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raised to give to other people and to be good little girls. We receive messages that we should be passive, kind with no boundaries and to take care of others without taking care of ourselves.

Holding onto the stone gave her permission to tell her positive things about herself such as: • I will no longer allow anyone to mistreat me. • I love my _______________ (fill in the blank) hair, laugh, ambition. • I have overcome so much, I am so proud of my strength. For women, our meditation has to include building ourselves up. We have to start new traditions. Where self-love is not an afterthought or something that comes after spirituality.

Self-love IS spirituality. Women have always had to adapt to the methods available and the terms ascribed to them until they could make a change. This was exactly my thinking when I put together my Positive Mental Shift seminar that’s coming up. PMS now has an empowering and entirely different meaning! As spiritually evolved women we have to make the changes to change the outcome and transform our lives.

44 | February/March 2013

A new ritual could be giving a friend or a daughter a stone and a piece of paper with everything good and special you see in them. Or just give them the stone and explain that it is for them to see their beauty and strength. A sweet sixteen party is nice but the practice of self-love is invaluable. We have to continually stand for our own values, self-love being one of the most important. Perhaps this should be learned much, much earlier than 16. Women need rituals that give us the information and power that we need to start thriving businesses, prevent and stop addictions, help us choose good relationships and leave bad ones more quickly and to take care of our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

What self-love rituals do you practice? Can you think of any think of any other ones that we could start together? After triumphing over devastating life challenges, Recovery and Empowerment Coach and bestselling author Mal Duane’s life is a powerful testimonial to all women to believe in the power of possibility. Today Mal is passionately dedicated to supporting and empowering women in healing the shackles of the past, moving through their fear and self-doubt and awakening to the wisdom within. Mal serves a global audience of women through her inspirational offerings – from her personal coaching programs to her highly successful Positive Mental Shift teleseries and her award winning, bestseller book Alpha Chick: Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power. Stop by today to claim your free Alpha Chick Workbook and Five Steps for Moving from Fear to Faith audio.

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