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Developing Acceptance for What Is One of the biggest gifts I’ve received from meditation is the ability to live more comfortably with “what is.” Life is like the weather in Texas — constantly changing. Temperatures shift wildly and unexpected thunderstorms suddenly blow through. Meditation has helped anchor me, so that despite this impermanence and turmoil, I’ve learned how to be still and find my center in the face of it all. We have a finite amount of energy available to us each day. When we get stuck fighting “what is,” we waste our precious energy on what we can’t change instead of focusing on what we can. Perhaps we struggle with our current state of unemployment, chronic pain, an astronomical credit card bill, a car accident, or a too-busy life. We can’t change what’s already happened, but we can change our perspective and how we choose to experience what happens tomorrow.

Peace is only a thought away – if you’re willing to challenge, and transcend your own thoughts.

38 | February/March 2013

Practicing Service to Others For the front of my mom’s brown-flecked funeral service program, I chose the quote by Mother Teresa, “The fruit of love is service, which is compassion in action.” We are all interconnected. The more we reach out and are present to one another’s pain and suffering, the stronger we become and the easier it is to embrace the esoteric idea that we’re all one. I believe ultimately a huge shift in consciousness can occur —not when everyone meditates together an hour each day, although that would certainly help — but when everyone takes it upon themselves to reach out and help one another navigate this sometimes scary, often isolating and perplexing, but ultimately beautiful world. Sometime that might look like serving soup at your local homeless shelter and other times, it’s helping out your neighbor who just lost her husband.

Living in the Present Many stress-management gurus and spiritual teachers believe the answer to everything is to just “be here now” or to “be with what is.” Many of them say all suffering and emotional distress would end if we simply stopped resisting being in the moment if we just embraced the “now.” One weekend as I sat on the couch with a fullbody cold: a splitting headache, body chills and a nose that was running like a faucet, I thought about this principle. And, as I watched the things I was missing fly out the window

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