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insanely private, and veiled, I could be safe from judgment. If I armored my heart, I wouldn’t have to face the shame and guilt of not being perfect. The mask allowed me to excel in business, but didn’t do much for me or my personal life. I had to resurrect the goddess energy buried deep inside. I had to get to the bottom of what I was afraid of. I had my work cut out for me.

It sounds as if you’ve “lived” the teachings... For years I thought I could be happy and fulfilled because I had a ‘good job’ and was bringing home six-figures. In reality, I could buy anything I wanted, but had no idea how to properly care for myself. With an inner critic on the loose, I had to learn how to put myself and my healing at the front of the line to be a good role model for my daughter. I didn’t even realize that I’d shut down physically, mentally and spiritually. I had to make friends with what I call ‘the monsters under the bed’ and learn how to honor myself as the beautiful, talented and loving woman (that I now know) I am. Money couldn’t heal old wounds that needed to be explored with loving kindness. I had

26 | February/March 2013

to sort out the baggage I still carried from being bullied in middle school. I had to stop punishing myself for the unconscious choices I made as a young woman. I had to excavate the suppressed feelings from a lifetime of issues around my relationship with my father. Combine all of this with the underlying current of Catholic guilt, and I had to free myself from an unbalanced mind, body and soul. I choose to share this personal story because I’ve had a lot of emotional healing to contend with over the last ten years, and I know that I’m not alone.

You say the time for healing is now. What do you mean? I think too often we as women put everyone and everything before our own needs. My goal is to inspire as many women as possible to be willing to put themselves at the front of the line, heal their past, take care of their bodies, nurture their dreams, and make the best use of their divinely feminine talents. We can give the most when we are living lives we love. Living in the present moment. We can be the best friends, mothers, wives,

Aspire Magazine - Feb/Mar 2013 - The Essence of Love  

In the February/March 2013 “Essence of Love” issue of Aspire Magazine you’ll discover over 80 pages of inspiring, empowering content from so...

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