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The property sector in Kenya is proving particularly profit-driven.

With the property sector in the country proving particularly profit-driven at the current time, there appears to be no specific rules to the way it functions. Investors are prepared to pay more for a good building, but not substantially more. “So the buildings that attract investors need to be built within tight budgets,” Mr Beglin says. “The buildings that we do are all done within these budgets and show that well-designed buildings are affordable.” There are new trends affecting the market on a daily basis, all of which have an effect on Beglin Woods’ business, including rapid developments in building security,

40 David Beglin · Co-Founder/Director, Beglin Woods

The firm encourages the use of solar power to create as much energy as possible.

home automation, solar generated power, sewage treatment and building components themselves. The accessibility of the world marketplace ensures that Kenya will shortly have greater access to goods, meaning there will be the possibility for buildings engineered to the highest international standards. Kenya benefits from a climate that ensures buildings do not need heating, cooling, insulation, air conditioning or complex mechanical services. With the country enjoying sun year-round, the firm encourages the use of solar power to create as much energy as possible.

Aspire Africa | Issue 4.  
Aspire Africa | Issue 4.  

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