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Spirit is the life force energy about experiencing, creating, expressing, and connecting in this world; Ego is a bodyguard or tour guide. Its job is to keep the physical body safe and guide spirit through the journey of life. However, it often oversteps its duties and responsibilities. Most people don’t realize the nature of these two individual forces and continue to struggle between the two energies. Sometimes it feels like we have split personalities but rest assured, this is part of the human design. The Ego is much more forceful when it comes to being in control and thus plays a more dominant role in our

lives — often suppressing our true self. For many people, Spirit shows up sporadically when we let go of our thinking minds, spend time in nature, engage in something creative, meditate, or seek assistance. Have you noticed as soon as you surrender solutions appeared? When you become more conscious about the nature of these forces, you can learn to access this all-knowing, wise, and powerful force more consistently. The result is a life with more peace, joy, love, abundance, and creative flow, and less stress, scarcity, and fear. Both Spirit and Ego are always there to access. And as human beings, we need both to exist.

DISTINGUISHING EGO FROM Spirit Since the Ego can be sneaky in its expression, it’s important to recognize its nature. I’ve included a list below of Ego characteristics and its Spirit counterpart. Separation is the common theme to each word set below. The Ego strives to keep you separate from the world, separate in relationships, and separate from your Spirit and its full self-expression, joy, and inner peace. It does this through resistance, restriction, blame, selfrighteousness, and fear. The Ego also expresses itself as neediness, which is a form of separating from self (from your power) — believing that to be complete you need something “over there.”


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isolated within the confines of the body, ego mostly just wants safety and independence.

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