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New to the UK,SKU's celebrity fans include


Kate Moss and Sadie Frost. It firms, enhances

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and regenerates

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La Creme (/fom!, £360)

"How much?" We hear you cry as you pick

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reap the benefits

"One 'miracle'

Bath Tablets

and Shu Uemura

up off the floor. Just how good can a

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going on for

over14 years, can the price really be justified?

of relaxing aromatherapy

sHmmingproduct is a tape )IOUtie While few of us would spend innovations

that the Japanese

a trend in Japan protection,

the price of a weekend cosmetics

for pale, white skin. So almost

and 25% of them contain

What goes into Japanese


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firms have looked into are intriguing. There's


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there are very few

regulations in Japan, and many claims cosmetic companies make don't have to be backed up. Recent top-selling products in Japan include a mineral water thaI's said to smooth the skin, facial moisturisers that stimulate the lymph system and therefore reduce cellulite - and a miracle slimming Some


that's making




from Japan

involving a tape that you tie round your finger. have bucked

in Asia is a slimming

the miracle-fix trend, and one

lotion by Shiseido.

It works by producing


smell of grapefruit or pepper, which helps release a hormone that encourages the burning of fat. In tests, 20 women who used their scented body lotion forone month lost an average

of 1.1kg (we're not kidding).

say the least, but there's Very often, the demand concerned




Sniffing yourself slimmer's

no UK release for technical

a novel development


date as yet. innovations

by the low sales of deodorants

in Japan

in the country

is overwhelming.

Last year,

(Oriental skins have fewer pores


Mister Mascara Formulash Japanese (£12.50)

Shu Uemura Depsea Water

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

The perfect tool for geisha-girl eyes

(soml. £7.50; 150m!, £12.50)

MyMy Spot and Blemish Treatment Stick bom!, £4.99)

This skin hydrator contains minerals taken from

(£8, slxfor £40) Boosts radiance and moisture levels. It can be used once or twice a week as a natural

350m beneath the sea. There are nine flower extracts to choose from, depending on your mood

Zap those spots with this fantastically


otherSK-1i skincare products

packaged stick






and so sweat less than Caucasian), companies


that s said t., came up with deodorising

hfotp 1I0lJ t.h~ d

pound ~

tissue wipes.

Within four months of its launch, the first brand on the market sold eight million packs. Skin care was the largest cosmetics and toiletries sector in the Asian Pacific area throughout

2000, according to Euromonitor, who forecast that skin care sales will grow

in Japan by 12% over the period of 2000-5. Will we follow suit? Well, we're more cynical about extreme promises. Euromonitor says our main beauty concern is wrinkly skin, yet only 3% of us use an anti-ageing


One person who isn't happy with this boom is Anita Roddick, the founder of the Body Shop empire. She famously claimed that anti-ageing the cosmetics

industry of perpetuating

creams were 'complete

a "scandalous

pap" and accused

lie". It seems the 97% of Brits

without a pot of anti-wrinkle cream agree with her. But on the other hand, it seems our skin care sales are forecast to climb by 14% over the 2000-5 period. Sales of beauty products in the UK reached £466 million in 2000 compared with £314 million in 1995. So maybe we're becoming

more like the Japanese.

Though if women there can spend £300 on a face cream that promises miracles, Japanese cosmetics


will need Harry Potter to conjure up the right kind of

spells to get us to part with that amount of dosh.





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average of 1.1kg (we're not kidding). Sniffing yourself slimmer's anovel development to say the least, but there's no UKrelease date as yet....