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“ Knowing others is Wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment. ”

Lao Tzu


Your Inner GPS

Each of is born with a powerful internal guidance system. Whether you call it inner wisdom, intuition or a gut feeling – recognizing its presence is the first step in strengthening your connection to this powerful source of wisdom, creativity and inspiration. Here are three simple steps that you can start with to tune into your inner guidance system.

1 Daily Quiet Time

Start slowly... even five minutes a day spent in solitude allowing your thoughts to flow in and out sends a signal to your guidance system that you are tuning in.

2 Trust Your Gut Received a feeling or hunch? Follow it. By taking action steps (even small ones)

3 Journal Journaling is a powerful tool for tuning into our inner voice. There is something about pen and paper that allows our thoughts to just flow. Try it! Ask yourself an open-ended question and see what answers appear.

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