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3 Take Responsibility through Conscious Choices

4 Radically Reduce Thoughts

For most people, this is a tough one. Our human Ego-dominated minds like to run non-stop. Are you doing the thinking, or is Ego thinking you? Even the most intelligent minds must ultimately learn to break free of thought and find stillness because this is where true freedom lies. It is only in the stillness of the mind where our connection to Spirit comes alive.

5 Humility

 go is about being right, criticizing, and E judging. Stepping into humility is the fastest way to release the Ego’s grip. Admitting critical, judging, or self-righteous behavior is liberating. Stepping into not knowing is more powerful than being right.

6 Listen to Spirit

How do you tell the difference between the Spirit voice and the Ego voice? The Ego voice is almost always associated with feelings of angst, resistance, doubt, fear, questioning, guilt, and confusion. Spirit’s

7 Soulful Challenge

One of my favorite practices is to just act on Spirit’s voice. Throughout the day, consciously listen for Spirit to guide your decisions. Clear your head, ask for guidance, and listen. Then act before your Ego can jump in and start analyzing Spirit’s request. Just trust and go with it. If Spirit doesn’t respond immediately with direction, just wait, an answer will show up. Often it doesn’t make sense in the moment, but then becomes clear later. Try this for one week. The gifts are incredible.

COMmitment to tHE PROCESS To cultivate a deeper relationship to Spirit and radically reduce the control of Ego in your life is a process. You’ll notice yourself getting stuck, being fearful, resisting life, and blaming others. But, as you deepen your commitment to the process, you will find you’re able to recognize the destructive and unconscious patterns in your life more quickly and make responsible, conscious choices leading to empowering action.

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Wisdom & Self-Growth

 our Ego likes to play victim and lead you Y to believe that you’re not powerful or have a choice. No matter what the circumstance, there is always a powerful, responsible choice available. What do you need to ask for? What do you need to let go of? Whose help could you request? What’s the next step you could take? What is your ultimate outcome? When you take responsible action, you are responding to Spirit. Don’t be a victim, make a conscious new choice.

voice is clear, wise, knowing, precise, and brings peace; it more often serves your Greater Good.

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