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A New Way of Looking at Love that

Changes Everything BY Marci Shimoff


hat do you think of when you hear the word, “love”? Lovers entwined in a passionate embrace? The joy and fulfillment of finding your soul mate? Or perhaps you recall the feelings you have for your children, your parents, or your friends. All of these experiences of love have one thing in common: they’re dependent on another person. Don’t get me wrong, loving relationships are great, but we all know

that relationships change and basing our happiness and love on other people isn’t the wisest choice. But what if you could experience a love that didn’t depend on anything outside you? What if you could love for no reason at all? That was the question I set out to answer when I started writing my most recent book, Love for No Reason. What I found in my research is that though we talk about love

The following diagram illustrates the complete spectrum of love:

The Love Continuum

Love for Bad Reason

No Love

Hate, Fear, Resistance

Using Others to Fill a Void Inside

CONDITIONAL 62 | February/March 2013

Love for Good Reason

Healthy, Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Love for No Reason

An Inner of Pure, Unconditional Love


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