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Synergy is when the sum of two things working together totals more than the sum of their individual parts. It most often happens when you meet someone and instantly bring out the best in each other. Synergistic relationships happen every day, in all walks of life. From corporations merging to successful self-help programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, worldchampion sports teams, Grammy award– winning musical groups, or even two people falling in love . . . the list is endless. Although finding someone with whom you’ll have absolute synergy is rare (because both people must be highly calibrating and resonating at extreme levels of selfacceptance and love), it’s incredible when it does happen. This connection between two perfectly aligned souls is often referred to as finding your “soul mate” or “kindred spirit.” (But don’t get caught up in the term soul mate, as it is so overused. It’s more important you simply understand that this ultimate synergistic union transpires on all levels between two people—sexually, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and intellectually.) When we’ve found our soul mate, we’re more powerful, confident, energized,

A soul mate union can’t be enforced or manipulated. It simply is. And fighting it is futile. While we’ve all experienced synergistic relationships that might not be soul mate unions, they are incredibly meaningful and empowering. These people are our “soul supporters,” and when we’re with them, we feel an instant connectedness—a knowingness—and there’s no mistaking it. And although we can’t always understand our connection, we simply feel it. Our souls have attracted them into our lives for a reason—most likely, it’s time for us to climb a ladder, heal an aspect of our consciousness, or make a shift in our awareness. Soul supporters come in both sexes and in all races and religions, and they’re necessary for our evolution. They may nurture, inspire, teach, guide, stimulate, calm, or even challenge us at times; and they might be around for a month or a lifetime—the duration is irrelevant. Sometimes people come along at a time when we’re struggling for clarity, and during our interaction with them, the answers we’ve been searching for suddenly become so apparent. We’re excited, even overjoyed. Synchronicity brought these individuals


Wisdom & Self-Growth

magine this: You enter a room and are inexplicably drawn to a man you’ve never met. As you begin to chat with him, you experience a burst of energy or exhilaration you can’t describe. You’re simply connected—synchronicity has brought the two of you together, and synergy is at work.

enlightened, sexy, fearless, and beautiful with them than without. They make us better people, and we make them better, too. Our combined power equals far more than the sum of our individual parts. This doesn’t mean we won’t sometimes disagree or that our personalities won’t be different, but a soul mate relationship will always survive the test of time.

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