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Remember a time in my life when I let others set the barometer of how much love I could experience in my life. When I was little, my parents and schoolmate’s opinion and treatment of me set the level of how loved I felt… then later that responsibility was passed on to my lovers. Because I didn’t know any better, I spent years putting my Love Barometer into the hands of other people and letting them decide how loved I was allowed to feel. This toxic behavior was a disaster because I unknowingly gave others the power to make or break me … sadly

50 | February/March 2013

many women innocently do the same, they continuously give their power away to others. I can tell you that the first forty years of my life consisted of a series of emotional rollercoaster rides, butt loads of tears and contained more DRAMA than a mindnumbing episode of As the World Turns! Why, because my self-worth was dependent on others, I gave them full control of my Love Barometer. Being a seeker, I often questioned why “love” had to be so hard… I continued to do my inner work and finally (Yippee – Hooray) I was able to hear the little whisper inside of me. And she softly said “You Lisa, are the lover you’ve been waiting for ... fall in LOVE with yourself”… WHOA - that was the freaking BEST ADVICE EVER (and I gave it to myself) … I completely transformed my life experience by falling totally, madly and completely in love with MY LIFE and ME! The little voice that saved me was my Inner Goddess. I’ve learned to listen for her wisdom and trust her guidance completely.

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