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Self-Love in the Palm of Your Hand By Mal Duane


hen I got sober many years ago and cried out for help, my Higher Power/ God/the Universe, very clearly told me that I would need to meditate. To be honest, I knew without a doubt that I had to follow the guidance of this universal power who had come into my life to change

me, but part of me wondered with a business to run, two dogs, a cat and a bird, how was sitting quietly in a corner going to help? I couldn’t have been more wrong. But, my feelings about what I thought meditation was were right! That kind of meditating, sitting quietly and trying to silence the restless chatter in my mind wasn’t working. I needed to look within to find self-love. I needed a different kind of meditation. I needed to tell myself, in silence, that I was loved and that I was precious. Eastern yoga type meditation emptied the mind, but I also needed to fill up my heart. As women, we are raised to be sympathetic and gentle creatures. This is a beautiful gift from God. But not everyone deserves our sympathy. We need to learn that no matter

42 | February/March 2013

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