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annual report 2009-2010

dear friends... This has been an incredible year for Asphalt Green, a time of transformation and expansion. We have been building upon the momentum of the last few years and the rich history of our organization. As the financial crisis developed, we committed to stretch every penny to ensure that, precisely in this time of increased need, Asphalt Green would provide not less, but more service to those in need. You have helped us achieve this goal. Your generosity has helped Asphalt Green promote fit and active lifestyles, fight obesity, and build confidence and self-esteem for thousands of New Yorkers, especially our city’s children. Waterproofing, the Recess Enhancement Program, and our Community Sports Leagues have seen remarkable growth in the last year. We will continue to help more kids become successful through fitness, children like Tenielle Mack, whom you will meet in this year’s Annual Report. She is a wonderful example of how we help transform lives. Of course, we have something for everyone at Asphalt Green. You will also meet Annette Roth, an 82-year-old gym member, who committed to fitness to overcome a difficult loss. Because of the diversity of our programs and our reputation for excellence, we will soon become a truly city-wide agency. Asphalt Green Battery Park City will open early in 2012. We look forward to close partnerships downtown, especially with the Battery Park City Authority, as we bring the best of Asphalt Green to this terrific neighborhood. This new campus will serve lower Manhattan, and will be even more accessible to current and new Asphalt Green community members from Brooklyn, Staten Island, and New Jersey.

A YEAR OF transformation and expansion Since 1984, Asphalt Green has been transforming the lives of New Yorkers through sports and fitness regardless of age, income, ethnicity or athletic ability. In 2010, we served thousands with excellence. Community service is at the core of our origins and at the heart of our mission.

None of what we have achieved would be possible without the extraordinary support we receive from the City of New York, our fee-paying members, and our corporate, foundation, and individual donors. Underlying this success is our talented and dedicated staff. Every day, the staff, coaches, and volunteers of Asphalt Green inspire so many people to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. On behalf of the Board, please accept our profound thanks for your support and interest.

Andrew J. Nussbaum

Asphalt Green Annual Report 2009-2010


a message from... executive director carol tweedy I was recently asked by a colleague to identify one achievement in the last year at Asphalt Green that I have found most gratifying. Our selection by the Battery Park City Authority to operate its new community center was among our best moments. I am proud to see our focus on excellence be recognized and rewarded in this way, and I am thrilled that Asphalt Green’s “footprint” will soon be extended to lower Manhattan. No longer a single campus on the Upper East Side, we will serve uptown and downtown, as well as all the boroughs beyond. In reflecting on the past year, however, there have been so many highlights. When I visited our new “Harlem Learn-to-Swim” program, which brought Waterproofing to underutilized swimming pools at PS 125 and the Children’s Aid Society’s Dunlevy Milbank Community Center, I was incredibly moved. The excited and serious faces of our young swimmers as they jumped in the pool for their first lessons spoke volumes about the importance of our work. There are so many noteworthy successes, including the girls’ basketball game I attended in Harlem last winter. Asphalt Green established our Community Sports Leagues in partnership with six public schools, offering basketball and gymnastics for girls, and soccer and flag football teams for boys. Since girls are twice as likely to be inactive as boys, we have been especially concerned with how to empower at-risk girls through sports. I watched one of the program’s first competitive games and the girls were just beginning to run, dribble, pass, and shoot baskets. But they, and their parents (who were out in full force), were so motivated and spirited. These achievements are the result of years of not cutting corners, investing in our facilities and our staff, and leveraging our expertise to serve low-income communities. Each moment is a reflection of Asphalt Green’s growing capacity to help more New Yorkers become stronger and healthier. As always, it is a great privilege to lead this effort.


Asphalt Green Annual Report 2009-2010



George Murphy and a group of East Side residents successfully fought to save one of the last pieces of open space between East Harlem and Yorkville. Asphalt Green opens its doors as the George and Annette Murphy Center.

The AquaCenter, with its state-of-the-art Olympic-sized swimming pool, opens thanks to the generous investment of Albert Zesiger. Asphalt Green begins its Waterproofing program.

innovative and life-changing Asphalt Green’s Community Programs provide inner-city youth with quality sports and fitness programming. 20092010 was a banner year for us as we greatly expanded our programs to reach more youth-in-need, serving nearly 7,500 public school children.

Bringing the competitive sports team experience to more than 300 middle school children, Asphalt Green started its wildly popular Community Sports Leagues. Most participants had no access to physical education programs in their schools and little experience with organized sports. Run in partnership with several Harlem public schools, we now bring the joy of competition to girls and boys through gymnastics, flag football, basketball, and soccer.

Waterproofing was recognized in the national news! Highlighted in Sports Illustrated in August, our campus was called a “recreational Shangri-la” and our Waterproofing curriculum was praised as a model to which other swim programs should aspire. In addition to the almost 700 low-income children we taught to swim on campus, we brought our program to two pools in Harlem to serve an additional 500 kids.

Kids learn what it means to be part of a team, form friendships, and develop skills that carry over into the classroom.

“In a perfect world, every swimming club would be like Asphalt Green: accessible, inviting and safe”. –Sports Illustrated Waterproofing is more than a “learn-to-swim” program; it closes an access and affordability divide. African-American children are three times more likely to drown as Caucasians. The need for water safety education could not be greater. Waterproofing teaches New York City public school children to become confident swimmers, not only how to be safe in and around the water.




Our Recess Enhancement Program is launched in 7 schools. Since then, we have expanded to 35 schools. We reduce the incidences of violence on playgrounds, teaching conflict resolution, sportsmanship, and leadership skills through specially-designed games that suit the constraints of the urban playground.

Our Department of Community Programs is established. Asphalt Green designs and delivers a fitness toolkit for a comprehensive Senior Center exercise program.

Asphalt Green Annual Report 2009-2010

by the numbers... . Nearly 7,500 children participated in our free Community Programs . More than 30,000 children have learned to swim since 1993 through Waterproofing . 82% of teachers at REP schools believe the program helps improve classroom behavior . 232 scholarships awarded for our programs, competitive teams, and Summer Day Camp

Asphalt Green Annual Report 2009-2010


This year, our Recess Enhancement Program (REP) brought movement, play, and sportsmanship to 5,800 underserved children at 16 elementary schools in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens. Recess is often chaotic, unsupervised, and dangerous. Bullying is common. The physical spaces are often small and neglected, and activity levels are low. REP transforms recess by teaching kids positive social play skills. The program extends beyond the school yard: students learn conflict resolution and leadership skills that carry over into the classroom.

REP transforms the culture of recess in New York City public schools by engaging students and staff in cooperative games. We work in schools with high rates of obesity, an average of 84% reduced or free lunch recipients, and a history of unstructured recess periods. Students who show a natural inclination for leading games become informal assistants to our coaches, helping them to develop their own leadership skills. Our work with inner-city youth is crucial to helping them achieve successful, productive lives. National research is demonstrating that athletics and physical activity are highly correlated with academic success. The well-regarded study “Learning to Play and Playing to Learn” cited that “high-quality organized sports are a gateway to academic achievement, better grades, improved chances of attending college and success in the labor market, especially for low-income youth.” Asphalt Green is delighted to lead this charge in New York City and we look forward to serving thousands more children in need in the coming years.

2009 The Field of Dreams campaign brings a $3.3 million dollar renovation to Asphalt Green’s playing fields, including permanent lighting to improve the safety, usage times, and overall experiences for the public, community-based organizations, leagues, and schools.

tenielle mack When you ask 11-year-old Tenielle Mack what she dreams about now that she has joined Asphalt Green’s Swim School, she responds with confidence: “I want to be in the Olympics!” Tenielle began swimming at Asphalt Green in our Waterproofing program. She excelled among her PS 125 classmates and earned a scholarship to the Swim School. Her public school had no physical education classes before becoming a partner with Asphalt Green. Tenielle says, “I never had the opportunity to go to a center like Asphalt Green. It gives me experience in different sports, especially swimming, which takes me to different places.” Tenielle’s mom, Sherriel, beams when she talks about seeing her daughter in the pool: “Today, I was really just smiling up in the bleachers. Every stroke has improved. Her spirit has changed too.”

Asphalt Green Annual Report 2009-2010


world-class, whatever your speed Last year, Asphalt Green welcomed more than 43,000 people onto our campus, as members, program users, scholarship recipients, and participants in our free Community Programs. Our goal is to be the best provider of informed sports and fitness in New York City. As a not-for-profit organization, we serve our fee-based users and Community Program recipients with the same commitment to excellence. The coaches who teach and motivate our competitive athletes also train and oversee our Community Programs.

Asphalt Green meets New Yorkers where they are and we help them reach their potential. For children who show talent in our Community Programs, but have great financial need, we offer scholarships so that they can participate at advanced levels in our competitive, fee-based teams. Last year, we offered 232 scholarships across all teams and programs, including Green Wave Soccer, Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics (AGUA), and gymnastics. We also offer scholarships to families in need for our highly successful Summer Day Camp.

by the numbers... . Over 600 members in the Asphalt Green Triathlon Club – NYC’s largest . Nearly 300 players on our Green Wave Soccer Teams . 220 members on our AGUA youth swim teams . Our Masters Team was voted “2010 Masters Team of the Year” and 10 swimmers earned National All-American honors 9

Asphalt Green Annual Report 2009-2010

Asphalt Green has developed curricula and training for volunteer-led fitness programs for senior citizens, reaching over 7,000 seniors each month in all five boroughs. In partnership with the New York City Department for the Aging, we teach our Stay Well curriculum, which helps seniors develop the strength, balance, flexibility, and confidence to stay active and self-sufficient. We are proud of our partnerships with many New York educational and medical institutions, including the East Harlem Asthma Initiative, the Gillen Brewer School, Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center, and Metropolitan Hospital, to make fitness available for youth with special needs. One of our most popular programs, Teen Fit, helps teenagers struggling with obesity to reach a healthy weight and improve their fitness levels in a fun, safe setting.

annette roth Annette Roth is one of our long-time senior members. At 82-years-old, she is fit and active. One year ago, she lost her husband and she credits Asphalt Green, her trainer, and the community here with helping her through that incredibly difficult time. “I have learned how to be more selfsufficient, secure, and independent. Asphalt Green serves the community and that is the most important thing to me – helping people who really need it. There are hurdles and we have to jump them. Asphalt Green and my trainer, Leslie Conte, have helped me overcome challenges. I am aging and recently had double knee replacement surgery. Sometimes you wake up and you think ‘I’ll never get out of bed’ or ‘I can stay in this house forever and no one really cares.’ But I think coming here is the most important thing anyone can do.”


Asphalt Green Annual Report 2009-2010

Asphalt Green prides itself on being a health and fitness community center for everyone. . We have a sport, class or trainer for every personality, fitness level, and challenge. We wouldn’t have it any other way because by serving a diverse constituency, we learn more about how to provide the highest quality of fitness programs in New York City. If you have a large family, we have an activity to satisfy everyone’s needs. If your family is small, or perhaps you are a single adult, we have been known to become an extended family.

2010 Waterproofing expands offsite, serving 6 additional public schools in East Harlem in partnership with PS 125 and the Children’s Aid Society.

world-class campus to a city-wide agency For over 30 years, Asphalt Green has been providing New Yorkers with the tools to lead active and healthy lives. We are most well known for what happens at our beautiful 5.5 acre campus on the Upper East Side. This year, the Battery Park City Authority selected Asphalt Green to open a new community center in lower Manhattan. This will allow us to expand our programs to reach thousands more. The new 52,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art campus will bring Asphalt Green’s excellence to the downtown community, offering our world-class sports, swimming, and fitness programs for every age and ability. Our new location will be a second home for our unparalleled sports and fitness programs: the facility will feature a 25-yard lap pool, a warm-water teaching and exercise pool, a fitness center, and gymnasium. It will also be a valuable community resource to encourage healthy and productive activities through amenities that will include a culinary center, classroom space, computer lab, theater, and other multi-use spaces. With the opening of Asphalt Green Battery Park City in 2012, we look forward to bringing the transformative powers of health and fitness to New Yorkers in lower Manhattan and beyond.

“We are so proud to have an organization of Asphalt Green’s caliber operating what will be an invaluable resource to the downtown community.” – James Gill, Former Chairman of the Hugh L. Carey Battery Park City Authority

Asphalt Green Annual Report 2009-2010


asphalt green financial statements statement of functional expenses

Supporting Services

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year ended June 30, 2010


Asphalt Green Annual Report 2009-2010

Asphalt Green Annual Report 2009-2010


with gratitude to all our supporters... City of New York Department of Parks and Recreation

Darcy & Andrew Nussbaum Emily & Damon Pazzaglini The Robert D. Ziff Foundation

$500,000 +

$5,000 +

George E. & Annette Cross Murphy Charitable Fund

Bloomberg Con Edison Anne Donovan Bodnar & James Bodnar Laurie & Kenneth Freeman Gail & Roy Geronemus Linda Genereux and Timur Galen Joshua & Marjorie Harris Family Foundation, Inc. L.A.W. Foundation, Inc. / Beth and Leonard Wilf Morgan Stanley Nelson Air Device New York Mercantile Exchange Charitable Foundation New York State Children & Family Services Jean & Bernard Nussbaum Paul, Hastings, Janofsky, & Walker LLP Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of New York, Inc. Betsy & Robert Pitts Adolph & Ruth Schnurmacher Foundation, Inc. Jennifer M. Shotwell Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP Jan Tabin Trachsel Family Foundation Roberta & Arnold Ursaner USA Swimming Elizabeth & Michael Zuppone

$1 million +

$100,000 + The Brearley School Dormitory Authority State of New York/Senator Liz Krueger FJC – A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds

$50,000 + The Chapin School Nealy & Stewart B. Clifford Yorkville Youth Athletic Association, Inc. Barrie R. & Albert L. Zesiger

$25,000 + The After School Corporation Jeanne Donovan Fisher Sandy & Burton Freeman The Gordon Fund Thomas Newman New York City Council Wendy & Donald Pels The Reeves Foundation Patricia & Thomas R. Shiah The Spence School Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz

$15,000 + The Dalton School Durst Fetner The Peter & Devon Briger Foundation II/ Devon & Peter Briger Patricia & Paul Saunders The Woodbourne Foundation, Inc.

$10,000 + Kirsten Feldman & Hugh Frater Fenton Family Foundation Eugenie & Horace Havemeyer, III Amanda & Thomas Lister Kenneth Martin & Christine Hepburn Foundation 15

Asphalt Green Annual Report 2009-2010

$2,500 + Advent Software, Inc. Arnhold Foundation The Dinan Family Foundation FX Concepts LP Goldman Sachs & Co. Matching Program Marcia Hill Kathryn & Jack Howard Samuel J. Jemal Catherine & John Kayola Peter A. Lusk Newman Family

New York City Department for the Aging Paula J. Olsiewski & Dr. John Healey Dr. Rama B. Rao Ante Vucic Lee & Raymond Wareham

$1,000 + Alexander W. Casdin Foundation Nancy Allison & Roger Rosen Anonymous Aquatic Development Group, Inc. Austin Community Foundation Agnieszka & Witold Balaban Rosario & Christopher Baldwin Andrea & Peter Britell Veronique & Jean-Francois Christory William Daugherty and Family Constance & Yves de Balmann Susan & Jeffrey Dorn Arthur Dubow Foundation The Dwight School John Estes J.A. Faccibene & Associates Margaret & Robert Fagenson Rosemary Fanelli & Richard L. Hymes Marie & John Fisher Maria Fisher-Timson & Kevin Timson Hope & Michael Fitzgerald Gair, Gair, Conason, Steigman & Mackauf Janet Harris & David Kornacker Ann E. Harrison & Vicente A. Madrigal Allison & Jed Hart H&L Electric, Inc. Sari & Steven Irgang Greg Jacobs Diane Jaffee & David O’Brien Jessica Kahn & Scott Bieker Thomas Kahn The Kandell Fund Anthony Knerr & Associates The Arthur Loeb Foundation Margaret Mellon Hitchcock Foundation Sara & John Marks Kathleen McCabe & Dana LaForge Mary Ellen McGranahan Madge & Martin Miller Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Metropolitan Planning & Management

Metzger-Price Fund, Inc. National Environmental Chemical Corp. Novo Nordisk Inc. / Susan & Jim Shehan Gloria & Peter Nussbaum Outdoor Bound Laurie & Mario Pisano Robin & Michael Poulos Jane Power & Stephen King Resident Media Drs. Christine Frissora & Scott Rodeo Kim & Nicholas Romano Meredith & Eliot Rubenzahl Safety Building Cleaning Corp. Katherine Sayer Alex & Michael Shuman Sol and Margaret Berger Foundation Benjamin F. Stapleton, III Paul Stoopack Hugh J. Tilney Timmy’s by the River Carol Tweedy USA Triathlon Northeast Catherine Young & James T. Chudy

$500 + All Stars Helping Kids Anonymous Nicole & Leo Arnaboldi Maureen Atinsky Fran Biondi & Jamie Nichols Adriana & Joshua Bloom Katherine M. Bristor, Esq. Martha & Richard Byrne Carl Schurz Park Association Jill Danis Dorothy Davies & Jeremy Kramer D.E.W. Graphics Ann Brookman Dey Christopher Dobens Eisner LLP Stephen Ellis Steven Elms Dr. Ira Feirstein Anthony Fingleton Carrie & Laurence Goldberg Jay & Sandra Harris Foundation Cynthia Hess Drs. Claudia Holland & Richard Crane Honeywell, Inc.

Robert Horton Jane & Robert Hottensen, Jr. Caroline Hribar Joanne Irgang May & Joel Katz, M.D. Cathy Ann Kaufman-Iger Koeppel Nissan, Inc. Lucy & Dennis Kuo Angela & Steven Kumble The Landtek Group Inc. Maryann & Raymond Leung Ralph Levene Carrie & Richard Lipsey Stephanie Lofgren & Craig H. Stinebaugh Helen Macfarlane Chesley Maddox-Dorsey & Leon Lee Dorsey Morgan Stanley Annual Appeal Dr. Patrick F. O’Leary Theresa Oleske & Jonathan Greenspan Carol Ostrow & Michael Graff The P.T.M. Charitable Foundation Nicole & Bruce Paisner Payless ShoeSource - NY Design Office Jerilyn & Brian Perman Paul Pion Frances & Thomas Qualter Yvonne S. Quinn Meg Roth Allison Schneirov Fisch & Steven Fisch Pascaline Servan-Schreiber & Kevin P. Ryan Pamela Seymon & Robert Schumer Joanne & Chris Showalter Jackie Siegal The Slone Family Foundation Mark Smith Sharon M. Snyder Gavin D. Solotar Henry Stern Miriam & Jorge Suarez Pamela & Allen Swerdlick John Read Taylor, Jr. The Treiber Group of Companies Harold E. Varmus

$100 + Jo Ann Aaronson David Abramson John Kelly Adams Roberta Adams Advanced Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Adventure Scuba Scott G. Ainsbury John Alo Ellen Alpert Jessica R. Amelar Anaconda Sports Megan M. Annett Anonymous Asphalt Green Triathlon Club Atlantic Tomorrow’s Office Deni Auclair Hilary Auerbach Carla Avila Cathleen Bachman Deirdre and Larry Bader Barbara Bowe & Jamin Dershowitz Patricia & Thomas Barry Phyllis & Franklin L. Bass Steven B. Beasley Nancy Belli Drs. Ellin Berman & Michael Sheffery Mary G. Berner John G. Betz Erika Blank Laurie & Robert Bliss Vivian & David Bliss Laurie Block Lee Bloom Carole & Bruce Blueweiss Jill Bobigan Joanne Borini Dr. Mathias Bostrom Mary Ellen Bowles Patricia & Edward Boyle Debra Bradley Stephanie Brandt Donald Brant, Jr. Rachel & Bertie Bregman John Brennan Barbara Brenner Saul R. Bresch Beatrice & Douglas Broadwater Lori Buchbinder & Raymond McDaniel Lauren & Jay Bullock Clayton Burton

Robert Butcher Starla Caldwell & Lewis Futterman Cameron Engineering & Associates LLP Joshua R. Cammaker Hedy & Ed Campbell Nancy & Ronald E. Carr Victoria & Dr. Francesco E. Cavallo Leesa D. Chalk-Suzman Elizabeth R. Chandler Joan & Norman Chase Kenneth J. Chertoff Chicago Mercantile Exchange Foundation Mary Clark Stacie & Eugene Corcoran Gabrielle & Stephen Cornick Melanie A. Coronetz Dr. Hayley Cort Claudia Costa Jennifer & Ted Counihan Cecile & Lionel Crassier Bryce & Shari Cruse Beth Barron & Christian Custodio DHR International Rosemary & Tom Daly Karlee Darby Dell Direct Giving Campaign Denise A. Derosa-Farag Jane Dickler Lebow Stephanie G. Dimarco Anthony DiMauro Renato DiRusso Ashley & Stephen Dolan Melissa U. Dominguez Laura & Philip Donnelly Lisa & Wiilliam Donovan Ruth Anne Dreisbach Dr. Lewis Drusin Adriano Duarte Anne & Laurent Dulout Sue Ann Duncan Bethany & Patrick Duthie Karen & John Einsidler Jonathan Farber Sarah Fergot Jane S. Finerman Pat & Jim Fingeroth Christina Fisher Miriam Flaschner Elizabeth & Mark Flower Celeste Ford & Fredric Leopold David Fowler

Sally Friedman Tom Gallagher Maria L. Garcia David Gardner Ashley Garrett Dara Genesi Darrell George Eileen Giampaolo Susan E. Giberson Terry Gilbreth Heidi Gilford & George J. Melas-Kyriazi Lisa & Edward Gilligan Todd Goergen Adam Goldberg Eugene R. Goldberg Theresa & Keith Goldberg Mary Golden & Ken Handal Michael Goldman The Goldstein Family Foundation Avra Gordis Bruce Gould Gracie Point Community Council Ainslie & Pete Grannis Judith Greenberg Daria Greenblatt Daria & Jim Haines Peter Halloran Jean Halloran-Monaco Sheri & Michael Halsband Jacki & Christopher G. Hamilton Colleen Hardcastle Ronna Harel Joan E. Heath Heather & Adam Heft Matt Heftler Yafa Hein & Robert Keymer Susan & Elliott Hershman Sandra G. Hochman Edith & Robert Hornick Eileen & Robert Horton Judy Humza Carole & Scott Irgang Kenneth Jacobs Mark Jacobson Karen & Peter Jakes Janel Jorgensen Kathleen & Michael Kahn Samantha & Sheldon Kasowitz Daniel Katcher Dr. Jane Katz Stephanie & Peter Katz Assembly Member Micah Z. Kellner

Asphalt Green Annual Report 2009-2010


Lucy Kennedy Vivian & William Kenvin Lyssa Keusch Peter Kim Susan K. Kim Kenton J. King Stacie & Stephan Kiratsous Gail & Stephen Kittenplan Carine & Francois Knaff Vickie & Jonathan Kobak Edward Kopelowitz Dale Koppel Dr. Andrew N. Kornstein Penny Kronengold Stacy & Tom Kuhn Hiroki M. Kurita Judith Kurzweil & Basil Katsamakis Stephanie & Bradley Ladden Kristin Ladner Margaret Langan & Evan Ladouceur Wendy Lamb Dorothy Lander Carol & Alfred Landess Christine A. Lattanzio Drs. Susie K. Lee & Paul Saunders Carmel K. & Marc Leland Christopher Lengle Judy & Edwin Deane Leonard Steve Leonard Cokie Lepinski Ken M. Lerman Cecilia Li Madeleine Lim Lora & Doug Lipton Bernard Lock Tamara & Kevin MacMillan Robin Maley Rina Manjarrez Marcello Tile, Inc. April Marshall & Steven Clausen Jill Markowitz Claudia Marks Stephen Marks Dr. Lisa Martin Paul & Carla Martin John Matero Joseph C. Mazzella Carolyn & Stephen P. McCandless Mary Jane McCartney George McDonald Margot McLean Dr. Gary Mellen Neal Mesnick Milburn Flooring Mills Dara & Robin Miles 17

Asphalt Green Annual Report 2009-2010

Maxine & Dennis Minieri Mary & David M. Morris Joyce & Patrick Murphy Alexander M. Nason Elise Newman & Noah Morgan Thelma Newman William B. Norden Thomas O’Connor The Ogden Family Deirdre & Gregory Olsen Lauren M. Orlouski Dr. Robert Osnos Elena & Michael Patterson Nathaniel Paull Leslie Perkins Ashley & David Pertsemlidis Sandra Peterson Alberto Petochi Coles H. Phinizy, Jr. Deborah Piccolini Dr. Martin Saul Pine John Plaskon Andrew D. Postal Dr. Elizabeth A. Poynor Kimberly Purvis Quality Waste Services Corp. Jennifer & Jason Rayman Kim Reardon Nina Rich Michael L. Richter Janice & Richard Roberts Jane A. Roeder Frances & Frederick Rohn Gary A. Rosen Kim & Richard Rosenbaum Elizabeth & Robert Rosenman Charitable Foundation Joshua Ross Marsha & Steve Roth Julie & Frederick Ruvkun Salon Stanley Corona Sanchez & Bob Conroy Yoni & Jonathan Saposh Kathleen B. Sarg Michelle Scarola Mary Schachne Nancy & Henry Schacht Roy Schaeffer Anne & Steven Schneider Victoria Schonfeld & Victor Friedman Harvey Schussler Elizabeth & David M. Sherman Janet Silverman Sankalp Singh Helena Skarstedt

Jonathan Small Curtis Smith Curtis Smith Elizabeth & Charles E. Smith, II Steven Sokolow Kim Solow Kilgore Margot & Hoyt Spelman Margorie Spitz Susan W. Stachelberg Stephanie Stahl Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center, Inc. Mei & Ronald P. Stanton State Farm/Anna Notaro Douglas P. Stevens Leesa & Michael Suzman Michael Swain Szilvia & Charles Tanenbaum Gwen Tarack & Nick Jurman Shirley Tephly Dr. Windsor Ting Margaret & Amor Towles John B. Trammell Transbeam Updata Advisors, Inc. Tom Van Riper Caroline Vanderlip Josefina D. Vasquez Raul Cristian Vergara Amy & Jeffrey Verschleiser Carla & Roland Villacorta Shivani & Chetan Vohra Claudia Wagner, Esq. Maryann Wainstock Michelle & Christopher Webb Lisa Weill Bettina & David Weinberger Molly & Peter Weinberger Steven Weishoff Ellen Welsh Mary Beth A. Wetzelberger Nancy & Ning Wang Wu David Wuest Eric Yamin Jeanne Yoa-Reese York Grill Mariko & Gregg Zeitlin Mark Zibner Virginia Zimmer Jane Zimmy & Ronald M. Neumann Roy J. Zuckerberg Family Foundation

In-Kind Donations $1,000 + Champion Vending Eli’s Vinegar Factory Sandy and Burton Freeman Abbie and Stephen Fuchs Rowdy Gaines Lindblad Expeditions Ryan Lochte Resident Media Patricia and Paul Saunders Schueler-Everard Martha Stewart Upper East Side Courtyard Marriot WABC Paul Weiss, Ph.D. Betsy and Michael Zuppone

Due to space limitations we have included only those gifts totaling $100 or more and received July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010. Asphalt Green is a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. Federal Tax I.D. 13-6533158

Looking Forward to the next generation As we expand into a city-wide agency, Asphalt Green’s commitment to assisting all New Yorkers achieve health through a lifetime of sports and fitness will be fulfilled as we reach thousands more.

Asphalt Green is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to assisting individuals of all ages and backgrounds achieve health through a lifetime of sports and fitness. Community service is at the core of our origins and at the heart of our mission. 555 East 90th Street, New York, NY 10128 • 212.369.8890 • ASPHALTGREEN.ORG

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Asphalt Green's 2010 Annual Report  

Asphalt Green's 2010 Annual Report