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Health & Healing BY JANET NESTOR


ove of self brings softness toward self. You are less critical – less judgmental of yourself and others. Therefore, relationship with yourself and others improves. When your relationships improve, the quality of your life improves and you naturally have more joy. Your moment to moment joy produces all kinds of positive internal change and allows your body an opportunity to heal itself. Your stress level is down. Your fear level is down. You are more connected to source because your reduced stress and fear allow you to open your own internal door to the light and love within. Spiritual and emotional strength comes with moment to moment mindfulness. However, when we are preoccupied with success, failure, fear, and overwhelm, the presence of our inner being, our spirit, cannot be felt. Negativity blocks our true nature and our conscious awareness. When blocked, all kinds of negative symptoms are experienced. Feelings of alienation and abandonment are common, as are feelings of anxiety, including those internal jitters that can wrack our mind and body with misery.

As a species, we often become ill because of our lack of mindful awareness. We miss subtle clues to damaging environmental conditions and subtle internal changes that are needed to avoid the illness. Even when sick we ignore, or don’t recognize,

LOVE ourselves and TRUST ourselves ALL things are possible.

When we

the small voice within that is always talking and teaching, clambering for our attention. Mindfulness reverses this habit of ignoring intuition and insight. With mindfulness we are focused on listening and observing, which naturally keeps us in the moment. Our inner wisdom encourages us to experience minute to minute living. When we trust and believe in ourselves, we begin to enjoy each moment of our life. How interesting it is to give in to what is. Acceptance opens doorways to new experience, growth and healing. Many


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