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Boundaries are an essential part of having a healthy relationship with others – and yourself! In order to set your boundaries, figure out your limits. What’s appropriate behavior for you and for others? What are you willing to say yes to? What are your deal breakers? How would you like to be supported? To sustain your boundaries, you must communicate your needs directly (don’t expect others to just know). Let people know when they’ve crossed a boundary. Preserving your boundaries isn’t easy, but it’s important for respecting and honoring yourself.

Nothing feels better than setting your mind on something, then accomplishing it. It could be a big or a small accomplishment; clean out your closet, write a book, take up painting. Setting a goal and following through is such a boost! When I began my journey to selflove I started setting really small goals for myself in the form of tasks. With each completed task, I found myself feeling proud of myself. The pride felt good and it began to fill my love vessel! As I continued setting and following through on my goals, I began admiring myself for the woman I was bE-ing. Before I knew it, my love vessel was full … I was in LOVE with ME!


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52 | February/March 2013

Now my love vessel is not only full, it’s overflowing and the people in my life drink from its overflow. I’ve taken control of my Love Barometer. A once empty girl who desperately searched for love morsels now has love to spare and to share! ©2013 Lisa Marie Rosati

Passionista Lisa Marie Rosati is an Inner Goddess Catalyst for women and the Creatrix of The Goddess Lifestyle Plan. Lisa mentors women on how become a Modern Day Goddess by consciously designing a luscious Goddess life, cultivating radiant health and creating a lucrative business using and directing their feminine fire.

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