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Book cover  analysis   Ploy  Thepmalai  

1. One  moment,  one  morning  

Analysis • 

One moment,  One  morning  is  a  stunning  novel  about  love  and  loss,  secrets  and  lies,  telling   the  story  of  fateful  train  journey.  On  its  cover,  vintage’s  style  teacups  has  been  fetched  and   has  been  put  on  a  piece  of  dri@  wood  on  the  beach.  It  was  blustery  and  wet,  there  also  a   seaweed  in  the  cups  and  raindrops  on  the  lens.  The  book  cover  was  look  so  sweet  and   romanCc  even  if  you  have  a  quick  read  about  this  story  it  is  all  serious  issues  so  I  think  this   aEracted  people  to  buy  the  book  because  of  beauCful  book  cover.  I  think  that  the   photographer  used  of  teacups  to  showed  a  viewer  of  the  relaConship  between  three  women   who  witness  a  tragedy  on  the  morning  train  and  the  rain  which  fallen  down  show  how  its   affects  their  lives.  Using  bright  tone  of  color  can  mean  that  somehow,  despite  it  all,  life  can   and  does  go  on  and  we  will  find  a  brighter  day.    

2. A  Daughter's  a  Daughter    

Analysis • 

A Daughter’s  a  daughter  are  six  novels  wriEen  by  Mary  WestmacoE.  It  is  a  sharp   observaCons  about  people,  the  ambiCons  that  drive  them  and  their  relaConship  and  also  the   conflicts  that  erupt  between  them.  This  book  is  about  a  daughter’s  opposiCon  to  her   mother’s  plan  to  remarry  threatens  to  destroy  their  relaConship.  It’s  kind  of  drama  between   a  mother  and  daughter.  The  biEerness,  jealousy  and  resentment  challenging  the  bonds   between  them.  The  book  cover  is  a  simply  illustraCon  of  flower  which  look  very  natural.    

3. Switched:  Book  One  in  the  Trylle   Trilogy    

Analysis • 

Switched is  a  book  by  Amanda  Hocking.  About  a  girl  who  her  mother  was  convinced  she  was   a  monster  and  tried  to  kill  her.  She's  not  the  person  as  she  always  believed  herself  to  be.  The   book  cover  was  in  black  and  white  of  a  photograph  of  a  girl  in  the  forest.  The  photographer   was  blurred  a  bit  part  of  inside  the  forest  also  there  were  buEerfly  in  orange  color  flew  over   her.  By  looking  and  the  color,  its  create  me  a  feeling  of  this  will  be  about  mystery  and  fantasy   thing  even  have  not  read  through  the  synopsis  yet.  The  blurred  part  seem  to  be  a  secret   thing  of  the  story  and  a  girl  who  walking  through  them  is  like  she  will  be  find  out  what  hide   inside.  This  is  like  chaos.  

3 book cover analysis  
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