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Allow Love:

Radiant Gems to Magnetize Love, Friendship and All that is Love! by Margaret Ann Lembo


ou are love. Your true essence is love. Be aware that you are love in all you do, say, think, feel, smell, taste, or know, and you will be happy and healthy all the days of your life. Do you want more caring supportive people – friends, family and colleagues - in your life? Perhaps you want a companion or significant other to share your life with. Or possibly a reigniting of a current romance will open you to more joy and happiness. The trick to attracting what you really want, whether it is love or a more consistent spiritual practice, is to stay focused on your heart’s desires. Whatever you vividly imagine must inevitably come to pass. And what a better way to energize your enthusiasm for your ardent desires than with glittering gemstones! Color and gems coupled with intention offer you the gift of attraction as well as distraction to re-focus you from those troubling thoughts as they redirect your attention over to our wishes, dreams and aspirations with their luminous light. They remind you to focus on

46 | February/March 2013

what you do want, not what you don’t want. It’s easy to work with gemstones. Simply carry a stone in your pocket, purse or brief case or place it on your desk or in your pillow case at night before sleep. As you place the stone or stones on or around you, form the intention or thoughts as to why you are using that rock. If you want more love in your life, you may use a rose quartz. Need more self-confidence? Use a citrine. Every time you touch the stone, look at it or think of it, remember why you are working with it and reaffirm your intention.

You deserve love, attention, caring, companionship and mental and emotional support. It’s up to you to attract people, places and situations into your life that fit the description of what you desire. Start

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