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Then, the self-love you feel mirrors back into the world attracting more love straight back to you!

Love and all it’s divine power is manifested from within you! You cannot accept more love than you’re willing to give to yourself. You see, the love fest begins with the way you love yourself.

In the past I was desperately searching for “love injections” from the outside world to fill me up, so I could feel good… feel full… feel lovable … feel loved. I was insatiable because my love vessel

1Make yourself THE priority

Take care of your self first, by attending to your fundamental needs such as self-care, body movement, proper sleep and healthy eating. Women somehow believe that this kind of selfdoting and self-concern is selfish and therefore a bad thing. The truth is that it’s not selfish to take care of yourself and be interested in your life, your goals and your heartfelt desires. If you’re not, who will be? The answer is no one.

was empty most of the time. Any morsels I’d get from others were quickly burned up and I’d find myself feeling empty again. That all changed when I made the decision to make myself a priority in my life. Make this YOUR year to take control of your Love Barometer. Here are some of my favorite ways to cultivate self-love:

2Give to yourself too 3Know Women are hard wired to give, it’s in our DNA. Giving is a beautiful thing, but it becomes a problem when you forget to check in with yourself and lose sense of what you need because your so busy thinking and taking care of everyone else’s needs and feelings before your own. It doesn’t need to be “ME, ME, ME” but you must adopt the mantra of “Me Too”.


Who are you? Do you know what you want? What you desire? What you like? What you don’t like? Before you can honor your needs, dreams and wishes, you need to know what they actually look like. Spend some alone time, take out your journal and ask yourself some introspective questions.



These days she speaks to me through a bullhorn; instead of a whisper, the volume is loud and clear.

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