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Intrasoft International’s aim is to join

Many African governments & businesses

Africa’s development and help accelerate economic growth.

are improving their operations, embracing delivery of high-quality services.

Finally, Legal Information Database NOMOS is primarily addressed to the legal, technical and financial circles of Greece, the broader public sector, private companies, legal entities of public and private law, freelancers and the general public.

Africa Despite being the world’s second largest continent, Africa still faces significant social challenges such as disease, famine, unmet demand for transparency and accountability in the public sector, low level of resource exploitation, poverty, unemployment and war. In spite of these challenges, the continent has potential that far outweighs its risk. Some of the fastest growing economies in the world are in Africa. It is this potential that Intrasoft International chose to focus on when establishing a subsidiary in Africa. It is precisely these challenges that have led to the great thrust in the continent towards home grown innovative solutions aimed at solving the unique challenges Africa faces. Today, Africa is known as a continent for ICT innovation. Intrasoft International’s aim is to join Africa’s ICT strength and provide solutions to current and future challenges.

This successful delivery of ICT solutions is made possible by the company’s highly skilled human resource base, which has collectively hundreds of man-years of experience and domain knowledge in several key areas. This success is demonstrated in the over 500 EU institutions, national governments, Telcos, banks and private sector enterprises that Intrasoft International has already served. ICT innovation offers a great opportunity for building Africa’s private and public sectors. Many African governments and businesses are improving their operations, embracing delivery of high-quality services that citizens and customers are increasingly demanding, and they are leveraging ICT to do so. Intrasoft International’s market relevance and innovative product base is best seen within its PROFITS® scheme. In this era of unprecedented digital change, the financial institutions it serves need agile solutions to enable them to adapt quickly to such change. The range of changes in the industry can be overwhelming, stemming from new trends such as mobile commerce, cloud and big data, security and an ever-changing regulatory environment.

While pursuing its corporate goals, the company aspires to contribute to Africa’s development and help accelerate economic growth.

PROFITS® for SACCOs anticipates and has incorporated futuristic functionality, such as Inter-SACCO borrowing, which enables SACCOs to lend to each other to meet their daily financial needs in a similar way to overnight lending performed by commercial banks.

This is done by solving current and future challenges in both the public and private sectors through ICT innovations and solutions. Intrasoft International’s strength lies in its track-record in undertaking and delivering complex, mission-critical ICT projects.

IIEA aims at deploying PROFITS® banking solutions to the many financial institutions in Africa including banks, SACCOs and micro finance institutions, many of which are still using outdated technologies or have no ICT systems or automated processes.

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