mediterranean. One thing that will catch the eye is the unusual sight of a big ship stuck on the rocks just off the coast nearby. So, what's the story? The wreck is the Demetrios II, a cargo ship built in 1964. It ran aground off Paphos Lighthouse on 23 March 1998 in heavy seas during a voyage from Greece to Syria with a cargo of timber. At the time of the accident, the ship had eight crew members that were rescued and airlifted to the safety of Paphos by a British Military Helicopter. It was subsequently confirmed in the Lloyd's List the competency certificates for the Greek Captain and the Pakistani first officer were forgeries. The wreck remains on the rocks today, gradually rusting away. The story goes it'd cost more to salvage it than it's worth, so it's likely to stay there for a long time to come. According to the Cyprus Mail, there's now talk of sinking the Demetrios II and turning it into a diving attraction.

STUCK! The wreck of the Demetrios II off the Paphos Chlorakas coast. It has been stuck on the rocks there for more than 15 years now.


going places! How do you feel about moving to the new premises?

Molly Todd, Year 10: 'Excited! More labs and facilities is a good thing and the location is a lot better since it is between Paphos and Peyia'.

Miss Pennington, Secretary: 'An exciting experience that I will cherish. Glad I will get a bigger office, this will give me space to store important items. If I get a place to display all the things I need to I will be happier!’



n Wednesday 16th October, the primary school students travelled to Silverline school, Limassol, to take part in a 7-a-side football tournament. It was the first experience of competitive sport for most of the students and it proved to be a challenging but extremely enjoyable day. Although Aspire didn't win the tournament, the students did mange to register at least one victory with the added bonus of scoring the most goals overall. A big well done to all involved and we look forward to playing in more games in the future.

Dead people can get Goosebumps.

Each of the main characters in Spongebob Squarepants was inspired by one of the seven deadly sins.

After death hair follicles contract, causing the appearance of goosebumps.


schoolnews A Diarydates

SPIRE’s weekly assembly ended with a surprise for one student on Friday 8th November when he was handed his IGCSE Maths certificate. Year 10 pupils had just delivered a polished presentation on Remembrance Day when the Deputy Principal, Mr Murphy, announced he had a presentation of his own to make. Mr Murphy, who also teaches Maths at the centre, congratulated Iris for sitting the exam two years early and achieving an A*. Iris collected his certificate to the sound of applause from his fellow pupils. He is now studying Statistics and Further Pure Maths as part of his IGCSEs.

Wednesday 11 December 14:15 - 17:00 Parents’ Evening

Thursday 19th December Christmas Concert (Time TBC) Friday 20th December 12:00 School breaks up for Christmas Tuesday 7th January 07:30 Retur n to school Friday 28th February Break up for Mid-term Monday 10th March 07:30 Retur n to school

Remember you can change your after-school club next term check and see what you can do on which day!

REMEMBRANCE DAY Year 10 students led a special assembly all about Remembrance Day. They delivered a thoughtful presentation covering the origins of the memorial day, also known as Poppy Day or Armistice Day, before talking about how fallen soldiers are remembered around the world. The students followed the talk by hosting a quiz about the event, which takes place on 11th November every year. ASPIRE also held a two-minute silence to remember members of the armed forces who died in the line of duty. Primary students also got into the spirit of the anniversary by producing and displaying their own artwork to commemorate the event.

Honey does not spoil.

The Indonesian Mimic Octopus can not only change colours, but will mimic the shapes of other animals

You could easily eat 3000-year-old honey.




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