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78 Inspired to Write? Writing Magic: Is it Time to Share Your Gifts with the World in a Big Way? by Lisa Tener Do you have a book in you? If you’ve ever wondered how to begin here are some insightful questions to get you started.

FEB | MAR 2013 THE ESSENCE OF LOVE 84 The #1 Most Blown-Off Success Principle Ever by Christine Kane In order to succeed in life and business there must be a balance of energy. We need to allow ourselves to receive in order to thrive. Here are some ways to practice receiving and succeeding.

86 8 Ways You Can Sabotage Your Search for Life Passion by Barrie Davenport Finding a life passion involves trial and error, practice, and patience. Those you see living passionate lives were once where you are right now. It is possible!

81 Job vs. Calling by Marianne Williamson One of the most positive transitions you can make is from viewing your work as a job to viewing it as a calling.




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10 | February/March 2013

Aspire Magazine - Feb/Mar 2013 - The Essence of Love  

In the February/March 2013 “Essence of Love” issue of Aspire Magazine you’ll discover over 80 pages of inspiring, empowering content from so...