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This vision to me is a planned vision, that can be realised through a principled approach to city making and service delivery, that builds on our inherent strengths to enable better futures.” Nico Venter

The Cities Group (South Africa) is focused on the business of city making •

Arup has been working as the Lenders Technical Advisor for the Rand Merchant Bank on the Stortemelk Hydropower project. The scheme is one of a few hydropower schemes that have been implemented under the South African Renewable Energy Programme and is the first to reach commercial operation.

ARES: What in your view are the main challenges to the real estate & infrastructure sectors in South Africa (and Africa)? NV: At the top of my list are: •

The need for proper planning and design;

The deficiency of appropriate legislation to support planning and implementation;

The structuring of appropriate project finance, that include capital, operational and maintenance cost;

The separation of pro –poor and pro – business policies;

The lack of understanding the value of good design.

ARES: And the opportunities? NV: The rate of urbanisation in Africa and the rise in more stable governments that we have seen in the last decade are a real opportunity to improve our cities and the lives of their citizens. The interest and commitment of many city authorities to advocate for and implement mass public transit, special economic zones and renewable energy projects is a positive trend that bodes well for African urban dwellers and investors. In addition, there is great potential to design, plan and implement smarter solutions (not necessarily high tech – but smart tech), that

20 African Real Estate Summit - Vision For Future African Cities

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