Page 40

by Elizabeth Harper

Set an Intention to receive inspiration from your Soul. Close your eyes and take a deep breath into the center of your being. When you are ready, open your eyes, select a color and open your heart to the message from your Soul.


Before judging someone else, think on this. The person who challenges you the most loves you more than you know, and is probably one of many of your soulmates in disguise. Relax, wear blue to calm the emotions, and remain open to universal truth.


Your nurturing instinct has been focused on others, and with so much activity going on around you it is easy to forget your own needs. Let go of your concerns for others; run a freshly plucked branch of sage through your aura to cleanse, return the plant to the earth, and then meditate on bringing balance back into your life.


You can finally stop looking, love is in the air and it’s here to stay. The result of all your hard work is a huge pay off as well as a smooth ride from now on. Infuse your world with the aroma of Cacao. The natural aphrodisiac scent will open your heart chakra to even more sensuous delights.

40 | February/March 2013


Even if you think you don’t have an alternative, in truth you always have a choice. By embracing this concept you eliminate powerlessness and take back your life. Burn some Rose Geranium oil to mobilize your hidden emotional reserves and enhance your creativity.

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