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This was a controversial thing for me to feel, let alone write down in a book, as I eventually did. I imagined people saying; well that is just plain selfishness. Even in some recovery groups, saying that you needed to put yourself first would be misunderstood by some. But there is an ancient piece of wisdom that I have learned in my own recovery journey. I am not a doormat. That’s it. That’s my key to self-love. To take this a step further, it may be helpful to meditate holding onto or looking at an object of beauty. It could be a stone or a piece of sea glass, something of beauty that is on display in your home so you see it regularly. Having it on display works on a subconscious level as a symbol of persuasion. When we look at it, we know it means we are imperfectly beautiful, we have a right to be seen and we are committed to loving ourselves and changing our lives. It is much harder to clear out negative thoughts than to replace them with another positive thought. Doing this begins to shift our consciousness to a new awareness. And then we open ourselves up to all sorts of wonderful synchronicities. The universe is no longer hearing your messages of selfloathing and panic. It is hearing your prayer

As women, we are raised to be sympathetic and gentle creatures. This is a beautiful gift from God.

Wisdom & Self-Growth

what, our integrity, our peace of mind and our self-respect comes first before anyone else.

of self-love as your new dominant thought and it will respond with corresponding opportunities. Seeing the stone tells our brain we are working on change and we are moving forward. I have a friend who has a raw ruby stone she holds onto when she meditates. When she got the stone, she had her eye on a much different necklace from the jewelry designer, something more business like that she could wear on a job interview. The jewelry designer insisted she should get the ruby necklace and for some reason my friend agreed. One day as she was holding the stone in her hand admiring its smooth texture and nuanced colors of pink, purple and sangria, she found herself meditating, having found it impossible to do so for more than a few minutes before. It is very difficult to sit quietly and clear the mind when it is worrying about your bank balance, your weight and the new face cream you can’t afford. Not to mention, when we are young we are


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