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The best way to summon your true calling is to put your true self in service to God. The following daily prayer is from A Course in Miracles: “Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say, and to whom?” While a job is separate from the rest of our lives, a calling is a fulfillment of the rest of our lives. By striving to be the best that we can be, we create the internal blueprint by which we do the best we can do. On a soul level, we want to work, we want to create, we want to be productive and serve others and share our gifts to the world. Often it is not external forms of obstruction that hold us back, but rather internal ones. And nothing releases us internally more than the desire and the willingness to serve. The world can give you a job, and a job can be taken away. But a true calling puts you in a career zone that cannot be taken away. It reflects your willingness to do what you feel inwardly led to do in order to help heal the world. The universe then registers your true substance, your true seriousness, and your true purpose. Some things you do will bring forth worldly wealth; other things you do will not directly bring forth wealth at all, but— being the right things to do—will summon wealth miraculously from the other sources. Losing a job does not mean losing your calling, because as a personal ambassador of God, you have been given a permanent assignment. You are here to represent Him who sent you, and He does not change His mind about you. You are never unemployed by God. And that’s true not just about

82 | February/March 2013

you; it’s true about all of us. Anything that appears to separate us from each other is not the deepest level of our identity. We all have different jobs, but the same ministry. Some of us are technicians, some of us are mathematicians, some of us are writers and artists, some of us are salespeople, some of us don’t even work as work is defined by the world—but our value, individually, is determined not by what we do but, by the consciousness with which we do it. We’re all here to be available channels for the love that heals all things. A job takes a form, but our ministry is content. Even if you lose your job you still have your ministry, because it is a part of who you are. Your life has no less value if you’re not employed as the world defines it. If you’re kind to people, if you’re compassionate, if you pour your excellence into whatever you’re doing, then you’re doing the job God sent you to do. From that will emerge the next form that’s needed to host the energies you’re bringing forth. Does that mean that you don’t have to “look for a job”as the world defines it? Of course you do! But you do it with a different consciousness. You don’t show up for a job interview thinking, “How do I impress them? I really need this job.” Rather, your process goes more like this:

1| You place your need for work in God’s hands.

2| While alert to every opportunity

that presents itself, you put enthusiastic energy into brainstorming and creating new possibilities.

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