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If You Only Make

OnE Resolution

BY Christiane Northrup


aving spent the last 30 years assisting women in h e a l i n g themselves on all levels and at all life stages, I’ve come to see that our bodies are the true altars—the most sacred places in our lives. Without flourishingly healthy bodies, nothing else matters, not even wealth. Yet some of you still take your bodies for granted, instead of deliberately pay loving attention to them. If you think that paying loving attention to your body sounds silly, selfish, or selfabsorbed, then consider this: Your body needs regular doses of comfort and pleasure to be optimally healthy. Without it, you are much more likely to seek pleasure from external and unsustainable sources and behaviors, including drugs, alcohol, and sugar. My top resolution for women this year is simple: “Listen to and respect your body more than you have ever done before.” I’ve written the following user-friendly affirmations to get you started.

56 | February/March 2013


I cherish and love my body all the time, no matter what—even when I feel too fat, too old, too weak, or have cellulite. My body is where my soul lives. I beautify and worship this temple when I care for and love myself— and that includes activities like flossing my teeth, exercising and stretching, eating slowly and sensually, and breathing fully.


When stressed, I do things that bring me comfort—a nap, a cup of tea, a walk in the fresh air. I always avoid criticizing or beating myself up.


I deliberately bring goodness and pleasure into my life—even when it’s so much easier to complain. I know how easy it is to go negative, how easy it is to focus on what’s not working. But I now look moment to moment for what’s going right. And my good—and the pleasure associated with it—expands.


I honor my emotions—all of them— especially sorrow, grief, and anger. I feel these fully instead of reaching for a glass of wine, a cookie, or a pill. I know that my body and soul will let me know what I need if I take a moment to truly feel my emotions. I acknowledge that I cannot heal negative emotions with my mind.

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