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Intrasoft International employs over 1,500 highly-skilled professionals, from over 20 different nationalities, speaking more than 18 languages.

The system is comprised of specific components offering functionality that covers the full spectrum across a business’ operating model, organisation and all applicable departments, and includes robust business model and reporting capabilities.

technologies and provides high-availability (built-in load balancing and fail over) with minimal configuration efforts.

The system assists such institutions to overcome the challenges faced in regulation compliance and is therefore a banking solution capable of supporting future transformations to a full commercial or micro finance bank. Covering retail and corporate banking, the i-PROFITS® Internet Banking System is integrated with PROFITS® and can be interfaced online, in real-time with any other core banking system as a stand-alone solution or part of Intrasoft International’s OmniChannelling Platform. The technical architecture of the i-PROFITS® system is based upon cutting edge


This architecture also provides for vertical and horizontal scalability, ensuring that the bank can not only accommodate future transactions’ high volumes, but can also easily introduce additional functionality. In addition to the PROFITS® system, Intrasoft International offers two other key solutions within the risk and compliance and legal industries. These solutions are known as ESKORT and NOMOS. ESKORT is an integrated compliance solution covering all aspects of compliance work, from pre-audit case selection to appeals and debt recovery, providing comprehensive support for risk analysis, case management and control/ investigation.

Intrasoft International East Africa Team

Aspire Africa · Jan/Feb 2017 59

Aspire Africa | Issue 4.  
Aspire Africa | Issue 4.  

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