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This is a time of reunions with old flames, distant relatives, and school friends. Connections with your past augur the turning point you have been yearning for. Try a few drops of Orange Flower essence in water for emotional and mental equilibrium.


Purification is at the top of your heart’s agenda. An intimate conversation with a friend clarifies your self-care decisions and will influence the way you nurture your body. Drink lemon water or lemon tea to purify your system and place some lemon peel on a heater to cleanse energy in your space.


A surprise gift evokes some unexpected emotions. This is a blessing in disguise offering you the opportunity to realize what belongs in your life and what no longer serves you. Use Rose essential oil or rose petals in the bath to bring peace and love into your heart.


Imagine a cake mix. All it needs to become something sweet and appetizing is a little added heat. This is the way things are for you. You have the right mix; all you need


You are in a cleansing phase, bringing more awareness into your mind, body, and spirit, releasing the past, and preparing for a lighter future. Place a piece of Selenite crystal on your heart to raise your vibration to the next level while shedding light on your next step.


Despite skillfully balancing your relationships with a blossoming career, something has got to give! Before you make any decisions be honest with yourself. Hold a piece of turquoise and ask for guidance. You will receive what you have been searching for - the truth.


The “Violet Age” is upon us and you have been chosen to help the shift happen seamlessly. Before the world can transform to become a peaceful place to live in, change has to occur within you first. Wrap yourself in violet, place Charoite and Amethyst crystals around you, and make an intention to “be the change you wish to see in the world.” Elizabeth Harper is an internationally acclaimed teacher, intuitive, healer, and the author of the award winning book Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Hearts Desires. Elizabeth is on the faculty at the highly acclaimed Omega Institute in Rhineback, NY and is invited to speak around the world.


Wisdom & Self-Growth

There is no point over thinking or worrying about a past conversation. Bring your focus back to this present moment. Add a few drops of Cardamom oil to a burner; its aphrodisiac qualities will make you leave your worries behind and gently ground you in the now!

is some passion. Sprinkle cinnamon in your coffee, the spice will warm your heart and the aroma will invite action.

Aspire Magazine - Feb/Mar 2013 - The Essence of Love  
Aspire Magazine - Feb/Mar 2013 - The Essence of Love  

In the February/March 2013 “Essence of Love” issue of Aspire Magazine you’ll discover over 80 pages of inspiring, empowering content from so...