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6 Ways to Nourish & Renew

YOUR SPIRIT By Renée Peterson Trudeau

It’s 1976, and my mom and dad are sitting quietly with their eyes closed, hands resting upward — thumb and index finger touching — while my younger siblings crawl on their backs and shoulders. My older two brothers and I sit near them, holding our own meditation poses, bored, rolling our eyes and counting the minutes until this ritual will end. At least once a week or whenever things got stressful, my parents would pull all five of their children — ranging in age from ten to one — into our library for a family meditation. As much as I complained, a part of me was deeply fed by this spiritual practice.

Nourish & Renew

Spiritual renewal is essential to our emotional well-being. “Soul food” helps us nurture our essence, feel centered, build inner strength, live in integrity, trust life, and experience a connection to a higher power., feel a sense of purpose, and experience meaning in our lives.


There are many different ways we explore and nurture our spiritual lives. For some of us this includes spending time in nature, conscious movement, whether that’s dance, breathwork, qi gong, yoga, or jogging, prayer and meditation, practicing gratitude, music or artistic expression or enjoying the company of babies and small children. Some of the daily practices that provide me spiritual nourishment, include: | February/March 2013

• Creating ritual • Cultivating stillness • Accepting what is • Serving others • Living in the present • Choosing happiness

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