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Young architects must realise that very little real practical contractual experience is gained at school.” David Beglin

on theory, and many clients react best to techniques that have been used before.” Architecture now has a wide split between traditional and avant-garde techniques, and Mr Beglin believes young architects should gain their expertise on a few traditional building solutions before embarking on new techniques. While some architects might enjoy working with progressive and innovative technology, many clients don’t, so developing a clear understanding of both the client and the problem is essential in any professional relationship. “Knowledge of the profession is critical,” Mr Beglin says. “Young architects must realise that

Property & Real Estate very little real practical contractual experience is gained at school.” It is important that their working years concentrate upon continual practice learning, courses and reading. Above all else, Mr Beglin believes, young architects should be visiting buildings, looking at and learning from ongoing construction. The American publication, Architectural Record, offers an excellent facility for ongoing learning. Each project requires research, so the study of projects in use is helpful, as is market research on materials, products and prices. New buildings are mostly built on small budgets, and it may be necessary to engage in significant importation to get a job on budget.

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