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Call for PhD and Post-Doc Candidate* Project title: Coping styles and appraisal mechanisms is seabream and seabass Supervisors:

Dr. Catarina Martins (CCMAR/Univ. Algarve) Dr. Rui Oliveira (ISPA) Dr. Ă˜yvind Ă˜verli (University of Life Sciences, Norway)

Abstract: Are you a shy or a bold individual? How do you react when faced with a stressful situation, do you actively try to overcome it or do you wait and see what happens? What makes you evaluate a situation as more or less stressful? How does that translate into behaviour and neuroendocrine responses? Just like higher vertebrates, fish also exhibit consistent individual differences in behaviour and neuroendocrine responses named as coping styles, personalities, temperament or behavioural syndromes. Different coping responses depend not only on the situation to which the individual is exposed, but also on the cognitive evaluation that the individual makes of the situation, i.e, on the way a stressor is appraised. This project aims at understanding the basic mechanisms that underlie coping styles and appraisal in fish using a combination of behavioural, stress physiological and brain activation methodologies. Requisites: Candidates should be fluent in English, and have a competitive CV (e.g., marks, experience; publications in the case of a post-doc candidate). Candidates should have a strong background/interest in fish behaviour, stress physiology and welfare. Application: Candidates should apply by e-mail to, sending detailed CV, motivation letter and a recommendation letter / contacts. Deadline for expression of interest: July 9th. *Dependent on a FCT PhD and Post-Doc grant (application deadline on September 6th )

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