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A YEAR  IN  REVIEW   Submitted  by  Mario  CHIOINI,  June  2012      


Years in  position:  5   Serving  approx.  400  students,  8  to  12   Total  Staff:  2  full  time   Collection:  just  over  12000  items   Average  Age  of  the  collection:  1995   Lost  items  this  year:  waiting  for  inventory        

All statistics  were  collected  on  May  21,  2012       CIRCULATION  STATISTICS    


3650 total  check  outs   (as  of  May  31)   (approx.  21  items/day)  

Despite  a  less  than  5%  decrease  in  circulation  statistics   over  last  year,  print  is  still  a  popular  format  for  upper   school  users,  with  fiction  accounting  for  about  20%  of   our  circulation.       The  decrease  may,  in  part,  be  due  to:   1)   The   fact   that   the   statistics   collection   was   done   earlier.   2)  An  increase  in  database  use  and  online  searching.   3)  A  change  in  assignments  and  required  sources  by   teachers.     4)  An  increase  in  students’  personal  use  of  e-­‐readers  

4000 3200   2400   1600   800   0  

AMERICAN  LIBRARY  IN  PARIS  PARTNERSHIP  -­‐  4  memberships     41  check  outs  by  15  patrons     In  its  third  year  of  operation,  our  partnership  with  the           American  Library  in  Paris  has  proven  to  be  an  excellent   resource   to   our   users   and   a   great   investment   for   us.   Although  limited  in  use,  it  has  allowed  us  to  expand  our   print   and   digital   resources.   Students   doing   extended   essays  and  historical  investigations  have  benefited  best   of  the  program.     Note:  We  don’t  have  detailed  statistics  from  ALP  on  the   number   of   items   borrowed   and   the   number   of   times   the  databases  that  were  used.          


50 40   30   20   10   0   09-­‐10  



WEB SITE  AND  LIBGUIDES     Web  site  access:  7739  times   Unit  guides  (6  pathfinders)  access:  2578  times   Unit  Weebly  (3  web  sites)  access:  n/a     We   are   very   pleased   to   have   a   dedicated   library   web   site  for  the  first  time  this  year  which  has  proven  to  be  a   crucial  addition  to  our  services.     Along   with   the   web   site,   I   created   libguides   and   weebly   web   sites   for   specific   units   of   study.     Enthusiastic   teachers,   students   and   parents   have   accessed   the   online  pathfinders  a  few  thousand  times  already.    

EBSCO  DATABASES  PACKAGE   (Our  main  package  of  databases)    


2051 sessions     Users  have  used  our  main  package  of  databases  to  a   greater  extent  this  year.  Possible  reasons  are:       .  Better  promotion  and  teaching  of  our  resources.   .  Increased  and  more  focused  collaboration  with   classrooms  teachers  and  instruction.   .  Meeting  IB  students  more  regularly.   .  Organizing  workshops  for  parents.   .  Return  of  investment  from  past  instruction.      

2000 1500   1000   500   0   09-­‐10  




  212  scheduled  classes  in  the  library  


+ 15  classes  taught  away  in  teachers’  rooms   +  41  periods  +  6  full  days  of  non-­‐class  uses  (reviews,  room   change,  meetings…)  

Increasing   the   level   of   collaboration   with   teachers   led   to   an   increase   in   scheduled   classes   in   the   library   for   direct  instruction.  Content  ranged  from  introducing  the   library   services   and   resources   to   the   delivery   of   various  workshops  and  classes  about  searching,  citing,   evaluating,   etc.   The   feedback   from  the   various   partners   was  very  positive.     Thanks  to  a  new  set  up  initiated  by  Brian  Brazeau  I  was   able  to  work  directly  with  all  IB  students  this  year.            



250 200   150   100   50   0   06-­‐07  07-­‐08  08-­‐09  09-­‐10  10-­‐11  11-­‐12    

HIGHLIGHTS   GOALS  2011-­‐2012   1. Technology  integration   2. Increase  collaboration  with  teachers     Those  goals  were  not  only  achieved  this  year  but  they  will  continue  to  be  central  to  my  work  in  years  to  come  as   the  nature  of  teaching  and  learning,  and  that  of  the  library  in  particular,  are  changing  and  forming  new  paradigms.       PROFESSIONAL  ACTIVITY     1. Developed,  rolled  out  and  maintained  The  Hub!,  the  new  Upper  School  library  web  site.   2. Created  LibGuides  and  Weebly  web  sites  (pathfinders)  for  various  units  of  study.   3. Revised  and  modified  the  following  documents  to  reflect  the  teacher-­‐librarian’s  reality,  and  to  be  annexed  in   the  Professional  Growth  and  Feedback  Process  handbook  for  future  reference:   A) Self-­‐Reflection  and  Professional  Goal  Setting   B) Learning  Conversation  Feedback  and  Formative  Assessment     4. Participated  in  the  first  Extended  Essay  Seminar  organized  by  Brian  Brazeau  for  new  IB  students.  I  provided  a   session  on  searching  and  resources  in  January  and  met  with  small  groups  in  May  for  a  follow-­‐up.     5. Created  a  web  site  for  the  English  Department  summer  reading  and  another  for  Modern  Languages.   6. Increased  the  number  and  level  of  collaboration  with  classroom  teachers  this  year,  specifically  with  9th  grade   GAPS,  French  3,  Bilingue  3,  History  201,  IB  biology  and  grade  8  Social  Studies.   7. We  ran  our  2nd  edition  of  the  Seniors  Book  Legacy  Program  where  seniors  were  asked  to  donate  a  favorite   book.     COMMITTEE  MEMBER   1. Technology     2. Facilities     3. Curriculum     4. Strategic  Planning       PROFESSIONAL  DEVELOPMENT   AS  ATTENDEE   1. Half-­‐day  Follett  library  workshop,  Oct.  12,  Marymount  school,  Paris   2. 15th  National  Conference  and  Exhibition  by  The  American  Association  of  School-­‐Librarians,  Oct.  26-­‐30,   Minneapolis  (report  attached)   3. The  Future  of  Learning  conference,  London,  Jan.  25-­‐26,  with  other  Curriculum  Committee  members  (overview   attached)   4. Visit  of  Cushing  Academy,  Boston,  MA  about  21st  century  education  and  libraries,  end  of  June  2012     AS  PRESENTER   1. ELSA  Teacher  Development  Day  (TDD):  Become  a  POW!er  Searcher  workshop,  March  21   2. Two  workshops  for  parents:  Become  a  POW!er  Searcher,  Nov.  22,  2011  and  Feb.  20,  2012   3. Creating  Your  Own  LibGuide  workshop  presented  to  ASP  faculty  during  the  February  PD  day       OTHER  -­‐  NON-­‐LIBRARY   1. Afternoon  bus  duty  (all  year)   2. Took  the  First  Aid  retraining  workshop  with  the  Red  Cross.     3. Supported  school  activities  such  as  performance  arts  presentations,  art  exhibits,  Friends  of  the  Libraries   meetings  and  activities,  Holiday  Boutique,  International  Day,  Beard  contest,  Barbecues,  concerts,  etc.     SUPPORTING  DOCUMENTS   The  following  feedback  survey  results  can  be  found  on  SurveyMonkey  (school  account)   .  Teacher  Survey  Library  Collaboration     .  Student  Survey  Library  Collaboration     .  Parents  Workshop  Evaluation  –  November   .  Parents  Workshop  Evaluation  -­‐  February   .  Become  a  POWer!  Searcher  from  ELSA  workshop  attendees     The  following  conference  reports  are  found  in  appendix   .  The  15th  National  Conference  &  Exhibition  by  The  American  Association  of  School  Librarians      Minnesota,  October  2011   .  The  Future  of  Learning  –  Learning  Without  Frontier      London,  January  2012  

Year-End Brief - June 2012  

An overview of our activities during the 2011-2012 school year.

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